Friday, 27 September 2013

Greenpeace activists engage in acts of piracy

Trying to board a ship or an oil platform operating in accordance with International Law without due authorization of the Master (Captain) is an act of piracy. For too long, Greenpeace has been ignoring Maritime Regulations and International Law. There are acts of vandalism that go well beyond what would constitute lawful protest.

Trying to board a foreign oil platform is a lot more than piracy. We are talking about individuals that with complete and utter disregard for Maritime Regulations and International Law engage in activities that could potentially lead to a catastrophe when we are dealing with dangerous activities - oil exploration is a dangerous activity - and putting human lives in danger.

As somebody involved in Maritime Safety, I can say that what Greenpeace activists did is not just unlawful. If as consequence of their idiotic attempt to board an oil rig they had caused an explosion we could be talking about a major incident with many casualties.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

When human beings become statistics

Another day, another victim. In the last few hours, a Black teenager lost his life in London. Despite  statements by public officers indicating that 'the number of violent crimes has gone down', the issue is that for yet another London family such statements feel and sound hollow. London is riddled with gangs, many of them extremely violent and armed. I can only imagine how painful this can be for family and friends.

I have said again and again that the identity of the victims and of the victimizers doesn't change the fact that crime is crime. I have said that unless everybody is safe nobody is safe. I said it during the Mayoral Campaign and I say it on a daily basis every time I talk about crime because this is what I believe.

My sense of Justice has nothing to do with racism, xenophobia, homophobia, gender, religion, or differences regarding political beliefs because Justice to be Justice must be Universal and must apply to all individuals without discrimination. Above all, we are human beings and it is my sense of Justice what motivated me to write this article.

Police Commander Steve Rodhouse stated that the number of street stabbings has fallen by 28 per cent in the last 18 months but the statement comes at the time when a 17-year-old was killed becoming official victim number 11.

Despite official statements, given the number of shootings, stabbings and murders, the criminality rate is said to be comparable to the infamous favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Americans and a British woman carried out terrorist attack in Kenya.

The Daily Telegraph reports this morning that several Americans and one British woman carried out the murderous attack in Kenya that left more than 60 people dead. With regards to the identification of the said British woman, it is believed that Samantha Lethwaite known as the White Widow was involved. If the said woman is actually British, her entire family should be arrested and interned. During World War One and World War Two enemy combatants and potential enemies were interned. Kenyan authorities say that we are fighting an international war with many nationalities involved and therefore Internment is absolutely justified.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Equality and Human Rights Commission in Ethnoland

Ethnic politics is spreading in a game increasingly ruled by ethnic minorities becoming majorities. There is legislation and there is reality and I reckon that it will be extremely difficult and even impossible to reverse the trend.

What happened in Bradford and Tower Hamlets is now becoming commonplace in London, capital of the United Kingdom. Asian areas will have Asian candidates and African areas will have African candidates. The fantasy of Multiculturalism is precisely a fantasy and, most importantly, it is a dangerous fantasy.

The Integration Dream is nothing more than Colonization and this will have fundamental far-reaching political consequences. The Balkanization of Britain is well advanced and it will most certainly - like the process that happened in the former Yugoslavia - end up in tears.

What happens right now in Afghanistan and in Kenya should act as a reminder of things to come in the United Kingdom with British citizens killing British citizens in sectarian conflicts. What happens right now in Pakistan and in several other countries is a clear example of what will happen in the United Kingdom thanks to the creation of religious and racial ghettos.

Communities that have no sense of loyalty to Britain are becoming dominant forces and I am afraid that peaceful coexistence will be impossible.

African and Asian voters no longer fall for Labour's lies

Since the awakening of Muslim voters in Tower Hamlets and Bradford, a Revolution is taking place across London where both Asian and African voters are walking away from the Labour Party who had been using them like Plantation owners used African slaves in the fields, squeezing them for votes to win elections and forgetting about them even before elections take place.

African voters are saying 'we want to be represented and we want to elect our own candidates'. So white faces imposed from the top of the Labour Party have generated a rebellion with several Labour groups choosing to become Independent Labour only to be thrown out of the Labour Party.

So why shouldn't Labour activists be able to choose their own candidates? This might not be the end of the Labour Party. Not even the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning but even so the end is in site. Locked up on in a fight against the Trade Unions and now also against its own ethnic supporters, the white Jewish leadership of the Labour Party is facing Armageddon.

Why should Asian voters most of whom are Muslim support those who are set against the Muslim World? Why should Christian Africans who believe in family values and in the Christian definition of family support the anti-Christian agenda of the Labour Party? Why should the working classes support a leadership that went to bed with big capital and forgot about working class interests?

Things are coming to a head and an Arab Spring is taking place within the Labour Party with people who openly oppose the white Marxist agenda.

Friday, 20 September 2013

UKIP: Godfrey Bloom or Godfley Boom?

The world of politics attracts all kinds of personalities and some can be a poison chalice. UKIP's Conference was literally torpedoed by one of its MEPs. Geofrey Bloom called UKIP women 'sluts' and reportedly got into a fight with a journalist and ended up being suspended. UKIP Leader Nigel Farage stated that the Godfrey Bloom had singlehandedly ruined a promising political gathering.

It is my humble opinion that Geoffrey Bloom has been more Boom than Bloom and once again reported events prove the level of damage that a single individual can cause to an entire political organization. Godfrey Bloom was suspended but the damage has already been done.

As always the mass media will try to create a big scandal to make people forget about the real issues.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pope Francis: less politics and bureaucracy and more focus on the Gospel

Pope Francis statement saying 'the Catholic Church will fall like a house of cards unless it is able to focus more on the essentials of preaching the Gospel and less on politics and bureaucracy' comes at the right time when we see the Anglican Church falling apart with Church buildings being converted into Mosques or transformed into flats because the Anglican Church is being weakened by political correctness and is alienating true Christians.

Pope Francis indicated that the Church has become obsessed with issues such as gay marriage, abortion and contraception and said that he does not see the need to discuss those issues constantly because the Church's teachings were clear and he agreed with the teachings of the Church.
Pope Francis stated that the pastoral ministry of the Church cannot be obsessed with the transmission of what he qualified as 'a disjointed multitude of doctrines'.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

David Cameron and the 'Syrian Holocaust'

Reading the first page of the Metro newspaper I had an intellectual orgasm when I saw the headline 'Cameron: Syria is a holocaust in waiting'. I had to pinch myself to believe that it was true. Apparently, according to the Metro newspaper, Mr. Cameron told guests at a charity dinner that the lessons of the Holocaust must never be forgotten'. Mr.Cameron reportedly added that 'When we look back at Srebrenica and Rwanda, we wonder now why we didn't do more at the time.'

Well, talking specifically about Srebrenica and Rwanda, the problem is that they Western Powers had done too much creating the roots of what led to Srebrenica and Rwanda. With regards to Yugoslavia, the partition of Yugoslavia was promoted by Western Powers as a way to weaken its former adversaries following a very clear political agenda. With regards to Rwanda, Western Powers portioned Africa ignoring tribal and ethnic realities and this lead to widespread massacres. So, it is not the case that Western Powers did too little. Western Powers had done too much to destroy both Yugoslavia and Africa by creating artificial boundaries that best suited their own interests.

What amazes me, once again, that there has been no outcry on behalf of the Jewish Community regarding the use of the word Holocaust about which they claim to have copyrights. It seems that when political statements support the beginning of another military adventure in the Middle East there are no concerns about the use of the word Holocaust.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wy is Syria so important for British Nationalists?

Putting aside the illegality and immorality of attacking Syria, there are practical reasons why Britain should not be dragged into another war in the Middle East:

Syria is the last stable and secular state in the Middle East. It is an ancient civilization - home of the last remaining communities that speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus - where Muslims, Christians and Jews practice their religion side-by-side and free from persecution.

Contrary to the professional liars and Westminster warmongers David Cameron and William Hague and the deceit of the controlled media, the so called Free Syrian Army is in fact made up of fanatical and savage Islamist militants fighting alongside Al-Qaeda cells.

Most of the militant Islamists ARE NOT from SYRIA. The vast majority have been brought in from the surrounding region, North Africa, Chechnya and the EU - and will return to Europe as fully trained and battle-hardened terrorists. If Syria falls, Europe is next in the firing line. The fact of the matter is that Syria currently holds at bay the hordes of savages Islamist jihadists who want to see tolerant, secular states such as Syria and Britain wiped off the map.

Blair took us into Iraq with his dodgy dossier of WMD lies. Now, despite the surprise 'NO' vote in the House of Commons, Cameron is trying to do exactly the same with Syria.

On top of the terrible price in lives, the financial cost of military attacks on foreign nations is staggering. The Afghanistan war has so far cost the British taxpayer - that's you and me - £37 billion, some £15 million a day, to maintain our troops in a war zone. Britain cannot afford another war! We need resources to build Britain, NOT to destroy Syria.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

President Obama Орден Святого апостола Андрея Первозванного

Орден Святого апостола Андрея Первозванного - Order of St Andrew the Apostle The First-Called

President Barak Obama is about to beat a world record. Having been awarded the Peace Nobel Prize for warmongering and intrusion into other countries' affairs and violation of International Law ordering bombing inside countries that have never been a threat to the security of the United States of America, the man whose birthplace has yet to be decided is about to be awarded one of the highest decorations for services rendered to the Russian Federation. Singlehandedly, President Obama has destroyed all the negative propaganda about Russia fabricated by previous American Presidents.

Awarded to prominent statesmen and public figures, eminent representatives of science, culture, the arts and various industries for exceptional services, for promoting the prosperity, grandeur and glory of Russia. May be awarded to foreign heads of states for outstanding service to the Russian Federation. For the military division of the Order, crossed swords are added below the crown above the two eagles' heads. On the reverse of the eagle on a white ribbon is the motto of the Order inscribed in gold letters «За веру и верность» («For faith and loyalty»).

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Today mass media forgot about 11 September 2001

Today, the mass media in the UK forgot about the 11 of September 2001

Believe or not, today the BBC, Sky News and practically everybody else, forgot the anniversary of the 11th of September 2001. I spent a long time checking news bulletins to see if they were going to mention 9/11. Not a word. It is as if it never happened.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Enough is enough: World War Two ended almost 70 years ago

The word Holocaust has been used and abused to justify what cannot be justified and as a propaganda tool to vilify political opponents. 85 million people are reported as having lost their lives in World War Two. If the figures about Jewish deaths are correct (the figure mentioned is 6 million), this means that about 7% of those who died in World War Two were Jewish. What about the rest? The remaining 93% who were not Jewish? Mathematics is a wonderful thing because it shows you things as they actually are.

I am not the kind of guy who runs away and fed up with the constant machinations of the mass media and all the rubbish I have heard for such a long time I decided to confront myths and stupidity head on. Do you want to know the truth? Here is it is. For about 70 years we have lived in a propaganda bubble that grossly exaggerated what happened in World War Two to try and make us forget that the deaths of 79 million people are almost irrelevant because Hollywood, the mass media, and some organizations with vested interests say so.

I say that every life lost was important. I say that every death was one death too many. I say that human life is sacred. But don't use the world Holocaust at the expense of 79 million people who lost their lives and were not Jewish.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Germany: Every coin has two sides

Rochus Misch
Attitudes about what happened in Germany from 1933 until 1945 vary a great deal.

For some, there was deeply felt regret. For others, there was almost a melancholic reminiscence of the good old times. For others, there was repressed anger and a strong sense of failure for what wasn't achieved.

Rochus Misch, Adolf Hitler's closest bodyguard who died on September 5th, 2013, falls within the second category of those who remember Adolf Hitler with warmth in his heart.

My father who died just a few days ago always was very proud of all things German but as a child and as a teenager I heard him say - not once but many times - that he hated Adolf Hitler because Adolf Hitler had failed to achieve what he wanted to achieve.

Others like my language teacher Helga and my mathematics teacher Reinhart dealt with the past by saying the past is the past and focused on being the best they could be in what they did. With Helga, punctuality and dedication to learn. With Reinhart, precision and intensive work.

For Helmuth Grunow, whom I met in Montevideo together with other crew of the Admiral Graf Spee, there was the pride of having been a protagonist aboard one of the best units of the Krigsmarine commanded by a Gentleman with capital G called Captain Hans Langsdorff, admired and respected by both friend and foe.

World War Two, like any other human conflict, was many wars and many realities depending of personal experiences and expectations.

In wars, most people lose

If we want fair play, we need to start recognizing losses on each side of every divide. Next year, the  Centennial of the beginning of World War One will be commemorated. One man was assassinated in Sarajevo, then part of Serbia, and suddenly all hell broke lose and war spread across Europe and beyond. The system of alliances was the fuse that led to a dramatic explosion that killed tens of millions.

People talked about Patriotism, Heroism and Glory. If you look at the roots of events that caused such mayhem called World War One, there was nothing Patriotic, nothing Heroic and nothing Glorious and out of the bloodshed of World War One came World War Two, generated by accumulated resentment and hatred and once again people went to war and more bloodshed and more destruction followed.

We shouldn't fool ourselves. There has never been Peace. Hardly a year has gone by after the official end of World War Two during which there hasn't been a war or a conflict of some kind. There are warmongers everywhere that try to get people excited in order to create another war and then another and another one when the previous ones have not ended and they will be ready and enthusiastic about having salvos to honour the dead giving folded flags to the relatives and building monuments to remember the massacres they produced.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

London: World Capital or a collection of feudal villages?

I was a bit of an oddity standing as London Mayoral Candidate and I reckon nobody can question me more than I questioned myself for standing for what was obviously impossible to achieve. Adding to the difficulty of performing the task in hand, we had Nationalists - some of them elected with British National Party support - stabbing us in the back and even allowing themselves to be used so that they could carry out their pitiful little revenges against the British National Party.

Now, the election and the little revenges are in the past but what isn't in the past is the obvious need to change the way London is run because London has increasingly become a joke of a city with a myriad of problems that cannot be sold unless we have what I proposed for London during the GLA Elections: A Master Plan for the Entire Region of London.

London is in fact a collection of villages dating from feudal times with thirty-three different administrations that collide with the newly instated Greater London Authority and with existing governmental organizations and in this kind of political environment responsibility for whatever happens in London gets diluted.

Other major cities have one single authority in charge and this speeds up resolution processes and makes possible to have a single Master Plan that ensures that there is across the board consistency in terms of planning and development.

Duplications or even triplications in terms of organizations that are supposed to deal with London's problems is a very costly, very bureaucratic and also a catastrophic way of managing London. Overlapping powers become confusing hurdles along the way and when you calculate a budget such complexity increases costs and creates unnecessary delays.

Increasing congestion charges is merely a money making strategy and has nothing to do with improving the health of people and of the transport network. Narrow roads, many of them one-way roads, will forever be narrow and no amount of taxation will solve the problem of traffic congestion unless we are willing to stop treating London as if it were a Museum. We need people to move around to generate economic activity so penalizing people for using services that they are supposed to use to generate economy activity is absolute madness.

Housing Improvements: Lib Dem live in Cuckooland increasing tax burden

We have seen it so many times that every time we hear Lib Dem proposals regarding new legislation we expect to find more Cuckooland ideas and penalizing people who live in houses that are not energy efficient is one of them.

Most people live in houses that are not energy efficient not because they want to but because they are forced to do so given income levels and the reality of existing legislation including the process of planning applications.

To put plainly housing stock in London was mostly built ages ago at a time when there were no such concerns about energy efficiency or the technology did not exist to even talk about energy efficiency. If you live in an old property, no matter how much they talk about energy efficiency and no matter how much they tax you, the situation will not improve because the only way forward would be to demolish properties and build new properties from scratch that will include all the necessary energy saving qualities.

Try and improve your property and there comes a local authority telling you that you cannot do this or that you cannot do that because 'it would change the character of the area'. I did some reforms and built a new loft at a cost of £15,000 some years ago. Could I change the shape of the roof at the front of the house? No, I couldn't because the local planning authority would not allow me to do so. I lost thirty-three percent of the space that I could have gained and I couldn't implement energy saving measures and add insulation. I ended up with a loft that is too hot in summer and too cold in winter thanks to Lambeth Council.

Later on, Lambeth Council sent an inspection team to suggest possible home improvements. I reckon the best solution would be to get rid of the nonsensical regulations implemented by Lambeth Council and change the rules regarding housing to allow people to do the necessary changes. If you want to make efficient use of resources you have a choice: either to stick to character and this means keeping outdated features or you sacrifice outdated features to give way to fundamental improvements.

If you want to keep corpses lying around the city, you are going to run out of space for the living and this is exactly the problem we face in London where there are vast areas that are basically wasteland because the housing stock is outdated and energy inefficient. The irony of it all is that people celebrate odd new buildings as examples of modernity but then refuse to change what should be changed to have energy efficiency across the board without idiotic Lib Dem ideas that will only penalize property owners and will do nothing to improve our use of energy.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Syria: A cover up of massive proportions

Syria: A cover up of massive proportions. Some time ago a then Labour Cabinet member fell out of grace when one of his secretaries wrote on the occasion of the attacks perpetrated by Muslim extremists in the USA in September 2001 'that the attacks were a good opportunity to bury bad news'. The Syrian crisis had been used precisely as a good way to bury bad news.

No need to talk about pension fund black holes, shortage of school places, scandals involving NHS hospitals, or anything else. Practically all major issues have been put aside and the mass media have busied themselves with chronicles about what happens on both sides of the Atlantic.

Another aspect of the media hysteria is that reports about impending financial debacles have been relegated to the gallery of a gigantic political theatre as if 50 per cent youth unemployment in Spain and endless demands for cash to salvage cash strapped economies were not that relevant.

Never mind if in the political scene in Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel tries to divert attention by accusing former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder saying that 'he made the mistake of accepting Greece as Euro Country and that Greece should never have been accepted as a Euro Country'. Have you heard anybody in Britain talking about it? Of course there is no talk about other countries - including new arrivals whose economies are in even worse shape than Greece - that could be joining the Euro during Angela Merkel's reign.

Why should anybody talk about unemployment and crime when they can talk about Syria, a country that very few people know about ? Like in one of those magic shows - now you see it and now you don't see it. People are still killing each other in Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Just a few days ago, all the furore was about Egypt. While public attention is being diverted elsewhere, the big problems of Britain remain unsolved.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The glamourization of drugs leads to gang crime and violence

There is one reason why I would propose to build concentration camps and gas chambers: to deal with drugs traffickers and criminal gangs. I have no hesitation in saying that drugs traffickers and criminal gangs must be exterminated to send a clear message to anybody else wanting to get involved in drug trafficking and gangs.

In certain Asian countries, people caught trafficking drugs are executed. We should do the same. I don't criticize Peru for actions undertaken against drug traffickers. I congratulate Peru and the sooner jail or death sentences are carried out the better. I don't care if the person involved in drugs is British. British or not, they should be punished in the harshest of ways.

We are not safe in our streets and we are not safe in our homes. We cannot go out without being afraid and without being constantly afraid that somebody will do something to our children. I am afraid of muggings and I am afraid of muggings because they can not only mean the loss of private property.

The consequences of muggings are much more serious than that. I have heard teenagers saying that if the authorities do nothing to counter gangs, they will arm themselves and go out to kill gangs and then we have a situation in which our streets instead of being streets will be battlefields where nobody will be safe because somebody will be caught in the middle and will be executed. So it is the responsibility of the State to impose the Death Penalty against drug trafficking and against gangs.