Monday, 23 September 2013

Equality and Human Rights Commission in Ethnoland

Ethnic politics is spreading in a game increasingly ruled by ethnic minorities becoming majorities. There is legislation and there is reality and I reckon that it will be extremely difficult and even impossible to reverse the trend.

What happened in Bradford and Tower Hamlets is now becoming commonplace in London, capital of the United Kingdom. Asian areas will have Asian candidates and African areas will have African candidates. The fantasy of Multiculturalism is precisely a fantasy and, most importantly, it is a dangerous fantasy.

The Integration Dream is nothing more than Colonization and this will have fundamental far-reaching political consequences. The Balkanization of Britain is well advanced and it will most certainly - like the process that happened in the former Yugoslavia - end up in tears.

What happens right now in Afghanistan and in Kenya should act as a reminder of things to come in the United Kingdom with British citizens killing British citizens in sectarian conflicts. What happens right now in Pakistan and in several other countries is a clear example of what will happen in the United Kingdom thanks to the creation of religious and racial ghettos.

Communities that have no sense of loyalty to Britain are becoming dominant forces and I am afraid that peaceful coexistence will be impossible.

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