Saturday, 31 August 2013

The glamourization of drugs leads to gang crime and violence

There is one reason why I would propose to build concentration camps and gas chambers: to deal with drugs traffickers and criminal gangs. I have no hesitation in saying that drugs traffickers and criminal gangs must be exterminated to send a clear message to anybody else wanting to get involved in drug trafficking and gangs.

In certain Asian countries, people caught trafficking drugs are executed. We should do the same. I don't criticize Peru for actions undertaken against drug traffickers. I congratulate Peru and the sooner jail or death sentences are carried out the better. I don't care if the person involved in drugs is British. British or not, they should be punished in the harshest of ways.

We are not safe in our streets and we are not safe in our homes. We cannot go out without being afraid and without being constantly afraid that somebody will do something to our children. I am afraid of muggings and I am afraid of muggings because they can not only mean the loss of private property.

The consequences of muggings are much more serious than that. I have heard teenagers saying that if the authorities do nothing to counter gangs, they will arm themselves and go out to kill gangs and then we have a situation in which our streets instead of being streets will be battlefields where nobody will be safe because somebody will be caught in the middle and will be executed. So it is the responsibility of the State to impose the Death Penalty against drug trafficking and against gangs.

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