Friday, 30 August 2013

France: Very concerned about human rights in Burma

It is funny to see President Francois Hollande talking about reported suffering in Syria, especially taking into account that France has been involved for decades in Burma sharing Burmese resources with Communist China regardless of what has been happening in Burma.

In the past, French Socialists used to say 'L'important c'est la rose' when in fact we knew that 'L'important c'est l'argent' and there might be a lot of money to be had in Syria since new deposits of oil and gas have just been found in Syrian territorial waters and this is happening when oil exploration has just started in the Golan Heights.

What becomes abundantly clear is that when it comes to the interests of the French government nothing else matters - not NATO, not the EU and, of course, the UN does not matter - and this happens in a country subsidized by the United Kingdom.

'The British do not matter', says Francois Hollande. Sorry, we already knew that. Do the people of France matter to you, Monsieur Hollande? In a country with one of the highest rates of unemployment in Europe and often said to be on the edge of bankruptcy and with a massive percentage of Muslim voters, perhaps the French President should be concerned about what France's Muslim population actually thinks. Do they all support yet another attack against a Muslim country?

The French Socialist President talks also about support from the Arab League? What Arab League? Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Lebanon? Well, we know that he is talking merely about Saudi Arabia that as we know has been provided with fighter jets to do the dirty work apart from actively supporting AlQaeda guerrillas that - oh surprise! - are the backbone of rebel forces acting against the Syrian government.


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