Sunday, 25 August 2013

Liam "There is no money" Byrne

Liam "There is no money' Byrne has been in full swing criticizing welfare reforms. The Borrow Pay Later (if you can) Labour Party created a blackhole that is swallowing tax monies and forcing the present administration to implement budget cuts practically everywhere.

The Multicultural Reforms implemented by the Labour Party had to be paid for with vast amounts of public money and we are now facing the consequences of the bankrupt version of Britain that they have created.

As women queue up to receive medical treament to counter the damage caused by genital mutilation and many thousands undergo hymen reconstruction to pretend that they are still virgins, Byrne's Labour Party should have stopped pushing down our throats the message that it was British Culture the one that was being 'improved' with barbaric practices loved by people who are obviously culturally inferior and drain the public purse.

Perhaps we should suggest some crazy ideas that Labour can adopt as its national policies. What about legalizing gang crime including muggings and killings? This would make thousands upon thousands of Labour voters very happy. Labour could then justify gang crime by saying that 'it is a multicultural thing' since more than 90 per cent of those involved in gang crime are 'multicultural'.

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