Monday, 5 August 2013

Gibraltar: a diversion from Spain's financial troubles

Gibraltar: Something to keep the minds of a struggling Spain busy.

It is not by chance that Spain is once again talking about Gibraltar and trying to impose sanctions and more stringent border controls. I wonder where all the regulations of the European Union stands when it comes to political harassment against a European Union country.

Never mind if Spanish unemployment is about 33 per cent. Never mind if entire generations are lost because the Spanish economy is falling apart. "Instead of questioning European Union policies, let's talk about Gibraltar" says the Spanish Government when imposing measures that look extremely suspicious from a legal point of view.

The border crossings between Gibraltar and continental Spain are becoming some kind of Checkpoint Charlie. Because I understand that some readers might not be old enough or well-read enough to understand what I am talking about here comes the explanation.  Checkpoint Charlie was one of the most famous (or infamous) border crossings in Berlin during the Soviet Era.

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