Monday, 26 August 2013

The foundations of Stop and Search

It remains ostensibly clear that as long as patterns of criminal behavior remain what they are and what they have been for decades, Stop and Search will continue to be a fundamental tool in Police activities to counter crime.

As Sir Paul Condon, then Chief of the Metropolitan said many years ago, more than 90 per cent of crimes committed in the London Region are committed by non whites and the actions of criminal gangs continue. From 240 organized gangs, there are now more than 480 organized gangs and some of them armed and extremely dangerous.

While recognizing the fact that sometimes innocent people can be targeted, Police forces don't have a crystal ball to know who is and who isn't involved in criminal activities and therefore, as a precaution and given the trends of crime in the London Region, the emphasis of Stop and Search operations will continue as long as the vast majority of crimes are committed by non whites.

What is also evident is that non white communities are constantly targeted by non white gangs that exist within the said communities and that many families live in fear not only of being attacked. They also fear that given present circumstances their own children might end up joined criminal gangs.

Flood immigration has a lot to do with criminal activities because jobs for those at the lower end of society are more difficult to find.

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