Monday, 19 August 2013

Being politically attacked by racist is absolutely great

For the British National Party being attacked by organizations that are considered to be ultra racist is the best thing that can happen because it shows ordinary people that the British National Party has shed the past inherited from the National Front.

Every time the British National Party attempted to debate its policies on housing, on transport, on health and on practically every other issue other political parties were allowed to debate it had to confront labels and stereotypes systematically used by other political organizations to demonize the British National Party.

Throwing away people who live in the past and delude themselves with German National Socialist ideas is the best way of attracting sensible, intelligent and capable individuals who can one day get elected and promote rational change via democratic means to promote British interests.

There is a lot of work to do to get a foothold in the capital city of the United Kingdom and a lasting presence in London can only be achieved without racist bullies that believe that they can go through life pushing people around with ideas of racial superiority.

The vast majority of British National Party supporters are sensible and rational human beings but ordinary Britons will only trust the British National Party in big numbers when the British National Party gets rid of individuals that believe that being a nationalist is standing in the middle of the street shouting abuse and making offensive gestures.

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