Sunday, 14 February 2016

Trident: The Conservative Paradox

A few weeks ago in the House of Commons, the Conservative Government played politics against Jeremy Corbyn on the issue of Trident or as it is usually known the 'Nuclear Deterrent".

Now, it has become apparent that the Conservative Government has been Nuclearly Deterrent by the lack of a clear strategy in terms of what will be done to replace or upgrade Trident.

While the Trade Unions were said to be openly in favour of the replacement or upgrade of Trident because of the number of jobs involved, the issue of cost has come to the surface when there is apparently only one supplier and the monies required follow the trend of National Debt, all the way upwards.

The Shadow Defence Secretary, Emily Thornberry MP, stated that the so called upgrade would be outdated by the time is implemented and indicated that the Conservative Government is delaying any announcement because there is still no proposal that could withstand public scrutiny.

Trident is wrongly called "Independent Nuclear Deterrent". In fact, it totally depends on the United States for supplies and maintenance. For ages, the British Public has been told half truths. The record of the submarines involved in the so called Nuclear Deterrent has not been brilliant either, all of which generates serious doubts about how reliable Trident actually is.