Monday, 30 September 2019

Naga Munchetty: Not the only one to put the BBC in jeopardy

Naga Munchetty: Not the only one to put the BBC in jeopardy

Naga Manchetty
Naga Munchetty is part of a culture that has taken over the BBC, of presenters and journalists that believe that they can use the BBC to promote their own political agendas. 

Personally, I don't believe that people should be forced to pay the TV License to subsidize a propaganda machine.

The role of the BBC is to ask questions, to investigate and to present facts for its audience to form their own judgment about what is happening around the world. The BBC role is not to make political. statements.

Individuals like Kay Burley can get away with making political statements and showing extraordinary bias because she works for a private broadcaster. Whether shareholders of Sky News think that it is good idea to allow Kay Burley to behave the way she behaves destroying Sky News reputation in terms of impartiality is another matter. Channel Four, another public broadcaster, is not far behind in terms of bias and lack of impartiatlity. On this day and age when 75% of the population no longer trusts Parliament, the mass media have little credibility left. We must add now the Judiciary that is seen as party political. 

We are confronting a crisis of widespread lack of trust. Drastic action must now be taken to try to rescue British institutions and the credibility of mass media. Parliamentarians complain about rising anger that is leading to violence against MPs. Well, Sky News share huge responsibility for the creation of political instability. Constant demonising of political personalities and political organisations has formented political instability. Kay Burley has an issue with Nigel. Farage and she is not only outspoken on Sky News and other programmes but also on social media. Reporting is not just reporting. It has become poisonous, biased and potentially dangerous reporting because it fuel.tensions. She couldn't hide her delight and celebratory mood witnessing what she thought was the misfortunes of the British Prime Minister and of the Conservative Party.

Kay Burley

Thursday, 26 September 2019

For decades the Labour Party has instigated violence against political opponents

For decades the Labour Party has instigated violence against political opponents

When politicians were being targetted by Labour Party supporters on the streets, did the Labour Party representatives stand to put an end to aggression on the streets? This is the same Labour Party that called its political opponents Nazi, Fascist, Racist and the like using parapolitical organisations like Hope Not Hate, the UAF and the trade unions to target political opponents even in front of the Houses of Parliament.

Let's see what John McDonnell stated not long ago called for direct actions against Conservative MPs and Lib Dem MPs.

This is not to mention the actions promoted by the Labour Party against other political organization representatives.

Moderation is needed to prevent acts of violence but for years the Labour Party and related parapolitical organizations have promoted violence against political opponents.

If Jess Phillips is so concerned about violence against Members of Parliament, what about incidents targetting Jacob Rees Mogg? What about walking around with placards with incendiary slogans? What about throwing milkshakes and glass bottles against political opponents? They laughed about acts of aggression promoted by the Labour Party itself.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Labour's true colours: Margaret Beckett

Labour's true colours: Margaret Beckett

Margaret Beckett
We are so focused on Jeremy Corbyn that we have perhaps missed what Margaret Beckett, a veteran Labour MP, wrote for all to see. She advised Labour MPs to reject any deal that Prime Minister Boris Johnson agrees. 

This is what defines Labour: Opposition for opposition sake. Not what benefits the country but what she things would benefit Labour's electoral chances. Not the well-being of Britain but the selfish attitude of profesional politicians who couldn't care less about Britain.

And it is precisely such attitude that really and trully damages her party's electoral chances. The Liberal Democrats have stated and stated over and over again that they want to Remain and they will campaign in a General Election to Remain. The Conservative Party's position is to Leave on October 31, Deal or No Deal.

On top of this there is a group of policians the left either the Labour |Party or the Conservative Party that find themselves in the wildnerness as Independents or as members of meaningless political parties with very limited or non-existing chances of getting back to the House of Commons if a General Election was called.

The SNP has no intention of doing anything that could benefit Britain. Their agenda is the partition of Britain. They have said it over and over again and in spite of having declared itself a non-British political party they continue to act as a hurdle in the House of Commons. So the worst the political crisis, the happier the SNP becomes.

Can we call this Parliament a representative Parliament? Representative of what? Just a few hours ago, the Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary said that the Liberal Democrats were Taliban. Chucka Ummuna, the rising Labour Party star that turned against the Labour Party, has become the most poisonous enemy of his former friends. And what about the rebel Anne Soubry? Well, she cross the Conservative Party and became independent to form a group with former Conservative and Labour MPs only to be betrayed and left in no man's land. Her fortunes changed after Change UK failed miserably in the European Parliament Elections. So once again we pose the question. Representative of what? This is the Parliament in which the Opposition ran away from a General Election proposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson not once but several times.

My position in this matter is pretty clear and straightforward. We don't have a democratic and representative Parliament. This Parliament has devalued itself to such extent that it is moving away from the Electorate while claiming to be legitimate.

Next week, the Supreme Court will announce its verdict: Was prorogation legal or illegal? It is said that whatever the outcome, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not recall Parliament and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II finds herself caught up in the middle. She approved prorogation and with this act declared that prorogation is legal. Funny situation to be in if the Supreme Court moves against the Monarch.

But in a country in which nothing is sacred anymore anything could happen. Former Prime Minister David Cameron broke away from tradition and revealed what should have been kept as a secret for all. time. He made revelations about his dealings with the Monarch and in a unusual move the Royal Household publicly announced its displeasure regarding the actions of David Cameron.

The decision of the Supreme Court regarding a very political matter - if it is goes against Prime Minister Boris Johnson's prorogation of Parliametn - could also mean that separation of powers that must exist in any democracy no longer exists and we could enter the worst of all worlds - a corrupt and anti-Democratic Parliament, a compromised Judiciary and an Executive forced to take action against Parliament while ignoring the Supreme Court.

All this could have been avoided if the Opposition had agreed to call a General Election. Instead, a bad situation could become a lot worse. 

We are at a crossroads and Brexit has very little to do with it

We are at a crossroads and Brexit has very little to do with it

When we went from analogue to digital connections and digital broadcasting, the options in terms of numbers of channels of communication grew exponentially. The old monopolies were no longer as relevant as they used to be become the coming of digital technology. New generations hardly watch the old television channels or listen to radio broadcasting. They have quite a few newer alternatives to choose from targetting them according to their own personal interests.

We talk about Facebook, Twitter and a few more channels. Well, they might be important in terms of numbers but there are quite a few more choices that can be even better choices in terms of reaching people we want to reach. If you don't like certain media or those running certain media don't like you because of what you think or say or write, then you have a myriad of other choices.

The emphasis put by politicians on certain specific media is not about what people say or write. It is the fear of losing control of what is being said or written. The old censorship tools no longer work and this makes the political classes extremely concerned. So they gather in Parliament or outside Parliament and make speeches about protecting the public when in fact they are only trying to protect themselves. They are struggling and they know it. Morevoer, the old channels that they control are no longer credible. Do you believe everything you hear on the BBC? No. Do you believe everything you hear on SKY News or Channel 4 or ITV? No. You learn to take everything with a pinch of salt knowing that there is a political agenda behind every news programme. Distortion, falsification and misrepresentation are the tools used to brainwash the masses. Demonizing is the strategy to try and stop people from listening to those the mass media don't like.

Forecasts based on old certainties are no longer valid when the said forescasts are issued by people who live in their own bubbles. This is why the political classes and the mass media failed to predict the outcome of the 2016 Referendum on EU Membership. They come up with the most laughable explaination of why they didn't get the result that they expected. They say that is was 'overspending in the campaign'\. They say that it was due to something written on the sides of a bus. They say whatever to try an explain their failure. Well, during the Referendum campaign practically all messages allowed by mass media were about Remain because the BBC, SKY News and others - so called mainstream media - campaigned for Remain. The scaremongering campaign went on and on and on. In spite of all that, Leave won the day.   

Quite a few Members of Parliament couldn't care less about the people who elected them and this is why we ended up with a country that voted Leave and a Parliament that is trying to avoid Brexit.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

When courts are used to cancel the fair outcome of an election, democracy is gone

When courts are used to cancel the fair outcome of an election, Democracy is gone

The cancelation of Brexit is the worst possible outcome for all. Parliament was already downgraded in peoples' eyes. For a second, it seemed that trust in Parliament was going to be restored when Article 50 was triggered and it appeared that Parliament was going to respect the will of the Electorate. The romance was short lived when the corrupt gangs showed their true colours.

The greatest fraud is the Scottish National Party that pretends to stand for Scotland's interest when in fact it is selling Scotland down the drain, transferring powers from Westminster to an unelected mafia that will ultimately lead the European Continent to a disastrous war. They pretend to stand for the British people when in fact they couldn't care less about Britain. They openly campaign for the partition of Britain. It is their lifetime goal. 

They are followed at close range by the Liberal Democrats - a travestu of a political party that goes where the wind blows playing for position. All principles were thrown away to form a coalition with the Conservative Party that generated the procedural mess Britain is in today. The Fixed Term Parliament Act was born out of that mess. Had not been for the Fixed Term Parliament Act, Britain would be having a General Election to at least try to clear the air.

The next in line is the Labour Party. Another fraud. For decades they have been calling Nazi, Fascist, and Racist their political opponents. The attacked National Front, British National Party, UKIP and of recent the Conservatives and the Brexit Party using such labels. Well, the real Jew haters are in the Labour Party and very much in control of the Labour Party.

The British political system is not dysfunctional because of the electoral system. It is dysfunctional because it is controlled by rotten and crooked individuals supported by mass media that are equally rotten and crooked..The direct consequence has been the degradation of Democracy in Britain. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Brexit, Government, Parliament and the Courts: And now what?

Brexit, Government, Parliament and the Courts: And now what?

The solution implemented by David Cameron as Prime Minister to have a stable Parliament in coalition with Lib Dems - Fixed Term Parliament Act - has turned into a nightmare that has led to a political. crisis of major proportions. In a catch 22 situation, both sides of the argument have ended up in the courts to try and find a way out while at the same time whatever is left of a democratic system is simply falling apart. 

A Remain Parliament was always going to resort to legal tricks not to respect the will of the Electorate that voted to get Britain out of the European Union. Despite several attempts by the British Prime Minister to call a General Election, Parliament used the Fixed Term Parliament to prevent a General Election and this is the Parliament that calls itself Democratic.

The Scottish Court was always going to play the game in favour of SNP. It remains to be seen what will be the position of an United Kingdom Courts. The verdict is expected to be announced on Tuesday next week. The Fixed Term Parliament Act has destroyed separation of powers and is creating a climate of confrontation that at the moment is about heated arguments but could easily turn into violent confrontation.

Today, the reasons why Jeremy Corbyn doesn't want a General Election - although he talks about it but doesn't want to vote for it - became apparent once again when John Watson - Labour Party Deputy Leader - contradicted the Labour Leader and was attacked by from within the Labour Party. How many Labour Parties there are? Who knows? And this is the Labour Party that according to some of its representatives aspires to govern Britain.

A Labour Party that is anti-Semitic, supporter of terrorist organisations including the IRA, that despises Britain's greatest ally - the United States of America - and stands to defend and protect its foes is a recipe for disaster both nationally and internationally.

Just a few days ago, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Number 10 Downing Street. Can you imagine British/Israeli relations with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister? British weapons for Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah? Partition of the United Kingdom and unification of Ireland? 

The SNP's only agenda is to cause as much disruption as possible - even Civil War - because the SNP couldn't care less about Britain. SNP wants to partition Britain to get Scottish Independence. It is going to take advantage of every British crisis to get its way.

What will happen next week? Well, we don't know what will happen tomorrow or the day after. Remember the old Yugoslavia.    

Alternative für Deutschland set to rule Germany

Alternative für Deutschland set to rule Germany

In one election after another, Alternative für Deutshcland that is already the official Opposition in Germany being represented in the Bundestag and in every single state Parliament in Germany is becoming stronger. 

Bavaria, Hesse, Branderburg and Saxony showed that Alternative für Deutschland is ready for power as CDU and SPD go backwards. But it seems that CDU is not only falling in elections. CDU is also falling from within when at local level representatives of CDU have decided to support Alternative für Deutschland. 

A report published by Deutsche Welle indicates that Alternative für Deutschland are now being elected with the support of CDU members and this can mean only one thing. CDU is disintegrating and allegiance to CDU is becoming weaker by the day.