Thursday, 30 July 2015

Jeremy Corbyn is a breath of fresh air in British Politics

Jeremy Corbyn makes politics interesting. I like somebody who says what he believes and acts accordingly.

I cannot agree with every idea but I like consistency and consistency is something Jeremy Corbyn has in great amounts.

People are usually called Extreme when they know exactly what they want and work to achieve what they want being honest in terms of what they are trying to achieve.

His emphasis on open borders is not everybody's cup of tea but his actions regarding Foreign Policy and in particular regarding the Illegal Invasion of Iraq and the situation in Occupied Palestinian Territories has been entirely consistent and in most cases in agreement with Nationalist policies regarding Foreign Intervention.

Jeremy Corby is a worthy opponent and in the mire of British Politics, Jeremy Corbyn is certainly a breath of fresh air.

I had no hesitation is walking together with Jeremy Corbyn all the way to Hyde Park in Central London to protest against the planned Illegal Invasion of Iraq, invasion that led to the present nightmare in Africa, Middle East and Asia Minor that has now become a very real threat in Europe and elsewhere.

Karl Hohenstauffen

Saturday, 18 July 2015

A hard working UK Parliament

You would have thought that certain debates were more important than others but it seems that debates about expenses and salary rises for Members of Parliament are more important than anything else.

The number of Members of Parliament present during debates is a clear indication of what the priorities are.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

BNP Leadership Election - Adam Walker's Candidate Stament



My name is Adam Walker,

I’m a British Army Veteran, 3rd Dan karate instructor, qualified teacher, accomplished nationalist, and the current Chairman of the British National Party.

As BNP Chairman, and with the help of you and my professional and experienced team, I’ve ALREADY led the BNP through a difficult and successful transitional period. 

Now we’re in a position of strength built on internal stability and making careful, prudent and calculated financial decisions. 

In that short time, I’ve cleared our Party’s historic debts and, for the first time in ten years, I can officially announce an end to the expensive and unnecessary court cases that have hindered our progress for so long. I’m very proud of that achievement.

Few people realise just how many vital decisions need to be made by the Chairman on a day to day basis. I’ve got a great team working with me, and together we’ve consistently made the right choices.
It’s usual for candidates to make uncosted financial promises during elections, and in this election a suggestion of slashing membership fees has been made. I’m a responsible Chairman and it’s important to put on record the FACT that such a dramatic reduction in membership fees is unsustainable.

That’s why stability tempered with experience is so important – because one such hasty decision would destroy years of careful financial management, plunging our Party into financial crisis once again. Crises from ill-conceived, reckless decision making are a thing of the past.
Now I’ve delivered that hard-won stability for our Party, I’m really excited about moving to the next stage.

I’m re-focusing our party on winning elections, because elections are our lifeblood. Leading from the front, I personally ran Cllr Brian Parker’s historic third-term election victory, proving that we can beat all the rest even in their target wards.
It’s a truly exciting time for the BNP. 

Now we can get to work resisting the Islamisation of Britain, preserving a future for British children in their homeland. We demand respect and dignity for our pensioners. We will continue to campaign for the fair treatment of animals and fight for British independence from the EU. These are just some of the core issues at the heart of the BNP. Together we can make our policies a reality.
To seize the opportunity and be the best, the BNP needs a serious leader, with a wealth of experience and a winning team behind him. I have the backing of the party leadership team, but your endorsement matters to me.

We can continue our great work together, growing and uniting nationalists under the BNP banner where they belong.

We can maintain our hard-won stability and build a strong, relevant, respected and electable political party.

All you have to do, is VOTE FOR ME.

Monday, 13 July 2015

BNP Leadership Election - Paul Hilliard's Candidate Statement

Dear British National Party members,

I am the Derbyshire Sub-Regional Organiser, Derby Organiser and Amber Valley Organiser. A proud Nationalist for almost a decade, and a successful businessman who always aims for the very highest quality. I have no criminal record.

I was also pool Captain for 12 years, and am proud that I turned some players into England players, whilst my teams won over 22 trophies under my Captaincy.

For many years I worked with Nick Griffin to help the Party do better, but was obviously limited to certain changes as I was hampered by certain individuals who are still running the Party.

Because of my ability to team build, problem solve, talent spot, balance the books and come up with revolutionary ideas, I feel it is now time to take on the Leadership of the Party, with the aim of helping the Nationalist Movement do better.

At the present time, There are underlying issues that have been detrimental to the Nationalist Movement, and the constant fall-outs between Nationalists has divided us all into many fragmented groups; this divides the public vote and weakens every one of us, so things have to change.

I believe in working to unite the Nationalist Groups in order to go forward and have been doing so behind the scenes for a few years now with very positive feedback. If I am elected as Chairman, the goal of sitting with other Leaders could be achieved, enabling us to cover more Council seats across the UK.

Placards, banners, and a new Party flag should be made available so that we can be better recognized when out campaigning. Together, signage and Unity would give us greater numbers on the streets which will generate greater public interest. Recruitment teams will be out on all demonstrations, to bring in new members and grow the movement.

Party membership price would be cut to around half the price it is today because, since the price increases, our membership has fallen dramatically due to the rises. We would build a database of all activists, to directly mail for hands-on activity.

I am prepared to work for the Party without a wage for 6 months to help the Party become financially stable again.

Unnecessary expulsions from the Party in recent months has seriously harmed the British National Party. With that, and a new rebuilding programme in mind, one of the first items on my agenda if elected as Party Chairman would be to contact those ex-members, to invite them back into the Party to assist with the rebuilding process.

The society that we once knew is very different to today, so continuing to do the same things that we have done for decades does not work. We have to be smarter and wiser in the future by thinking with our heads rather than our hearts because when we start getting this fight right, we will achieve our goal of saving our Race and Nation.

Thank you in advance for your vote.

Paul Hilliard,  Derbyshire Sub-Regional Organiser 

Leadership Campaigns must be open to the public both directly and via the mass media

As we observe the Leadership Campaign in the Labour Party and other political parties, we are reminded that the democratic norm of freedom of speech is that debates are very public and take place across the mass media. Restrictions to mass media access to political debates are not very democratic.
Candidates are free to communicate their messages to members of their own parties and to members of the public both directly and via the mass media.