Friday, 27 March 2015

Lib Lab Con: Vote for Us. We cannot tell you what we are going to do.

This is what many people will vote for in the coming May 7th General Election: people who make promises and big announcement but cannot even tell you what they are going to do or how they are going to do it.

This is what they do when you are not watching. They are laughing at you and making jokes. 'How can the British people be so thick and keep voting for us?'

They lie and lie and lie even more. If they don't get elected for Parliament, do they care? They might become Members of the Board of some high-ranking company and get paid monies you can only dream about. Why should they care? Some of them are so confident - or over-confident - that they even offer to sell themselves in front of television cameras. This is the state of British Politics today. A total and utter shambles.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Falkland Islands: Ready for the taking.

How long will the Falkland Islands be Falkland Islands? The question has been raised and looking at the headlines of the press this morning there is every reason to feel unsettled.

Total garrison: 1,200 troops. Total Air Force: 4 Total Naval Deployment: 1

The news is for those who have not been following developments that with the present military capabilities, the United Kingdom will not be able to repel any invasion and following an invasion will not be able to dislodge any invading forces.

President Cristina Fernandez Wilhelm said that during his presidency the Falkland Islands would be taken by Argentina. There are elections in Argentina this year. In 1982, there was a Conservative government in Britain with Margaret Thatcher at the helm when the Conservatives were basically dismantling the British Armed Forces and mothballing its Naval Forces. Incidentally, there is a Conservative government in Britain with David Cameron at the helm and in the last few years they have been dismantling British Armed Forces.

Disabling airfield facilities in Falkland Islands will be extremely easy and once airfield facilities are disabled the Islands will be there for the taking because Britain no longer has a task force and without plane carriers there cannot be air superiority. You know exactly what this means. It means that the new Argentina jets (a much better version than the French Mirage Argentina had in 1982) will be able to reach Falklands Islands, sink any British ships around, and remain in the skies of Falkland Islands for a lot longer than the French Mirage ever could without refueling.

In a desperate attempt, it was announced today that Britain will be beefing up 'Falkland Islands Defenses'.

In 1982, Argentina was a military dictatorship that was at odds with its Chilean counterpart. For that reasons, Argentina could only send mainly conscripts to Falkland Islands being forced to maintain the vast majority of its Armed Forces in Continental Argentina to protect the military dictatorship and to prevent a Chilean attack. Relations with Chile had been strained because of a territorial dispute about the Beagle.

In 2015, there is no military dictatorship in Argentina, there is no strained relations with Chile and the will to retake Falkland Islands is stronger than ever before in a continent that has a very traumatic rapport not just with UK but also with the US. This means that Argentina could a vast amount of professional troops to Falkland Islands and this having learnt the lessons of 1982.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

US commits treason against NATO allies

US strategists force Russian withdrawal from treaty that limits Conventional Forces.

The subject did not appear in any of the so called British mass media.

Not long ago, Sergei Borisovich Ivanov, former Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, clearly stated that any conflict in Europe will be decided by Conventional Forces.

Now, forcing Russian out of Treaties limiting numbers of Conventional is as catastrophic a mistake as the mistake Hermann Goering made by targeting British cities instead of targeting RAF airfields.

This literally means that US has committed treason against its NATO allies because no NATO countries have not even a shadow of the military capabilities in terms of Conventional Forces to have anything resembling any kind of balance.

In this state of affairs, Prime Minister David Cameron very well knows that Britain is defenseless in terms of Conventional Forces, incapable of defeating barefooted Taliban fighters travelling on Toyota pick-up trucks.

The whole balance of forces has been thrown into disarray thanks to US stupidity. From now on, thanks to US, there will no limitations in terms of how bigger Russian Federation Conventional Forces can be.

Russian Federation plans to have not less than 2 million men as part of its Armed Forces will be implemented with the advantage that they can be supported by an unlimited number of tanks, airplanes and other tools of war.

But there is an even bigger threat. One of the achievement of President Ronald Reagan and President Mikhail Gorbachev could be thrown into question. If agreements regarding limitations affecting nuclear arsenals are declared void then all treaties regarding nuclear non-proliferation will be void and the world will be truly on the way to nuclear armaments and this will include Developing World nations like Iran, Syria and Venezuela.

Monday, 9 March 2015

EU has no borders

In an European Union of 28 countries, who controls its borders: everybody and nobody.

The announcement by a Greek politician and member of the ruling coalition that Greece will open its borders to anybody wanting to reach the European Union - including those suspected of involvement in Islamic Terrorism - should the deal concerning Greek debt fall apart is a worrying development but it is not new.

In certain EU countries, EU passports have been for sale in the open market for quite a long time to the point that as soon as somebody gets access to any of the 28 countries that today make up the European Union the said person has access to the entire European Union, including the United Kingdom.

There were no border controls regarding citizens of member countries and there are de facto no border controls regarding people coming from outside the European Union and this is a self-evident issue of National Security. As soon as you get right of residence or nationality in any of the EU countries you have access to the entire EU.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Tre Azam: Did he really want to talk with the British National Party?

Some years ago, Tre Azam, became notorious as one of the competitors in The Apprentice with Sir Alan Sugar, a programme broadcast by the BBC.

Later on, in 2008, we has taken to court and convicted of fraudulent welfare claims and sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

Today, Tre Azam's videos appear on YouTube and Community Channel, videos in which he condemns the British National Party as being 'anti-Islam' and ask members of the Muslim Community to engage in the democratic process.

In one of his videos, Tre Azam says that he was making an effort to contact the British National Party and ask about party policies regarding Muslims and Islam and stated that he had not been able to find any British National Party representative ready and willing to talk to him.

Unknown to him, the British National Party had been trying to contact him directly via Community Channel and LBC Radio (it is known that some time ago Tre Azam presented a programme on LBC radio on Saturdays).

Recently, messages were sent to Sofia Couceiro (producer for Community Channel) and James Rea (in charge of News for LBC radio). Twitter and Facebook messages were sent to Tre Azam.

There seems to be a pattern in terms of the mass media or individuals saying that they cannot contact the British National Party when in fact the British National Party is always available but gets very few requests for interviews.

A British National Party representative told us that they wanted to talk with Tre Azam but that unfortunately Tre Azam had not tried to contact them.

The British National Party has points of contact across the United Kingdom and in London, Steve Squire - London Regional Organiser - has always been available to provide information and respond to mass media requests.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Muslim Extremists: Terrorists or Idealists?

We have spent a very long time talking about Terrorists and, suddenly, in the early hours, the thought came to me: Terrorists or Idealists?

Aware of the fact that many people will disagree with me when I use the term Idealist to describe an Islamic Extremist, I go back to historical records when the duality Freedom Fighter/Terrorist appeared.

From the point of view of Establishments any challenge to their authority has been seen as Rebellion, Mutiny, and ultimately Terrorism.

We can talk about the Crusades or the American Revolution of 1776, World Wars or present events in Ukraine, there is always a duality in which one side will be vilified by the other side.

Ideas of perfection in terms of social developments and values have evolved and even at this moment in time there are marked differences between countries, cultures, religions, etc. Within what we call Western Societies there are subcultures very often at odds with each other.

Terrorists are Idealists even if we don't agree with their aims or the kind of social realities they promote. What we call Radicalization is for many the process of implementation of a different set of values.

Animal Rights Activists, Gay Rights Activists, Pro-Abortion and Anti-Abortion Activists can be examples of radicalization, they are both liked and disliked and in some cases they also end up getting involved in violence.

What we call Terrorism is no different. It is attitudes and behaviour linked to a specific set of values and beliefs combined with individual needs.

Monday, 23 February 2015

List of Corrupt Members of Parliament keeps growing

The list of Corrupt Members of Parliament keeps growing by Karl Hohenstauffen

Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind stand accused of selling themselves as Foreign Secretaries and Members of Parliament, adding their names to a long list of Members of Parliament and Members of Cabinet involved in fraudulent and potentially treasonable offenses.

The British National Party has played an honourable role in unmasking representatives of the so called mainstream political parties to the point that one of them – Dennis McShane (that I renamed Dennis My Shame) – publicly acknowledge has he had lost his seat in the House of Commons after the British National Party brought his fraudulent activities into the open.

Revelations about what in 2005 ended up being called the Rotten Parliament did not stop with the expenses scandal that led to the burning of files that could other present and past Members of Parliament on the spot, and the said burning of files was complemented by attempts to prevent the implementation of Freedom of Information requests to reveal the names of those involved in fraud. 
The House of Commons went as far as challenging legal decisions to disclose financial details saying that those legal decisions were ‘intrusive’.

Following the expenses scandal, a few heads were chopped. A large number of resignations, sackings, de­selections and retirement announcements followed, together with public apologies and the repayment of expenses. Several members or former members of the House of Commons, and members of the House of Lords, were prosecuted and sentenced to terms of imprisonment. But who were held accountable were merely sacrifice victims because in real terms fraudulent activities did not go away.

Much of the information that should have been made public was omitted and put under the carpet by Parliamentary authorities and I suspect that this happened because the very authorities in charge of investigating fraud were themselves involved in fraud.

The names Elliot Morley, David Chaytor, Jim Devine, Lord Hanninfield, Eric Illsley, Lord Taylor of Warwick, Margaret Moran, Dennis McShane, Lord Bhatia, Lord Paul, Baroness Uddin, and you must add Harriet Harman that as Leader of the House of Commons tabled a motion which would exempt Members of Parliament Expenses from being disclosed under a Freedom of Information of Information and prevented any further disclosure of information.

Records of expenses were simply deleted. Apparently details of Tony Blair’s expenses were shredded ‘by mistake’ when they were challenged by a legal bid to have them published. So were details about expenses of Derek Conway and it was reported ‘that there was no records available’.

When Caroline Spelman, then Chairman of the Conservative Party, was accused in June 2008 of improper use of Parliamentary funds the explanation was that she ‘by mistake misapplied part of her Parliamentary allowances and that she might not have been aware of the rules governing parliamentary allowances.

Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton were found at fault after being accused of claiming back mortgage interest on a mortgage they had fully repaid and it was said there was a clear breach of the rules. What is not clear at all is why they not even told to repay what they had unduly taken.
Porno Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was accused of expenses unduly manipulation but no investigation took place and you wonder why. Another Labour Minister, Tony McNulty, got away with an apology for expenses abuses.

The claims involving Conservative MP Eric Pickles accused of fraud involving claims for a second home 37 miles from his main home reveal even more troubling details about the way Parliament and Police protect each other’s backs. The Metropolitan Police refuse to investigate saying that ‘it would not be in the public interest.

Even Michael Martin, the Speaker of the House of Commons, was forced to resign after it was revealed that he had been involved allowing the manipulation of the allowances system that Members of Parliament had used to commit fraud.

Jacqui Smith was forced to resign her post as Home Secretary after the European Election and despite the scandal stood for election and lost her seat. She worked for LBC radio during the 2012 Mayoral Election interviewing British National Party Mayoral Candidate Carlos Cortiglia. I must say that having Jacqui Smith as interviews was low even by LBC standards.

Hazel Blears was forced to step down as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and Tony McNulty resigned from his position as Minister for Employment. Geoff Hoon lost his post as Secretary of State for Transport ‘in order for him to spend more time on European and International Issues with him being considered a possible candidate as next British Member of the European Commission.

Another list of less notable political players include Kitty Ussher who resigned as Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury and David Laws that after being appointed to the position of Chief Secretary to the Treasury was forced to leave his post 16 days after he had been appointed and all to do with tax avoidance and false expenses claims.

Ben Chapman, David Chaytor, Harry Cohen, Jim Devine, Ian Gibson, Eric Illsley, Anne Moffat, Margaret Moran, Andrew MacKay, Julie Kirkbride, Douglas Hogg, Anthony Steen, Sir Peter Viggers, Christopher Fraser, Ian Taylor, Amir Bhatia, Anthony Clarke (Baron Clarke), Lord Hanningfeld, Swraj Paul (Baron Paul), John Taylor (Baron Taylor of Warwick) and Baroness Uddin are all names linked to infamy.

But the present list is not comprehensive and it merely relates to financial crimes. I don’t assume the list of those involved in sexual crimes included rape, abuse of minors and even murder associated with sexual activities will be any shorter.