Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The World Police aka US is notoriously dysfunctional

The news that US is getting ready to use drones and fighter jets against American citizens - other war tools are already in use - shows a country that is completely dysfunctional.

Hollywood fiction is now reality on America's streets. Having in my memory the scenes of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie with police patrolling the streets using helicopters armed with missiles to target US civilians, I would say that fantasy is quickly becoming reality. This looks like a blend of Running Man and Total Recall leading to Mad Max.

America desperately needs to focus its energies to sort out its own problems instead of going around getting involved in foreign conflicts.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Policing in the Land of the Free. War weapons to deal with civilians

Policing US style. This is how Police officers confront civilians in the United States of America.

Land of the Free or the protagonists of Total Recall? You can imagine that in a country that is always ready to kill civilians in foreign countries that are not even at war with the US and tortures people who are detained without trial this kind of images are most normal.

There is a psychological transfer from video games in which killing each other is very much part of the entertainment and then the dividing line between what is a video games and real life become blurred. Gas mask and machine guns - and in the near future drones that will be able to identity civilians and kill them on the spot - is what the United States is about.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Employment rises but wages fall. What about pensions?

Employment rises but wages fall. What about pensions?

The news that employment is rising but wages are falling make the Bank of England postpone the announced rise of interest rates. Less income also means less savings for pensions and the realisation that with lower wages the aspiration of buying or renting homes might be nothing more than an aspiration when banks are only lending the equivalent of three annual salaries when the amount required to be able to have a mortgage is not less than eight annual salaries.
The gap between the monies available for pensions and the monies that would be required to be able to provide pensions is also growing at a faster pace than ever before because savings are not a generating high yields while interest rates remain relatively low.
Therefore, there is a vicious circle. People earn less. Because people earn less the Bank of England cannot take the risk of putting up interest rates without facing the possibility of millions losing their homes because they cannot afford monthly payments at higher interest rates. While this is happening, people who earn less save less and get less interest payments for what they save. Putting up salaries would mean less capital available to employ more people and having less people employed means having to make more welfare payments.

The situation is not sustainable because sooner than later retirement age will come and millions of people who earn little and have no savings will have not enough pension funds or no pension at all as retirement age is rising because there is not enough money available to pay pensions.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Who benefits from trade wars?

Who benefits from trade wars? The political interests of the US are going against Europe's economic interests. The latest chapter of the American anti-Russia operations with sanctions across the board has got several responses including a flying ban that does now allow US, EU and other countries airliners to use Russian air space plus ban on agricultural imports.

The next chapter could be a cancellation of all contracts involving supply of gas and oil and this could happen in the coming months when cold weather returns to Europe. It would be just a matter of weeks for all supplies to Europe to be cut off. Who benefits from this? Does EU manufacturing and agriculture benefit from this? Do utility companies benefit from this?

The one certainty is that as soon as gas and oil prices start to go up, production costs will escalate and ordinary consumers will be hit by an inflationary tsunami. What about the difficult act of balancing budgets? Even the most powerful EU economies are bound to suffer the brunt of the crisis. European governments are already bracing themselves for claims and counter claims for loss of revenues.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Over-generalization and Stereotyping kill real politics

Over-generalization and Stereotyping are very useful tools when dealing with people who don't have the intellectual capabilities to accept that there are differences between members of what we see as one community as there are differences between individuals.

To say 'All Jews are this or that', all 'Muslims are this or that' is an easy way to demonize individuals merely by association.

Look at members of those you see as you peers or members of what you have defined as your community or the groups you belong to. Are they the same? Do they behave in the same way? Have they got the same values that you have got? Do they react in the same manner? If the answer is NO - and most probably the answer will be NO - this in itself shows how foolish and unrealistic is to issue judgments based on over-generalization and stereotypes.

The greatest tragedies have been caused - and continue to be caused -  by over-generalization and stereotyping.

Friday, 1 August 2014

This is not just Positive Discrimination. This is racism and exclusion

£2,500 grant to deny young white Brits a career

We received the following correspondence regarding a very important issue. As we know Positive Discrimination has been implemented in the United Kingdom and it is actively promoted across the public sector and in the private sector. Having said, this is particular, we are talking not just about Positive Discrimination. We are talking about exclusion.

Dear fellow patriot,
Essex County Council has been outed for discriminating against young people of white British ethnicity.

The council was exposed for operating an apprenticeship scheme which states that any employer who chooses a non-white non-British over a white British apprentice will be rewarded with a subsidy and a grant of £2,500.

The whistle was blown by the Managing Director of recruitment agency Get Me Group, Ben Drain, who learnt of the policy when searching for apprenticeship placements for young job seekers only to find that they were being denied the opportunities on the grounds of their race.

“I think it is outrageous that our own council is discriminating against young white British people – and encouraging employers to ‘positively’ discriminate against them,” exclaimed Mr Drain.

Racial discrimination at local government level has meant young white British people are finding it increasingly difficult to secure work and build themselves a career.

The racist plot thickens: In a shameful denial of responsibility Essex County Council shrugged off accusations of racial discrimination claiming that the Diversity in Apprenticeship (DIA) initiative is a national programme funded by the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), and therefore out of their hands.

In the NAS report ‘Good Practice Evaluation of the Diversity in Apprenticeships Pilot’ their preferred apprentice as described as ‘Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic’ a term referred to by the acronym BAME.

Will you play your part in helping the BNP take action to hold the government to account for its betrayal of young British people?

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Adam Walker
BNP Chairman

Monday, 28 July 2014

Masada, Stalingrad and Warsaw Ghetto

When I think about Gaza there are echoes of Masada, Stalingrad and the Warsaw Ghetto. With the border with Egypt closed,  about 1.8 million people are now effectively locked in between the sea and Israel and more war is coming to them.

Up to now, despite the number of casualties (more than 1,000 dead including more than 240 children) the impact has been limited, but what is coming could be a major catastrophe when 40,000 Israeli troops enter Gaza.

Attacked by land, earth and sea, they have nowhere to go and this is why I thought about Masada, Stalingrad and the Warsaw Ghetto. Stranded in an area that is one fifth the size of London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, Palestinian are cornered, totally surrounded and in the end they will be forced to fight for survival.

The limited loss of life of the Israeli Army will look even more limited and minimal when the real war starts amid what remains of what used to be residential areas that have been turned into rubble. By then, Israeli casualties could be counted in thousands.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows it and his mood today was more somber than before because he knows the consequences of his actions and he knows that he will be the one that will be judged if a military operation becomes a massacre.

Jewish organisations around the world are becoming increasingly alarmed. Anti-Semitism is not just rising. It is exploding because of the actions of the Israeli government. The Palestinian Holocaust is strengthening those who already had an Anti-Jewish agenda.