Monday, 28 July 2014

Masada, Stalingrad and Warsaw Ghetto

When I think about Gaza there are echoes of Masada, Stalingrad and the Warsaw Ghetto. With the border with Egypt closed,  about 1.8 million people are now effectively locked in between the sea and Israel and more war is coming to them.

Up to now, despite the number of casualties (more than 1,000 dead including more than 240 children) the impact has been limited, but what is coming could be a major catastrophe when 40,000 Israeli troops enter Gaza.

Attacked by land, earth and sea, they have nowhere to go and this is why I thought about Masada, Stalingrad and the Warsaw Ghetto. Stranded in an area that is one fifth the size of London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, Palestinian are cornered, totally surrounded and in the end they will be forced to fight for survival.

The limited loss of life of the Israeli Army will look even more limited and minimal when the real war starts amid what remains of what used to be residential areas that have been turned into rubble. By then, Israeli casualties could be counted in thousands.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows it and his mood today was more somber than before because he knows the consequences of his actions and he knows that he will be the one that will be judged if a military operation becomes a massacre.

Jewish organisations around the world are becoming increasingly alarmed. Anti-Semitism is not just rising. It is exploding because of the actions of the Israeli government. The Palestinian Holocaust is strengthening those who already had an Anti-Jewish agenda.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Gaza is merely 360 square kilometers - about one fifth of the size of London, UK.

Today, almost all that is left of Palestine in Palestinian hands are little spots. Gaza, on the right hand side image, is nothing more than a little strip on the left hand side of the image near Egypt and is merely 360 square kilometers (about one fifth the size of London) and with a similar population density to the population density of London.

Why are Palestinians angry? Look at the map. Fifty per cent of the Palestinian Population is of 20 and less years of age.

Nobody rational would support acts of violence but the situation itself is fueling violence. Look at the maps. Look at Palestine in 1948 and then look at Palestine in 2014. Do you need any more to understand why people feel dispossessed and angry?

Indoctrination in British Schools

The magazine is distributed by NUT National Union of Teachers to be used 'with young people in schools'. This is what public monies are for: brainwashing on a massive scale.

Now you understand why organisations that were created to protect teachers' rights are now being used as para-political organisations. This is Marxism at its worst and with full support of a political establishment that is selling Britain down the drain.
The methods used by the said organisation are very public, including violent confrontations and orchestrated attacks with the sole purpose of aggression to cause serious bodily harm.

Nothing about the said organisation happens by accident. They are linked to people with criminal records whose sole purpose is to attack and, if they are allowed, seriously injure those they are against.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Has Israel become a liability for Jews across the world?

Has Israel become a liability for Jews across the world?

At the end of World War Two, Jewish populations across Europe had been decimated. Many Jews couldn't possibly feel any kind of identification in the countries in which they had been born and in which many generations of Jews had lived.

It was therefore understandable for many of them who found themselves destitute having lost many of their relatives to aspire to settle down in a land that they could call their own, where they could rebuild their lives. They couldn't call themselves German, Austrian, Polish et cetera, et cetera because in the countries they had lived they had been persecuted and killed. Many of those arriving in the Middle East were arriving to a foreign land, an alien land, inhabited by people by people with whom they had little in common. There were the Scriptures telling them that their forefathers had come from the Middle East but this could not change the fact that they had become Europeans.

Nowadays, most Jews do not live in Israel. Many of them not even practice a religion called Judaism and they have continued to marry people of other faiths and other races. In spite of this, their lives can be dramatically affected by what happens in today's State of Israel. The actions of a series of Israeli governments with which they have little or no connection at all influence worldwide perceptions of what it means to be Jewish. Many suffer because negative perceptions linked to the State of Israel have transformed them into targets.

When a Jewish person is attacked or when a Synagogue is attacked, who or what is being attacked? Because of this, it can be argued that the State of Israel is now a liability for millions of Jews that do not live in Israel.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Justice Israeli Style?

Don't complain about the Holocaust when you are capable of doing this. Justice? What Justice?

There are bound to be excesses in any given conflict but we cannot justify what is unjustifiable. Everybody accepts the right of self-defence but abuses committed can and will become a powerful weapon that will be used against anybody invoking the right of self-defence.

Monday, 7 July 2014

British Nationalism or what is left of it

British Nationalism is in crisis, split into several groupings, due to reaction, over-reaction, misunderstandings and personality feuds.

At a time when continental Nationalist movements are at peak levels, British Nationalism is in crisis and losing spaces.

Within what used to be the National Front there are at least two National Fronts. There is a British National Party, a Britain First, English Democrats, British Democratic Party and several sub-groups within the main groups headed by minor leaders or personalities at odds with each other and hating each other a lot more than they despise their ideological opponents.

Various groups have at one point or another conspired against others by cooperating with their arch-enemies as a way to erode support for those they see as rivals within British Nationalism.

The direct consequence is unavoidable electoral failures that has left British Nationalism literally out of the picture in terms of elected representatives. Standing against each other, launching bitter attacks against each other both in public and in private, they have played right in to the hands of their ideological foes.

British National has defeated itself from within and its weakness has benefited so called mainstream political parties and, most importantly, has benefited UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party).

In places like South London, Nationalism fragmentation got the Labour Party elected in places like Croydon helping the Labour Party triumph against the Conservative Party.

How long will this process of fragmentation last? It is hard to say. Less than a year before the next General Election, British Nationalism is in tatters Factional interests seems to be more of a priority than shared values and shared aims.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

ISIS: The real face of Islam

The real face of the religion of peace is now heading your way. Even in Iraq indicate that the scene is ready for a massive confrontation in Asia Minor and the Middle East.

With a certain threat to unify both in territorial terms and ideological terms a whole array of organisations classified as AlQaeda, things are spiraling out of control.

In the last few hours, two major cities have fallen into the hands of AlQaeda rebels in Iraq who now positioned themselves barely 80 miles away from Baghdad. They have announced their intention to control the entire region with the aim of creating a single country that would included the State of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and others. The day when we are going to see face to face combat in Europe is not far away.

Attempts to curb the effects of Militant Islam in countries like the United Kingdom come much too late. The risk is plainly visible and even the priest of political correctness and so called Multiculturalism are waking up to the dangers posed by Islam.

While a vast Allied contingent is locked up in landlocked Afghanistan, Israel could be left to deal with the threat on its doorstep. Knowing the capabilities of Israel in terms of conventional forces and conventional weapons, the possibility of using nuclear devices to contain the threat becomes a certainty by the hour.

This will be a war on several fronts, including the Home Front. For the first time, Britain will be confronted on home soil with an enemy that is much more committed than the IRA, more numerous than the IRA, an enemy that lives among us and has complete disregard for human life.