Friday, 24 April 2015

BNP said Lutfur Rahman was corrupt and the Courts proved BNP was right

Luftur Rahman (centre with Rosette)
The Mayor of Tower Hamlets - Luftur Rahman - has been sacked for corrupt practices and illegal practices including ballot rigging, buying votes and lying about his opponents.

The now former Mayor of Tower Hamlets was involved in 'postal voting factories' used to 'produce ballots' to allow him to win elections.

Rahman's supporters registered and cast hundreds of fake postal votes and hundreds of ballot papers could have been completed by the same person.

So, let's say it: the British National Party was right all over again when it raised the issue of electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets.

Luftur Rahm also stands accused of involved with an Islamic Extremist organization.

The Judge acting in this case stated that Luftur Rahma ran a ruthless and dishonest campaign and was guilty of bribery, treating and undue influence, make false statements against another candidate and undue spiritual influence using religion to influence votes.

Luftur Rahman was not only removed as Mayor of Tower Hamlets. Luftur Rahman was banned from standing again as a candidate.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

May 7th 2015 - More questions than answers

2015 UK General Election
Unlike any other General Election this is going to be a General Election that is going to influenced by both internal and external factors of the greatest importance as events happening outside the United Kingdom are having an impact in the political discourse.

Just a few days from Polling Day, events developing in the Mediterranean Region are bringing to the fore the issue of immigration, refugees and asylum combined with aspects of Foreign Policy in terms of the role played by the United Kingdom in the process of destabilization of Africa, the Middle East and Asia Minor. The Domino Effect triggered by Western Intervention in Libya and the fall of the regime of President Gaddafi spread like wildfire across several countries including Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and others and become practically unstoppable. The direct consequence of the process of destabilization has been a constant flow of refugees that are now heading for the European Union and many of them are dying at sea as the tragedy unfolds.

Because of naivety and/or carelessness or because of both, Western Countries including the United Kingdom and US as the main driver of interventionism, a Pandora's Box has been opened. Political leaders believed that merely by deposing regimes they could magically kick start political changes towards Democracy. Instead, they created political voids and exacerbated already existing tensions.

I do have the feeling that was started by war could only be ended by war on a massive scale to try and restore some kind of equilibrium to generate solutions and give millions of desperate people a way out, a set of viable alternatives to remain in their own countries instead of throwing themselves into the sea in search of a better life.

I foresee that Europe will pay a very high price to deal with the nightmare created by very short-sighted Foreign Policies and that at one point or another European Armies will have to be committed to battlefields in Africa, Middle East and Asia Minor. This could very well be World War Three because the flow of asylum seekers and refugees will not be stopped by merely sending people back to their countries of origin.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Adam Walker - BNP Chairman - Parliamentary Candidate in Rotherham

Adam Walker
British National Party Chairman Adam Walker will stand on May 7th 2015 General Election as Parliamentary Candidate in Rotherham.

We very well know how difficult it can be to get a seat in the Houses of Commons but this is no ordinary seat and this is no ordinary battle.

It is a battle that the British National Party has been fighting for a very long time to protect British children and stop the abuses being committed by gangs against vulnerable boys and girls that the British State should have protected.

Instead the British State under both Labour and Conservative Administrations choose to look the other way and organizations like the BBC - itself blemished by scandals involved in massive scale pedophilia and other sexual crimes of all kinds - ignored.

When British National Party representatives publicly denounced the crimes being committed by Asian gangs predominantly of Pakistani descent, British National Party representatives were accused of racism by none other than Jimmy Savile's BBC.

Denis MacShane
Denis MacShane MP, Labour Representative during much of the period when the worst offenses were committed, did nothing to protect children being abused. The local authority and even local Police knew about the crimes being committed and did absolutely nothing to stop abuses. They just looked the other way.

Denis MacShane MP was forced to resign his seat in Parliament when the British National Party made him accountable for expenses fraud, something that Denis MacShane publicly acknowledged saying that he had been ousted by the British National party.

As the scandal became vox populi nationally, more abuses were uncovered and a series of high profile resignations followed but those who chose to ignore the fact that children were being abused and many of the abusers themselves have not been made accountable.

Against all odds and constant brainwashing carried out by the mass media, the British National Party stands for ordinary people and most importantly for those most vulnerable in society. This is why the British National Party Chairman Adam Walker, in very adverse political circumstances, is doing his duty and says "We are here; we are not going away; we have been here and we will continue to be here to defend what is right and proper; we are not looking the other way. This is why we are different from many other political parties. We face our public responsibilities head on and we will deliver."

In any election, you win and you lose but, most importantly, whatever the outcome of any election, we stand for principle.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Pegida: What is Pegida and why is being demonized by the Politically Correct Society

What is PEGIDA?

Let's look at the 19 points that constitute the fundamental principles of PEGIDA and see how extreme PEGIDA actually is.

1. Affirms the right of asylum for war refugees and politically persecuted people.

2. Advocates to include a duty to integrate into German Basic Law.

3. Advocates for decentralized housing of refugees.

4. Suggests the creation of a central refugee agency for a fair allocation of immigrants among countries of the European Union.

5. Demands a decrease in the number of asylum seekers per social worker from 2001 onwards.

6. Suggests to model German immigration policies after those of the Netherlands and Switzerland and demands an increased budget for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to speed up processing of applications.

7. Demands an increase in funding for the Police.

8. Demands the implementation of all asylum laws including expulsion.

9. Mentions Zero Tolerance towards refugees and immigrants involved in crimes.

10. States that Pediga opposes a misogynistic and violent political ideology, but does not oppose assimilated and politically moderate Muslims.

11. Supports immigration as in Switzerland, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

12. States that Pegida supports sexual self-determination (opposing early sexualization of children)

13. Argues for the protection of Germany's Judeo-Christian culture.

14. Supports the introduction of referenda as in Switzerland

15. Opposes weapons exports to radical and non-permitted groups such as the PKK.

16. Opposes parallel societies/parallel jurisdictions, for example Sharia courts, Sharia Police and peace judges.

17. States that Pegida opposes gender mainstreaming and political correctness.

18. Indicates that Pegida opposes any radicalism whether religious or politically motivated.

19. Says that Pegida opposes hate speech, regardless of religion.

Do you disagree with any of the ideas proposed by PEGIDA? Of course organizations like UAF (United Against Freedom) and Hate Not Hope and others will certainly oppose PEGIDA.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Lib Lab Con: Vote for Us. We cannot tell you what we are going to do.

This is what many people will vote for in the coming May 7th General Election: people who make promises and big announcement but cannot even tell you what they are going to do or how they are going to do it.

This is what they do when you are not watching. They are laughing at you and making jokes. 'How can the British people be so thick and keep voting for us?'

They lie and lie and lie even more. If they don't get elected for Parliament, do they care? They might become Members of the Board of some high-ranking company and get paid monies you can only dream about. Why should they care? Some of them are so confident - or over-confident - that they even offer to sell themselves in front of television cameras. This is the state of British Politics today. A total and utter shambles.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Falkland Islands: Ready for the taking.

How long will the Falkland Islands be Falkland Islands? The question has been raised and looking at the headlines of the press this morning there is every reason to feel unsettled.

Total garrison: 1,200 troops. Total Air Force: 4 Total Naval Deployment: 1

The news is for those who have not been following developments that with the present military capabilities, the United Kingdom will not be able to repel any invasion and following an invasion will not be able to dislodge any invading forces.

President Cristina Fernandez Wilhelm said that during his presidency the Falkland Islands would be taken by Argentina. There are elections in Argentina this year. In 1982, there was a Conservative government in Britain with Margaret Thatcher at the helm when the Conservatives were basically dismantling the British Armed Forces and mothballing its Naval Forces. Incidentally, there is a Conservative government in Britain with David Cameron at the helm and in the last few years they have been dismantling British Armed Forces.

Disabling airfield facilities in Falkland Islands will be extremely easy and once airfield facilities are disabled the Islands will be there for the taking because Britain no longer has a task force and without plane carriers there cannot be air superiority. You know exactly what this means. It means that the new Argentina jets (a much better version than the French Mirage Argentina had in 1982) will be able to reach Falklands Islands, sink any British ships around, and remain in the skies of Falkland Islands for a lot longer than the French Mirage ever could without refueling.

In a desperate attempt, it was announced today that Britain will be beefing up 'Falkland Islands Defenses'.

In 1982, Argentina was a military dictatorship that was at odds with its Chilean counterpart. For that reasons, Argentina could only send mainly conscripts to Falkland Islands being forced to maintain the vast majority of its Armed Forces in Continental Argentina to protect the military dictatorship and to prevent a Chilean attack. Relations with Chile had been strained because of a territorial dispute about the Beagle.

In 2015, there is no military dictatorship in Argentina, there is no strained relations with Chile and the will to retake Falkland Islands is stronger than ever before in a continent that has a very traumatic rapport not just with UK but also with the US. This means that Argentina could a vast amount of professional troops to Falkland Islands and this having learnt the lessons of 1982.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

US commits treason against NATO allies

US strategists force Russian withdrawal from treaty that limits Conventional Forces.

The subject did not appear in any of the so called British mass media.

Not long ago, Sergei Borisovich Ivanov, former Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, clearly stated that any conflict in Europe will be decided by Conventional Forces.

Now, forcing Russian out of Treaties limiting numbers of Conventional is as catastrophic a mistake as the mistake Hermann Goering made by targeting British cities instead of targeting RAF airfields.

This literally means that US has committed treason against its NATO allies because no NATO countries have not even a shadow of the military capabilities in terms of Conventional Forces to have anything resembling any kind of balance.

In this state of affairs, Prime Minister David Cameron very well knows that Britain is defenseless in terms of Conventional Forces, incapable of defeating barefooted Taliban fighters travelling on Toyota pick-up trucks.

The whole balance of forces has been thrown into disarray thanks to US stupidity. From now on, thanks to US, there will no limitations in terms of how bigger Russian Federation Conventional Forces can be.

Russian Federation plans to have not less than 2 million men as part of its Armed Forces will be implemented with the advantage that they can be supported by an unlimited number of tanks, airplanes and other tools of war.

But there is an even bigger threat. One of the achievement of President Ronald Reagan and President Mikhail Gorbachev could be thrown into question. If agreements regarding limitations affecting nuclear arsenals are declared void then all treaties regarding nuclear non-proliferation will be void and the world will be truly on the way to nuclear armaments and this will include Developing World nations like Iran, Syria and Venezuela.