Saturday, 21 July 2018

UK: Frustration is dangerous and will certainly fuel extremism

Frustration is dangerous and will certainly fuel extremism

For the first time, I am hearing people openly talking about joining paramilitaries and even National Action in the United Kingdom. Extremely high levels of frustration are creating a pressure cooker effect and the unthinkable might happen. 

At a gathering people spoke about using IRA tactics in Britain to fight against the political establishment and the mass media including BBC, SKY and others that have a very clear anti-British political agenda.

When it was mentioned that several serving soldiers were on trial for suspected membership of National Action, I saw the whole picture. No one in the British Armed can have certain ideas without the middle ranks knowing about it and this leads me to the fact that National Action is alive and well inside the British Armed Forces.

Banning an organisation doesn't get rid of the ideas that led to the creation of the said organisation. What is more, the present trend to prevent people from expressing what they believe (attempts to control Internet, bans and censorship carried out on Internet will only make things worse. When people are not able to express their feelings and ideas in writing, they will carry out attacks. Like an animal pushed against a wall, with nowhere else to go, people will turn violent.

Only yesterday somebody suggested that Police Forces are being readied to deal with Civil War in the United Kingdom because Civil War is coming. Spaces for dialogue are vanishing and the harsh approach put into practice by Police Forces in the United Kingdom show that it is self-evident where things are heading.

I reject the idea of going around publicly threatening individuals or communities but I do understand the level of anger shown by some who do go around threatening individuals or communities. More often than not we have seen members of Muslim Communities with placards talking about beheading those who do not surrender to Islam. We have seen them burning Poppies and insulting and threatening British troops and the beheading of Lee Rigby is a clear example of what is to come showing that what is written on placards is very much the announcement of what is going to happen in the no so distant future.  


Friday, 20 July 2018

USA/Russia: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are gleamour of hope

USA/Russia: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are gleamour of hope

For those of us that remember the old days - 1962 included - despite all comments about how bad things are at the moment, things could not be any worse in 1962 when Kennedy and Khrushev almost went to blows over the issue of missiles in Cuba. The fact that a President is ready to walk his half of the way to do what needs to be done is refreshing and the words of Winston Churchill about 'jaw jaw better than war war' come loud and clear.

A few weeks ago, North Korea was launching missiles and violating the air space of Japan. Today, North Korea is no longer launching missiles across neighbouring countries nor threatening to attack the USA. Who managed to put an end to the military fever that could have started a major conflict? President Donald Trump. He confounded both friends and foes and talked directly to the North Korean President.

Now, President Donald Trump is talking with Vladimir Putin because once again 'jaw jaw is better than war war' and being criticised for wanting to deal with all issues in a business-like manner. Who is attacking President Trump? The criminals that prefer war and conflict are attacking President Trump, the prostitutes of the mass media and of the establishment that sold their souls to Satan in the pursuit of money by whatever means.

President Donald Trump talks about a strong USA but also talks about dialogue as the main tools to resolve any disputes. By the way, isn't dialogue the way proposed by the Organisation of the United Nations created in 1945 as the main way to resolve disputes? By talking to friends and foes directly, President Trump is applying a fundamental principle of the Organisation of the United Nations.

I would suggest that all those pseudo journalists and politicians that want wars and conflicts should be forcefully enlisted and sent to the battlefield. That will cure them. Put the said journalists and politicians on the firing line to change their ways.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Britain's future hanging from a thread

Britain's Future hangs from a thread

With the arrival of Britain's chief negotiator for talks with his EU counterpart, everything is for the taking/losing.

EU authorities asked all remaining members of the European Union to prepare for No Deal while in Britain whatever was agreed at Checkers by the Conservative Party Cabinet is a poison chalice that has created cross party political anger for various reasons and put the survival of Theresa May into question. From both sides of the political divide concerning the EU, so called White Paper is seen as an act of treason that puts Britain in the middle of road and ready to be crashed by passing traffic.

The country has been undoubtedly divided but we are now entering a cycle of polarisation that could have extremely serious consequences including widespread violence. Trying to please everybody, the British Prime Minister has put her neck on the chopping block and leadership is badly needed to get Britain out of the present and very serious predicament.

Should Theresa May fall, the Conservative Party would still lack an absolute majority in Parliament and it could mean that even with the votes of the Democratic Unionist Party there wouldn't be enough seats to allow the Conservative Party to rule without being a minority government because depending on who succeeds Theresa May there will be Conservative MPs that would walk away. Not for the first time the ruling Conservative Party has been divided about how to deal with the European Union.

As it has been said over and over again, the country must be ready for No Deal and all government departments have been asked to make preparations for No Deal but, as things stand at the moment, the country must also prepare for the possibility of a General Election in the autumn. But even if there was a General Election, such General Election is not expected to provide a new political balance as both Conservatives and Labour face their own internal divisions. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Of Spitfires and Hurricanes

Of Spitfires and Hurricanes

I have seen quite a few documentaries referring to the making of Spitfires and Hurricanes and about the development of the Royal Navy - Royal Air Force and Royal Navy being two key branches of the British Armed Forces but seldom or never I see questions raised about the fact that Britain doesn't make any major warplanes anymore - apart for the Euro Fighter that was shared with other European countries, came late into service and was already outdated before entering active service. Not very often we hear questions asked about why British shipyards are less active than ever before and why Britain is buying off-the shelf imports like the F35. Defence industries have been either privatised or dismantled or bypassed to buy foreign products.

Neither Labour nor Conservatives are the answer to Britain's problems and don't count on Liberals that would dismantle whatever is left of the British Armed Forces. There is no long term strategy that could be said to be British. The brand news aircraft carriers will not carry British planes but American planes. The British Independent Nuclear Deterrent is neither independent nor British. It totally depends on the US.

All the talk about preparing Britain to face new challenges is pure chit chat because in fact very little is being done to beef up the British Armed Forces. More people are leaving the Services and there is a recruitment crisis. Expertise is being lost and numbers are not growing. Britain is less prepared today to face new challenges than Britain was prepared to face new challenges in the 1930s and by then Britain had a more homogeneous population and didn't have to be on permanent red alert to counter imported terrorists.

Countering Islamic Terrorism and putting and end to flood immigration are issues of National Security. Instead of keeping them in jail at public expense, all Muslim terrorists should be thrown out together with their families. The Demographic Balance must be restored. Britain will not be able to defend itself if it has people that following a depraved political ideology called Islam are ready and willing to stab Britain in the back.  

Germany's energy is Germany's survival

Germany's energy is Germany's survival

The request for Germany to get rid of 70% of its energy supply is a lot more that mere talk and comes at a crucial time when Germany - the most important economy in Western Europe - is going through a period of political instability with Chancellor Angela Merkel barely managing to remain in power.

Despite Energiewende (the policie of energie transformation towards increase use of renewable energy), Germany very much depends on energy imports include gas and oil and is one the biggest energy consumers. The main source of electricity in Germany is coal. Russia, Norway and United Kingdom provide most of the oil used in Germany. Natural Gas comes from Netherlands, Norway and Russia

The United States of America promoted the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. Because of the mess the USA got into in Wall Street, American banks deprived Germany of the money it needed to recover its economy and this led to mass unemployment in Germany than in turn led to the rise of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP).

The present chaos involving CDU/CSU could look and sound like child play if the German economy starts to deteriorate and there are dramatic changes of the political environment. Once again, Germany would have to make transcendental choices: An impoverished and politically unstable Germany inside NATO or an Independent and Rich Germany outside NATO.

As always "Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber Alles".

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Jailing people for Reckless Statements could be violation of Human Rights

Jailing People for Reckless Statements could be violation of Human Rights

In Totalitarian Britain, Police Forces are being used for Political Persecution and I must emphasise the word 'used' because at the end of the day if they are used to terrorise and persecute for political purposes they are just following orders given by their masters.

People get angry. People get frustrated. People express their anger openly and this is only human. People say things that in normal conditions they wouldn't say and we need to have a degree of understanding of why sometimes human beings react, explode with anger.

In Politically Correct Britain, the expression 'causing offence' is being used to terrorise individuals to deter them from using their Freedom of Speech to the point when Freedom of Speech is no more. The truth can be offensive to those who don't want the truth to be told.

Hating other people is normal. It is absolutely human. Expressing harsh criticism against other people is absolutely normal. If you hate somebody, it is your human right to say 'I hate so and so'. If you hate a Jew or a Muslim, if you hate a Conservative MP, a Labour MP or an MP of whatever political party, it should be totally normal and acceptable to say it as loud as you can and as publicly as you can. But we live in a Totalitarian State in which only those who are more equal than others are free to express their hatred.

If want to say that you hate an individual classed as Far Right, you can say it without fear of 'causing offence' and without fear of being accused of 'hate speech'. Jews and Muslims are free to insult and threaten anybody else. But beware if you are the one saying that you hate Jews or Muslims. You will be arrested and most probably jailed accused of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism and of indulging in hate speech.

The direct consequence of double standards is that, at the end of the day, double standards will fuel anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and Jews and Muslims will be targeted and in some cases killed because repression and double standards make people feel that they are discriminated against and persecuted for expressing their anger while Jews and Muslims are allowed to get away with murder.

Lets look at the conduct of mass media and politicians when it comes to those they hate. They are free to attack, to libel and defame and even threaten those they hate but the same freedom is not accorded to ordinary people or to those they hate.

If an ordinary individual and those classed as Far Right were to say what some politicians and mass media or those classed as 'antifa' say, they would be arrested and jailed.

We are all human beings. We love and we hate and rightly so. No one should be persecuted or harassed for expressing their love or their hatred towards others. We must get rid of Political Correctness and legislation that prevent us from being human and in the process we will free the courts for courts to be used to deal with real crimes.

You hate Jews? So what? You hate Muslims? So what? As long as you don't go out armed and with intent to attack somebody, you should be free to express your hatred. Unfortunately, with every passing day, we go deeper and deeper into the realm of sheer stupidity in which legislation is being used to destroy human beings and to create robots. Are you offended? Be offended if you wish. I am offended by high levels of mental retardation that I have witnessed in British courts.


President Donald Trump visits UK

President Donald Trump visits UK

President Donald Trump is due to arrive in the United Kingdom on July 13th 2018. On the build up to the Presidential visit, the British Broadcasting Corporation who visibly doesn't welcome President Trump has been broadcasting a series of programmes that attack the reputation of the American President given credence to individuals who have made all kinds of accusations of a personal and private nature against President Trump. The timing of the broadcast shows very clearly the animosity of the BBC and a deliberate attempt to promote a climate of confrontation. 

Police Forces in the UK have raised the alert about the potential for civil unrest given the fact that the British public is divided in terms of supporting or opposing President Donald Trump. Despite this, the BBC has continued his very well organised campaign of provocation that will certainly undermine the efforts of Police Forces in the United Kingdom to prevent the unthinkable.

The Mayor of London himself has engaged in provocation by supporting the idea of putting a provocative balloon in the air with the aim of adding logs to the fire. Sadiq Khan has been blatantly unable of dealing with rising crime in London and seems determined to promote crime of a political nature in the streets of the capital city.

All this is happening at a time when the United Kingdom is going through a political process that has heightened tensions. Some members of the public therefore need little encouragement to get involved in acts of violence as a way to show their frustration whatever side of the political arguments they are in. It is therefore advisable that mass media and political authorities don't do anything to make things worse than they already are. We all benefit from peaceful demonstrations as long as they don't become a battlefield.

There are many important issues to talk about. Undoubtedly, what we call Brexit is inextricably linked to the relationship between Britain and the USA. If in an effort to reach an agreement with the EU, Britain were to accept conditions that would not allow Britain to trade freely with the US and with the rest of the world there would be extremely serious repercussions. It goes without say that British public opinion is extremely divided but it must be added that vested interests and ideological stances stand on the way of solutions that would benefit all parties involved.

We are  either all winners or we are all losers. Looking at developments in the continent, it is self-evident that what remains of the European Union is very much disunited. Whether we speak about France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Austria or Poland - for example - the cracks are plainly visible. The disagreements are of a very serious nature. In Germany, there is a very fluid political situation that could be made even more serious if Germany fails to agree a deal with the United Kingdom. German manufacturers for whom US and Britain are crucially important customers are closely watching developments that could damage German industry leading to mass unemployment at a time when the issue of immigration is leading to a change of the political landscape.

Not everyone of those taking part in demonstrations is fully aware of the whole picture and of the consequences of No Deal. Not many are fully aware that the EU has a lot more to lose if there is No Deal.