Sunday, 12 February 2017

Liam Byrne: Constantly fuelling hatred will lead to mass killings in Britain

Liam Byrne MP
What Liam Byrne MP and others do not seem to realise is that their campaign of hatred against US President Donald Trump constitutes incitement that could certainly lead to mass killings in Britain.

Some people like and some people don't like the elected President of the USA as people like or don't like elected politicians in the United Kingdom. This is no excuse to incite the masses in what has become a hate campaign.

The Labour MP should be aware of the tension that he and others are creating and of the consequences of such tensions. We had riots in the United Kingdon, including the Brixton riots and the Tottenham riots that spread across the country. Is the Labour MP aware of the potential of pack mentality taking over the streets of Britain? If tempers flare and people get killed, he and others involved in such hate campaign will have blood in their hands.

We don't need any more incitement. We don't need any more propaganda. Hasn't the political establishment learnt any lessons after the attack against Jo Cox? Even the more peaceful of demonstrations can lead to murder. 

This is a time to cool down. This is a time to prevent violence because violence will occur when people led to the streets engage in pack behaviour fuelled by politicians like Liam Byrne.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

55% in the EU want immigration ban from Muslim majority countries Chatham House

A poll published by Chatham House indicates that a majority of Europeans want a ban on immigration from Muslim majority countries.

An average of 55 per cent of people across 10 European countries surveyed want to stop all future immigration from mainly Muslim countries.

The study carried out by Chatham House, before President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigration to the US from seven predominantly Muslim countries, found majorities in all but two of ten states opposed immigration from mainly Muslim countries (Source The Independent newspaper citing a study done by Chatham House)

Poland heads opposition to Muslim immigration with 71%. Austria is opposed by 65%, Germany is against immigration with 53% and Italy with 51% and in UK the percentage was 47%. It must be said that opposition to Muslim immigration is above 35% in all countries surveyed.

It seems that President Donald Trump is more in tune with the strength of anti-Immigration feelings across Europe than many so called mainstream politicians actually are.

Percentages speak volumes about how detached from public opinion many so called mainstream political parties are.

Britain: Is it the only country in which members of political parties are banned from jobs and persecuted?

In Britain, this is not true. Not everyone one that has a voice is heard or allowed to be heard. Moreover, members of certain political parties that take part in elections are banned from jobs in the public administration and even silenced by the mass media.

As if this wasn't enough, there is a very intentional approach implemented to prevent the general public from hearing the views of certain political parties and to all intents such behaviour is blatantly anti-Democratic and violates fundamental rights that should be protected in a Democratic society.

As if this wasn't enough, private organisations are financed to organise rallies that very often lead to violence against members of the said political parties and there is a deliberate attempt to demonise, libel and define political organisations and members of the said organisations. The so called blacklist do exist which means that belonging to certain political parties or having been a member of certain political organisations that legally take part in British elections have no access to jobs. This is no Democracy whatsoever.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Helen Goodman MP wants to ban people from work because of political beliefs

On an article published by The Guardian, Helen Goodman MP is reported as wanting to ban people from working because of their political beliefs.

Helen Catherine Goodman has been Member of Parliament for Bishop Auckland since 2005 representing the Labour Party.

When you engage in persecution, preventing people from having honest jobs that allow them to have a legal source of income, you are looking for trouble and I am starting to think that this is one of the reasons that got Jo Cox MP killed.

As long as they do not engage in criminal activities, regardless of political beliefs, people must be allowed to pursue any lawful interests. The fact that he could no longer work as a public school teacher, Adam Walker had to find an alternative source of income working as Karate Instructor, discipline that he perfected while living in Japan and being married to a Japanese citizen which, incidentally, puts into question statements made by the Labour Party MP about racism since the man accused of being a white supremacist is married to an Asian lady. This is not news. Many members of the so called Far Right have multiracial families so the title 'racist' doesn't apply but individuals like Helen Goodman MP that judging from her credentials has had an opulent background doesn't seem to pay attention to facts that are in the public domain.

From The Guardian:

The leader of the BNP is working as a children’s sports coach despite having been banned for life from teaching.
Adam Walker was given the ban three years ago by the former education secretary Michael Gove after he received a suspended jail sentence for verbally abusing three schoolboys, chasing them in his car and slashing the tyres on their bikes.
The incident happened following a BNP march in 2011. Walker, who replaced Nick Griffin as the leader of the far-right party in July 2014, subsequently lost a legal challenge against Gove after claiming that the decision to impose a lifetime ban was “prejudiced” because of his BNP membership.
It has now emerged that Walker, 48, continues to teach karate to about 30 children at Kyokushin Karate in Spennymoor, County Durham, where he is described as the “chief instructor”.
The local Labour MP, Helen Goodman, who has been campaigning for the club to be shut down for four years, says she has written numerous letters and has met a government minister in an effort to force the authorities to take action against Walker.
According to Sport England, when an individual is self-employed and his work is not governed by a national body, as is the case with Walker, the responsibility lies with parents to ask to see the coach’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.
“I have been trying to get the government to take action on this for four years but they have failed to do anything,” Goodman said. “They have created a loophole in the law which allows people with criminal convictions to continue teaching, and my concern is that there are other people running sports clubs who are similarly unsuitable.”
Goodman believes that Walker, who posts anti-immigration videos on his Facebook page, may be using the club as a platform for his extreme views and to groom the children.
The MP says she first wrote to the Department for Education about Walker in February 2013 and has followed up with letters to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the DBS and Sport England. “My worry, of course, is that these children are being exposed to extreme views and he is grooming them to become racists,” she added.
Walker has denied using the club to recruit BNP members and points out that he is not doing anything illegal.
“Does Helen Goodman not believe in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act? She has a personal hatred for me which supersedes anything,” he said. “She needs to wind her neck in and concentrate on the real problems in her constituency rather than trying to close down my club, which makes a real contribution to the local community.”

Thursday, 26 January 2017

President Donald Trump is Real America

President Donald Trump is real America, the America of the miners, the farmers, the factory workers, the forgotten little people that are only seen when tragedy strikes and the time comes to put lives on the line of fire.

Who is Meryl Streep? Who's Alec Baldwin and Madonna? Who are they? Where were they when American miners, farmers, factory workers and the forgotten little people were losing their jobs? They were very comfortably living lives of plenty, blatantly unaware of the plight of the little people.

It is very good to walk around saving the Planet when others are losing their livelihoods and being left abandon at the side of the road. And this is what happened to America, when going to American ports you could easily tell the difference between the areas where things were coming in and things were going out. The areas of things coming in are full of containers loaded with foreign imports while the areas of things going out are practically empty. Did Meryl Streep worry about it? Did Alec Baldwin or Madonna worry about it? Did they even talk about it?

President Donald Trump represents the forgotten America, the America that has been abandoned, set aside. Make America Great Again means to give a voice to the millions of forgotten hard workers that don't happen to live in the cities of plenty but in the barren lands of despair. There is no Hollywood-style accolades for miners, farmers, factory workers and the forgotten little people. They are not constantly on display on television screens being paraded as examples of success - success based on the machinations of the mass media.

Reopen the collieries, bring back the farmers, bring back manufacturing and give hope to the little people that are true America. Charity begins at home. America belongs to the little people, the forgotten people, the people that the mass media and the political elites have ignored.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Nuclear Deterrent: Chicken coming to roost

British Nuclear Deterrent

Not independent and it might not even deter

We have witnessed the evolution of the so called British Independent Nuclear Deterrent that is neither British, nor Independent and it might not deter anybody.

For 13 years, Labour procrastinated about the renewal of Britain's nuclear capabilities. Whether there are three or four submarines capable of carrying nuclear missiles is frankly irrelevant.

Whenever a renewal was in order, the United Kingdom would be totally dependent on the USA.

Parliament debated many options including the number of submarines involved, the type of missiles to be carried on submarines, but the main issue remains and is the fact that to have a nuclear deterrent Britain is not self-sufficient and when you depend on others to provide you the military capabilities you are not independent at all.

During the war years, Winston Churchill sold the secrets of nuclear energy to the USA in exchange for USA support and USA went on to develop atomic devices that were used in the latter years of World War Two against Japan.

The United Kingdom was the great loser of World War Two. The United Kingdom was an independent Nation and head of a vast empire. The United Kingdom became a tired country that having lost the Empire was riddled with debts and at the end the Metropolis became a colony of its own former colonies.

In 1975, a Prime Minister called Edward Heath believed to be doing a great thing to enslave Britain believing that it was financially advantageous. The consequences of such folly are now plainly visible for all to see. Generation after generation of Britons were brainwashed and made feel guilty because there ever war a British Empire. Funnily enough, all those who gladly engaged in degrading Britain's National Identity benefited greatly from the British Empire.

Today, anybody claiming to be a patriot is called Nazi, Fascist, Racist, Homophobe, Xenophobe. Such is the level of brainwashing that deters people from standing for National Interest. And... oh... surprise... a political change in the United States of America suddenly shook the status quo and Parliament just realises and many others realise that they have living in a lie. When it comes to its own defences, Britain is no longer self-sufficient and it has a steadily growing domestic enemy as whatever is left of British Identity is disintegrating.

Karl Hohenstauffen

Monday, 16 January 2017

Catholic Church is the Anti-Christ

Catholic Church is the Anti-Christ
When Jesus was criticised for preaching outside the temples, what did Jesus say? I preach everywhere because God is everywhere. So by telling people that if they don't believe they shouldn't go to Church, the Pope is going against the preaching of Jesus Christ.

Cuando Jesus fue criticado por predicar fuera de los temples, ¿qué dijo Jesus? Predico en todas partes porque Dios está en todas partes. Al decirle a la gente que si no creen no deberían ir a la Iglesia, el Papa va en contra de la predica de Jesus Cristo.

The Catholic Church is a political organisation. Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity for political purposes. Before than Christians were sent to the Coliseum to be killed to entertain the masses.

La Iglesia Católica es una organización política. El Emperador Constantino adoptó el Cristianismo por razones políticas. Antes de ellos, los cristianos eran enviados al Coliseo para ser matadas para entretener a las multitudes.

You could say that if you are truly Christian you should stay away from Churches that are full of statues and gold. When did Jesus speak about creating temples with statues and gold?

Se podría decir que si usted es realmente cristiano no debería ir a las Iglesias que están llenas de estatuas y de oro. ¿Cuándo habló Jesus sobre crear templos con estatuas y con oro?

Looking at the history of the Catholic Church you see a history of corruption, political terror and oppression.

Al observar la historia de la Iglesia Católica usted ve una historia de corrupción, terror político y opresión. 

How much does the Catholic Church spend in expensive clothing? Silk gowns with golden threads? Utter rubbish that should be denounced as anti-Christian.  

¿Cuánto gasta la Iglesia Católica en vestimenta costosa? Túnicas de seda bordadas con oro? Mugre que debería ser denunciada porque es anti-Christiana.

The Catholic Church is a cynical institution. When did Jesus mention that those promoting his ideas should never marry? Again, another invention of the Catholic Church that promotes a lifestyle that is not natural. Real men are supposed to marry real women and have children as part of real families. 

La Iglesia Católica es una institución cínica. ¿Cuándo mencionó Jesus que aquellos que promovieran sus ideas no deberían casarse? Otra invención de la Iglesia Católica que promueve una estilo de vida que no es natural. Hombres verdaderos se cansan con mujeres verdaderas y tienen hijos como parte de familias verdaderas.