Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Daily Telegraph Columnist Catherine Gee wants Nigel Farage to be killed?

Only days after Jo Cox MP was murdered, a Daily Telegraph columnist, Catherine Gee, wrote the following on Twitter.

Talking about journalists behaving responsibly, this is not an example of responsibility. More of an example of incitement to murder.

I have written to the Daily Telegraph and sent a copy of her comments.

If German regulators force companies to relocate tit for tat will start and UK will reply in kind

If German regulators force companies to leave United Kingdom, it will lead to a tit for tat that will damage German cars exports. This would be a very short-sighted and very foolish approach that could bring down the CDU that is already on shaky grounds because of issues related to flood immigration.

Alternative für Deutschland and Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands would be the winners. AfD Leader Frauke Petry that made important advances in recent German elections announced that she will push for a German Membership of the European Union.

Austria, France and Holland are moving forward a Referendum on European Union Membership. If German suddenly starts feeling pain in terms of economics, can Angela Merkel stay as German Chancellor? Bavarian allies - being Bavaria the heart of industrial Germany - would not be amused by a war with Britain that could cost them dearly.

France is struggling with a Socialist President that is trying to impose legislation to make it easier for employers to layoff employees. The Socialist President has not been very popular either among the rich classes. High taxation is driving capitals out of France and UK has been one of the main beneficiaries of such exodus. All is not well in the European Union paradise. With Germany and Britain being the main contributors to the EU budget, Britain's exit means that German taxpayers will have to pay even more adding to the burden created by the immigration crisis and faltering EU economies.

Monday, 27 June 2016

European Union is at war with itself and recriminations have just started

The images depict what is happening not just in Sweden but also in Germany, in France and in other European countries.

The statements about a happy and rosy European Union are mere fantasy. France - one of pillars and funding members of the European Community - now European Union - is in serious trouble and something similar can be said about many of the other EU countries.

When things get to a head, isolated grievances become one major conflict. We cannot talk about a prosperous EU with youth unemployment over 50%.

We cannot talk about protection of workers' rights when a Socialist government in France is implement a regime that make job security a thing of the past. Wherever you look from a financial point of view, from a social point of view and from a political point of view there are serious concerns.

Many countries can bear dealing with a massive financial crisis but Germany is not one of them. Historical records tell us that whenever there was financial trouble in Germany. If Germany gets into financial trouble centrist parties will be squeezed in the middle and the edges will rise with massive political polarisation.

Let's keep Britain safe. We don't need to get embroiled in the continental mess that sooner than later will push countries over the edge. It is time for cautious preparations. Britain cannot afford to be weak and we know that in the past Britain had to be ready to defend itself not once but many times.

The First World War was said to be the war to put an end to all wars but then came World War Two. After World War Two we were supposed to have peace and then came the Yugoslav War. Peace in Europe will not be guaranteed by a failing European Union that creates rigid systems that limit what any country can do to protect itself from chaos.

The Euro was a political decision that became a political trap. Britain had a painful experience when it joined the ERM and paid dearly because of it. One taxation system for countries that have completely different economic realities is a trap and it is like having currency values that cannot be sustained. Argentina knows a little about it. It pegged the value of its currency to the value of the US Dollar. The Argentine economy was not strong enough to have an overvalued currency. It sold its gold reserves, it stopped making capital payments and in the end stopped making interest payments and defaulted. A country must have a currency that its economy can sustain. Weak countries for which the Euro is n overvalued currency are losing out and don't have the flexibility to adapt.

The European Union with a German locomotive driving extremely fast and many slow carriages that cannot keep up with it is a train that is bound to derail. If France itself - one of the strongest economies in Western Europe is failing to keep up, what to expect from other weaker countries? Spain has become a chronic case of political paralysis with very high rates of unemployment and in particular of youth unemployment.

People talk about stopping the rise of the so called Far Right. Well, the rise of the so called Far Right is the direct consequence of the failures of centrist parties that are more interested in maintaining the status quo even when maintaining the status quo means throwing millions of people over the edge.

World War Two is a subject that Muslims should approach with caution

Nowadays, in practically every political debate the words racist, xenophobe, anti-Semite, Islamophobia, Fascist and Nazi seem to appear with certain regularity.

Whenever somebody is trying to scope points, labelling an opponent is part of the strategy to degrade or ridicule an opponent - even there is no justification whatsoever to use the said labels apart from the intention to misrepresent an opponent.

When politics and religion get mixed up, there are no saints even when the mass media are so dedicated to create to fabricate saints when none exist. A very ordinary politician suddenly becomes a saint and sooner than later a cult is born. Now, lets confront members of the public with reality. This was before 9/11, before AlQaeda and before Islamic State. It happened during World War Two. The picture shows members of an SS division fighting for Adolf Hitler entirely made up of Muslim soldiers, Muslim soldiers that were praised by Heinrich Himmler, Head of the SS for their commitment and dedication to their duties that certainly included the persecution and killing of Jews, Gypsies and other ethnic groups. So, here we are. This is fact. Incontrovertible evidence to show that there are no saints and that many Christians, Jews, Muslims or followers of any other religion can be cut from the same cloth.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

So called EU funding is money given by Britain to EU

What some call EU funding for Britain is money that Britain gave to EU. In actual fact, EU doesn't give a penny to the United Kingdom and takes money away to feed unelected  bureaucrats and finance a life of luxury.

There is no such a thing as EU funding for the United Kingdom. For decades, Britain has been a net contributor to the European Union.

Wales, Scotland and Northern have been subsidised by England and, in spite of the money given by England, Scotland run by SNP has managed to amass a huge amount of debt at a time when oil and gas prices are on shaky ground.

Time to get rid of myths. European Union just took. It never gave anything to the United Kingdom. United Kingdom has been paying, paying and paying even more to support a bureaucratic apparatus that has damaged the British economy with stupid regulations and destruction of British resources. British Fisheries are a very clear example of how damaging European Union policies have been leading fishing stocks to the brink of extinction. Before the United Kingdom joined the Common Market, Britain had more than 650,000 farmers. How many left? Britain had collieries. How many left? Britain had a steel industry and shipyards. How many left? The time to reclaim British resources for Britain is long overdue.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Labour Barking and Dagenham supported Brexit

Labour Barking and Dagenham supported Brexit.

The London Borough that has Margaret Oppenheimer as Member of Parliament and whose Borough Council is practically totally under control of the Labour Party, voted for Brexit.

In Barking and Dagenham, 62.4% of those who voted supported Brexit.

Now, put the two things together. Massive Labour majority in Barking and Dagenham and with a massive Labour majority Brexit was supported by 62.4 per cent of voters.
The truth is that Labour voters turned against the official Labour Party position and voted to get out of the European Union.

Now, who is turning against Jeremy Corbyn? Jewess Margaret Oppenheimer whose supporters voted against Membership of the European Union.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Henry Ford was a visionary few people know about

As NATO's preparations to attack the Russian Federation and start yet another war in Europe advance, we are reminded in the words of Henry Ford of the fundamental roots of many wars in Europe.

The agenda is pretty clear: never mind if millions die provided somebody makes money out of it. The state of alert in the United States has risen. Why? Because the hawks are getting ready to strike. As Adolf Hitler, armies are made for war and all the military deployments in the borders of the Russian Federation threatening the Russian Federation have one aim: WAR.

Today, the Russian people remembered June 22 1941 - Unternehmen Barbarossa. The US Wehrmacht hordes are  now at the door. Despite the fact that Serguei Ivanov said that there wouldn't be Nuclear War in Europe, the numbers involved mean that Nuclear War is a certainty. For those who remember the effects in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the nuclear accident in Chernobyl the consequences for Europe as whole should be pretty clear.

There is an agenda for war, a war driven by those who control the United States of America and the consequences will be catastrophic for the world as a whole. We are not in 1941. We are in 2016 with the firepower of 2016. Nothing will be left standing.