Monday, 18 June 2018

Robbie Mullen: A very unreliable witness and self-confessed racist, anti-Semite and Islamophobe

Robbie Mullen: A very unreliable witness and self-confessed racist, anti-Semite and Islamophobe

This morning at Courtroom 8 at the Old Bailey in Central London we witnessed the most astonishing confession by a man that under oath as a witness in a case that he himself contributed to bring to court. When asked why he joined National Action in 2015, Robbie Mullen said that joined National Action because 'he hates Blacks, Jews and Muslims'. If this is not an indictment against himself, I don't know what is.

Having been one of the most notorious and vociferous members of National Action, Robbie Mullen  when asked why he didn't join National Front instead said that he didn't join National Front that he saw as a group of old men and that he was looking for action. 

Despite the fact that National Action was finally proscribed, Robbie Mullen continued attending meetings and complaining that nothing was being done. As days went by, there was a turn of events. Robbie Mullen decided to turn against those he had joined and started a series of secretly recorded conversations - his former associates were not made aware of the fact that he was recording what they were saying and that he was instigating them to say something that even as a joke or said as a stupid remark under the influence of alcohol could put them in a very compromising position.

Robbie Mullen was a man on a mission and he came up with a series of statements linking his former associates with attempts to commit serious crimes. Paradoxically, despite the fact that he said that he believed that there was the real intention to commit serious crimes that involved loss of life, he failed to contact Police authorities. Robbie Mullen chose instead to contact Matthew Collins, former National Front member, now working for Hope Not Hate. From the moment he contacted Matthew Collins, Hope Not Hate started supplying important amounts of money to Robbie Mullen. There were monies for a passport, monies for daily expenses including transport, monies to pay for rented accommodation, computer hardware, a photographic camera and hotel rooms paid by Hope Not Hate. Some of the monies were delivered to him in paper envelopes and taken by him without any questions asked - according to what Robbie Mullen stated today at the Old Bailey pressed by barristers representing the interests of the accused. 

According to Robbie Mullen, Hope Not Hate contacted and paid a solicitor an important amount of money to act on his behalf and it was the said solicitor who got in touch with Police Authorities. When it was decided that Robbie Mullen was going to act as main witness in the present trial, Police officers explicitly requested that Robbie Mullen was not going to talk anybody else about the investigation. Robbie Mullen was asked not to talk to Police officers not directly linked to the investigation, not to talk to his former associates of National Action and not to talk to Hope Not Hate.

Robbie Mullen completely disregarded the Police officers' request and went on talking with his former associates, with other Police officers and also passing information related to the case to representatives of Hope of Hot Hate including Matthew Collins who was not aware that Robbie Mullen was secretly recording conversations he had with representatives of Hope Not Hate. One such recorded conversations was heard this morning at the Old Bailey. When asked why he had recorded a conversation he had with Matthew Collins, Robbie Mullen couldn't come up with a proper answer.

Robbie Mullen has been on the payroll of Hope Not Hate since April 2018 presumably working as 'Researcher' but before that he had been taken monies given to him by Hope Not Hate. This beggars belief. Why would Hope Not Hate employ somebody that records private conversations they have with him? One has to ask what is Robbie Mullen's real agenda. Having publicly declared that he joined National Action 'because he hates Blacks, Jews and Muslims' was not one of his best moments in court. Whether the aim of his actions is to incriminate innocent people acting on false pretences and for personal gain or whether there is a master plan behind his actions, Robbie Mullen is a very unreliable witness.   


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

British Daily Mail supported Adolf Hitler

Former owner of Daily Mail pictured with Adolf Hitler

British Daily Mail supported Adolf Hitler

If you don't know it yet, you might be surprised to learn that the Daily Mail newspaper that publishes articles about 'Nazi Invasion' on its digital version platform, was a full time supporter of Adolf Hitler and of Das Dritte Reich.

Yes, those running the Daily Mail cannot refute historical records. Even when at one point they stopped supported Mosley and the British Blackshirts, their support for Adolf Hitler continued and the heirs now bombard you with articles criticising the so called Far Right and the ones they label 'Holocaust Deniers'.

The British public and especially the post war generations need to be enlightened about the role the Daily Mail played promoting certain values. Most of the people the Daily Mail classifies as 'Neo-Nazis' have little to do with National Socialist ideology. In fact, many in today's 'British Far Right' are former Labour Party members that walked away from the Labour Party feeling disenfranchised when the Labour Party adopted a Globalist approach that was detrimental to the British working class.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Muslim man says that Paul Golding is telling the truth about Islam

Islam ultimate goal is to impose Sharia to all everywhere

According to the Quran, occupying the entire world and imposing Islamic rule everywhere at the expense of all other religions and laws is Islam's ultimate goal.

Those who oppose Sharia are not Islamophobic. They are trying to protect basic freedoms against a totalitarian religion.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Roman Abramovich 1 - Theresa May 0

Roman Abramovich 1 - Theresa May 0

Delaying the approval of a British Visa for Roman Abramovich was a very clear political move and yet another way of bothering Russian investors and in this particular case a Russian investor that is said to be close to President Putin.

Roman Abramovich has been investing in the United Kingdom and not just for personal gain. Knee-jerk reactions of the Conservative government led by Theresa May have the foreseeable negative repercussions that apparently none of Prime Minister Theresa May's advisers - since the Prime Minister seems to be blind - is unable to mention. 

Prime Minister Theresa May's set out on a collision course with Russian investors and as it could have been predicted, Roman Abramovich cancel planned investments for one billion Pound. Obviously, the Prime Minister was not aware of the consequences for Kensington and Chelsea. As it transpires, as part of the process of approval of the planning application for developments, Roman Abramovich had agreed to provide the local authority of Kensington and Chelsea the amount of 22 million Pound for community improvements. 

It is absolutely logical that if you attack the person that is supposed to provide funding you are not going to get any funding but problems don't end with this major issue. The running of Chelsea Football Club has itself being put in jeopardy. The club could go from riches to rugs overnight. Who will be the manager for the new season? Will the club be able to take advantage of the transfer window to acquire/sell players? Would you want to sign a contract with a football club whose future looks uncertain? Despite what club representatives believe, Roman Abramovich could suddenly decide to put the club for sale. 

Israel has given Roman Abramovich the possibility of not paying taxes for a very long time and the assurances that as long as monies are invested in Israel the issue of where the money comes is irrelevant. To put it mildly, Israel is giving Roman Abramovich what Britain will still give to investors from Saudi Arabia and from other countries.

This goes to show how miscalculation can lead to disaster as concerns rise about trading environments. Some countries are already asking for lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation. US just announced new import taxes to be applied to EU products including steel and aluminium. EU is said to be preparing a counter attack. Britain's losses will be somebody else's gains. If US import taxes mean rising unemployment in UK and EU the entire political scene could change dramatically leading to polarisation. It is already happening in Austria, Hungary, Poland and Italy and the seeds of major changes have already been planted in Germany where car manufacturers and related industries could see exports plummet. 

Sunday, 27 May 2018

What do Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen and Tommy Robinson have in common?

What do Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen and Tommy Robinson have in common?

For more than 16 years, children were being raped in places like Rotherham and other British cities and so called mainstream political parties and Police were doing practically absolutely nothing to protect those being abused because they were afraid of being accused of racism.

Organisations that were supposed to protect vulnerable children looked the other way and rape gangs could do their dirty business unmolested. They were so confident than in some cases taxi services were used to transport children to places where gangs plied them with alcohol and drugs and gang raped them.

When a well-known Far Right leader spoke to the BBC, the BBC accused him of being racist for daring to raise the issue that is today widespread news and not long after the BBC itself was rocked by a scandal involving well-known entertainers that even used BBC facilities to carry out sexual activities with minors.

Now, what do Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen and Tommy Robinson have in common? All of them have spoken openly about Muslim rape gangs and against Muslim terrorism while British authorities have indicated that they are actively working to prevent Muslim terrorist attacks.

Police authorities and Anti-Terrorism organisations within the Security Services did not prevent what happened on July 7, 2005. They did not prevent either the beheading of a British soldier close to military headquarters in London. They knew the to-be culprits long before they perpetrated attacks that left more than 50 dead and many more injured. They even tried to recruit the killers of Lee Rigby.

What do Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen and Tommy Robinson also have in common? They have been arrested, trialed and convicted. We have come to the point that more Police resources are being used against those who denounce crime. This is certainly a paradox when Police representatives have gone as far as asking parents to denounce their children and teachers to denounce pupils if there is any suspicion regarding their involvement in terrorist activities. Needless to say, it is a monstrosity to ask parents to denounce their own children and it is also a monstrosity to ask teachers to denounce their own pupils.

But this is just part of the picture. Even a joke, something done merely as a joke, without intent to cause damage and without hatred, can land anybody in serious trouble in a legal system in which courts are eager to prosecute and convict those accused to appease or gratify vested interests. When this happens, Justice goes out through the window and a Totalitarian State is born.

There are also attempts to censor people who use social media and threats have been made against social media providers. Power and control, repression, persecution, demonizing, prosecution and incarceration are now the rule rather than the exception in an environment that is increasingly unstable in a very fragmented British political and social reality.

In the meantime, the number of victims of stabbing and gun crime keeps rising. Whether it is about issues involving Jews, Muslims or people leaving on the fringes of society, the country is in a state of flux. Add to this the complications arising from political issues and geopolitical issues and you get an explosive mix. I haven't included factors related to an economic reality in which people find themselves in ever more difficult financial circumstances that lead to dysfunctional families and mental and physical health problems.

This is not a very optimistic description of what is happening in Britain but even less optimistic events will follow sooner than later that could put an end to the United Kingdom as we know it. The man that some say could be the next British Prime Minister favors what some call a 'United Ireland', knowing the implications of supporting such a move.

Therefore, wherever you look you can see impending crisis. If you criticize a Jew or a Muslim, somebody would be offended and you could end up in court and facing jail. But if you support murdering babies, the mass media will rejoice and you could become a celebrity. People in the Republic of Ireland voted in favour of the Babies Holocaust.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Dehumanisation of a British Society that is increasingly Totalitarian

Apparently it is not enough with having Political Police and kangaroo courts controlled by private lobbies. Dispossessed people are being systematically persecuted.