Friday, 29 January 2016

What makes a political party?

What makes a political party?

BNP Membership
The British National Party founded in 1982 by former members of the National Front was one of the so called Nationalist Parties with the biggest electoral successes having two seats in the European Parliament, a seat in the London Assembly, 12 seats in a local authority (Barking and Dagenham) and many Councillors across the country.

Having said that, as the graphic shows, it has been in decline and the decline is set to continue now due mostly to internal strife that is alienating whatever is left of the Membership of the British National Party.

At the very beginning of the 2016, it hasn't been a Happy New Year for the British National Party. On January 8th 2016 came the official announcement publicized by the mass media that the party authorities led by Adam Walker had failed to confirm the registration of the organization with the Electoral Commission and was de-facto unable to stand in Elections.

A few days, later, before the party applied for registration, came another blow for the British National Party. Having failed to present a Statement of Accounts on time, the party was fined £2,400 (amount that had to be paid to the Electoral Commission no later than 56 days after the fine was imposed).

The organization finally applied for registration on January 22nd, 2016. When everything seemed to be getting back on track, another blow to its reputation came again via the mass media. Those applying for registration presented an application with grammatical mistakes leading to criticisms in terms of the party's officials' knowledge of the English language.

Ridicule, rather than political argument, has been a powerful tool to destroy a political adversary and it seems that the organization is unwittingly or purposefully made itself the target of ridicule.

Reading party political literature, the party presents itself as the one who can stop Sadiq Khan, the Labour Party Muslim candidate, from becoming Mayor of London. Yet another faux pas done by an organization desperate to achieve some notoriety. In actual fact, if anybody wanted to stop Sadiq Khan from becoming Mayor of London, he or she would not vote for the British National Party. He or she would vote for Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative Party candidate who is the only one capable of becoming Mayor of London.

There are so many Nationalist groupings that it becomes extremely difficult to keep track of all of the them. English Democrats, British Democrats, Britain First, British Unity, British Voice, British Renaissance, and who know how many more are around and none of them has the slightest chance of being relevant in terms of electoral results.

There was a time when organizations like the British National Party were seen as a way to channel what is known as Protest votes, when people disenchanted with so called mainstream political parties used to support parties like the British National Party. As time goes by, the organization not even qualifies to attract Protest votes. The organization is turning against itself, branches of the party have been closed or have become practically inactive to the point that it has not enough capable people to stand in elections and it reaches the point when every candidate becomes a de-facto paper candidate.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

In its present format British Nationalism is finished

It its present format, British Nationalism is finished, over, going only downwards.

A movement in which people spend most of their time and energy attacking each other on social media does not have the slightest chance of electoral success.

Every group, every single organization, promises Paradise and solutions that they will never be able to implement because they simply do not have the numbers.

Without political representation in the House of Commons or in any of the regional assemblies, and without no significant representation in local and regional authorities, British Nationalism is dead.

British Nationalists not even have the numbers to organize effective rallies and demonstrations and the headlines that they manage to produce simply demonstrate that they have no political power and no social power.

Monday, 28 December 2015

When they bring back Litvinenko, you know that dirt is coming

Alexandr Litvinenko
Whenever the BBC brings back Alexandr Litvinenko, killed by British agents in London to protect CIA operator and former Russian powerful man Boris Berezovski, you know that dirt is coming.

Alexandr Litvinenko, former KGB agent, in his new re-incarnation was the right hand man of Boris Berezovski, a former Boris Yeltsin supporter, who having left Russia in a hurry had dealings with Muslim Chechen rebels carrying out terrorist attacks.

Boris Berezovski was also working for the CIA and bringing in to the West politicians that fell out of grace including sons of Presidents. The way things worked was that they would arrive in Britain and the same firm of lawyers working for Boris Berezovsky would get them visas to remain in Britain or perhaps travel to other parts of the so called Western World including the US.

Both Boris Berezovsky and Alexandr Litvinenko were seen as insiders who in theory possessed valuable information about the USSR that gave way to the Russian Federation. The US needed access to landlocked Afghanistan and who better to contact 'old friends' than Boris Berezovsky and his lieutenant Alexandr Litvinenko.

What wasn't so convenient was the fact that both Boris Berezovsky and Alexandr Litvinenko had links with Chechen rebels linked to AlQaeda and Taliban at a time when British Forces were fighting in Afghanistan under Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In every transaction you needed valuable friends and who better in terms of knowing about dirty dealings that the Italian Mafia and this is where Mario Scaramella, an Italian lawyer, that was supposedly investigating Italian Mafia links. When it came to money and weapons Chechen terrorists needed what better than the Italian Mafia.
Mario Scaramella
Alexandr Litvinenko was very small fish but you always need a good bait to catch a bigger fish and in this particular case the Russian Federation was after Boris Berezovsky and the best way of getting Boris Berezovky was to make Tony Blair's position unsustainable. Revealing details about Boris Berezovsky's operations in Chechnya, linked to what was happening in Afghanistan, would force the British Government to give up Boris Berezovsky. But given that Berezovsky was also helping the CIA and facilitated transit of US troops into Afghanistan, the British Establishment had to move quickly to avoid public embarrassment and protect a man that was considered an asset at the time.

When Andrei Lugovoi, former colleague of Alexandr Litvinenko, came to London to persuade Alexandr Litvinenko to cooperate with the Russian Federation in exchange for a free passage agreement this signalled big danger for the British Establishment killing Alexandr Litvinenko to protect Boris Berezovsky became a number one priority.

Even until this day Marina Litvinenko is trying, unsuccessfully, to get the British Establishment to acknowledge that Alexandr Litvinenko was in fact working for the British Establishment. The British Establishment wants none of it because they believe that such acknowledgement would create a snowballing effect leading to the truth about how and why Alexandr Litvinenko was killed by British agents.
Marina Litvinenko

With Alexandr Litvinenko, out of the picture by courtesy of the Security Services of Tony Blair, the Russian Federation still had an interest in exposing Boris Berezovky and this is why I was asked to travel to Brazil where Brazilian prosecutors had valuable information that would seriously incriminate Boris Berezovsky. Oh, surprise, hours before my trip to Brazil, Boris Berezovsky appeared dead in his bathroom. Conveniently enough, Boris Berezovsky had been left without bodyguard protection.
By that time, Boris Berezovsky had become a public embarrassment and was no longer useful and therefore he was more of a liability for the British Establishment. After losing a very public litigation in British courts when facing Roman Abramovich, it was said that 'Boris Berezovsky was feeling depressed'. Killing Boris Berezovsky, the British Establishment destroyed a very embarrassing link.

Roman Abramovich
A saga like the Litvinenko Affair is used over and over again by the British Establishment to try and cause some damage to the Russian Federation, when in fact War Criminal Tony Blair should be the one on the spot.

Well, it is business as usual for the British Security Services and poor Marina Litvinenko will have to wait more than 100 years to read de-classified papers when the matter is no longer remembered nor relevant.

Afghani Militiamen behead Islamic State members and put heads along the road

The picture shows the heads of Islamic fighters killed by Afghani militiamen that counter the brutality of Islamic State with a tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye policy.

Seeing reports about those in Europe that leave their family homes to go and join Islamic State, one wonders if Western tactics to counter Islamic State are not outdated.

If any of those wanting to leave or those who left knew that their families in Europe were going to be interned or killed, would they think about joining Islamic State or want to remain as members of Islamic State?

We are a soft target because our Laws have made us soft target. We give the benefit of Human Rights to those who hold our Human Rights in total contempt.

When the possibility of using Nuclear Weapons against Islamic State was mentioned, I certainly welcomed the idea. Why wasting so many flight hours and bombs when the job could be done in a more efficient manner by dropping the ultimate weapon of mass destruction to wipe them off of the face of Earth?

The planet's population is growing steadily and many innocent people are condemned to starvation so that the scum of Earth can continue to cause widespread misery and fear.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Ottoman Empire Part 2: Next stop? Israel

Turkey is fully supporting Islamic State. This is not just about cheap oil that Turkey is acquiring as it finances and arms Islamic State.

With Saddam Hussein out of the way, with a compromised Syria and a weakened Egypt, Palestine is ripe for the taking.

Turkey knows that the outcome of a direct confrontation with Israel, the only major player that could stop Turkey in the region, would be counter productive. Therefore, it is ready and willing to wage a war by proxy against Israel, a war that could prove to be very popular amongst people that until now have been locked in combat against Islamic State.

With Russia in Syria, Islamic State aka Turkey knows that its chances in Syria are limited and therefore a change of course towards Golan Heights and the Occupied Territories would make many in the Muslim World have a change of hearts. There must be a lot of thinking going on about ways to unite Muslim factions in a Holy War against Jews and incidentally also unite factions of those who live in the so called Western World to make them act as one.

The essence would be to make everyone believe that 'this is not a war between Sunni and Shiite. This is a war against our real enemies'. In more than one way, since the days of Saladin, Sultan of Egypt, internal divisions have always weakened Muslim attempts 'to conquer the world'.

About 23% of the World's population is Muslim. I cannot even begin to imagine what would be possible if Muslims across all continents were to get together with one single purpose. Turkey aka Islamic State is very much looking for a unifying theme. Beheading and killing fellow Muslims couldn't possibly be part of such an approach but we the intensification of external intervention a change of direction looks increasingly feasible.

Saudi Arabia is not even a worthy opponent nor are worthy opponents any of the other Arab States both big and small. What an amazing paradox! Turkey, a NATO member, leading a Muslim Holy War to achieve territorial and political hegemony across Africa, Asia Minor and the Middle East, now on a head on confrontation with Israel.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

There is no point in complaining about lack of public services when people vote for budget cuts

You cannot have your cake and eat it. There is no point in complaining about lack of public services when people vote for budget cuts.

If the moves towards Austerity go beyond what is reasonable, perceived financial problems will turn into dramatic social problems.

It is a well known fact that families affected by acute financial problems are the ones most affected by domestic violence because in the end something must give way.

There is a direct correlation between extreme poverty and deprivation with things like crime, domestic violence and ghetto realities including substance abuse and a wide range of anti-social activities.

A vibrant economy is not an economy in which poverty and deprivation prevail and extreme austerity measures can lead straight towards poverty and deprivation.. Disenchanted people are the ones who are more prone to get into trouble as they see society as prey instead of seeing it as something they would like to be part of.

In a society where extreme austerity measures are in place, public services are bound to suffer because people faced with very harsh realities are bound to put pressure on services like Health Services and Police. Alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse and related acts of violence are the root cause of many incidents that end up consuming much of the resources given to Health Services and Police.

It seems unreal that at the time when so many incidents are related to mental health problems, resources devoted to mental health services are evaporating for the sake of budget cuts. The legislation coordinating services like Police and NHS is quite inadequate and Police Forces end up having to release individuals that should have been referred for mental health treatment.

When Police forces are consulted they say that only in very extreme situations individuals detained are sectioned and forced to receive mental treatment. In other words, in the vast majority of cases people that would really benefit from mental health treatment get no mental health treatment whatsoever and sooner than later become involved in new incidents that could have even more dramatic consequences.

Police forces say that even when individuals who have been involved in acts of violence because of mental health problems get arrested and go to court the probability of the said individuals having mental health treatment is almost non existing.  

As this point, all the talk about prevention simply evaporates and public services like NHS and Police are overly burdened because there is no proper legislation in place and resources are being reduced.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: Pragmatism of the highest standards.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin - one American and the other Russian - but they have a lot in common.

They share for starters a huge dose of Tenacity and Methodology. They also share their love for their countries.

The personal history of Vladimir Putin shows enormous dedication and perseverance, rooted in the life of his parents. He has no little amount of pride and confidence born out of extreme adversity.

Some years ago, I was asked about what were defining characteristics in the United States of America, the kind of questions people usually asked in certain sectors of society. People would want to know your family name and see your pedigree. People would like to ask you about your educational and professional background and in the US one fundamental question would be how much you earn per year.

Those who know Donald Trump would remember that the man standing for the Presidential Nomination of the Republican Party was at one point thought to be bankrupt having made huge losses. The same man applied his talents to defeat adversity and become one of the richest men in the United States of America and being self-made is something that in general people in the US very much admire. We cannot avoid thinking about some politicians and some entrepreneurs that made American history.

Usually the Western mass media talk and write about Vladimir Putin in what they believe are pejorative terms. They define him as a KGB man. My dear friends, rising via the ranks of the KGB to become the man that he is now was no easy task for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Unlike their Western partners, those on the Russian side have no shortage of talent, tenacity and perseverance and are very often fluent in several languages and for them there is very little lost in translation.

Unlike many of the other contenders for the Presidential Nomination in the Republic Party and for the nomination in the Democratic Party, Donald Trump can see beyond the Cold War stereotypes so much reinforced on a daily basis by American mass media that suffer from tunnel vision. They fail to see that the fall of the Berlin Wall, the withdrawal from Eastern Europe and the end of the Soviet Union have somehow worked in favour of the rising Russian Federation. Russia still cares very much for those populations that are ethnically and culturally Russian but the new Russia is very much business minded and extremely pragmatic.

Had not been for the political myopia of the American Elites, the world would be a much safer place. The American Elites created a mess in Africa, Middle East and Asia Minor as they previously created a mess in Latin American and in other parts of the world. Like pretty bad chess players, they couldn't foresee the disastrous consequences of their short-termism in Foreign Policy.

The United States created Osama Bin Laden to use him against the Soviet Union and subsequently abandoned Osama Bin Laden and this is the time when Osama Bin Laden turned against the US. They invaded Iraq and completely dismantled the Iraqi State plunging the country in absolute and total chaos that led to the fragmentation of Iraq and the rise of what we know now as Islamic State.

For a long while the US supported Islamic State because they thought that Islamic State would be a useful tool to destroy Syria. For the mass media came the speeches against Islamic State but in their hearts of hearts American politicians very much wished that Islamic State would allow them to destroy Syria.

They couldn't antagonize Russia over and over again and expect that Russia would do no nothing. The US went against Iran because Iran was friendly to Russia. The US destroyed Libya and accelerated destabilization in the Islamic World. Even Tony Blair, their partners in the invasion of Iraq made desperate efforts to save Gaddafi. They started bullying Russia and threatening Russia with the installation of nuclear missiles in Czech Republic and in Poland. At that time, Russia's reaction was to mobilize defences in Kaliningrad (formerly known as Konisberg) just across the border with Poland. If that wasn't enough, US promoted the destabilization of Ukraine and then blamed Russia for what the US and its useful poodles in the European Union had created.

If all the aforementioned was not enough, US went against Syria, another traditional Russian ally. Prime Minister David Cameron even put forward a motion in the House of Commons to attack Syria directly with the intention of regime change.

When you listen to Hillary Clinton, she is bent on having a direct confrontation with Russia and totally ignores the fact that Russian Forces in Syria are there because they were asked for help against Islamic State.

When President Vladimir Putin reportedly said that he hoped Russia wouldn't have to use Nuclear Weapons against Islamic State, he meant business. The US is not dealing with Nikita Khrushev (for those who remember 1962). This is a complete different cup of tea. The Russian Federation has drawn a line on the sand and whoever is in charge in the US should take notice.

The US has a choice to make: they either do business with Russia or they face war with Russia. While this is happening, another giant, is making worrying moves in Asia and I don't think it would be advisable for those in charge in the US to be found with their trousers down.

For the US, friendships in the Arab World are by no means guaranteed. Not long after we heard screams coming out of OPEC countries that see their incomes dwindle as oil prices fall down, the US Congress passed a bill authorizing US oil exports that entering international markets will weaken oil prices even more. This could be an American effort to salvage their energy industries - fracking companies have been severely affected. In some kind of act of magic, they would expect oil prices to rise internally by sending oil abroad thus making fracking more competitive.

Sanctions against Russia have unwanted effects. By reducing exports to Russia, they weaken industries across the European Union, reducing demand of oil and other components of the energy mix. Other components of the energy mix in the European Union are also suffering. Just hours ago, we saw yet another British coal mine close down because imported coal is cheaper. As long as the demand for oil, gas and coal goes down, the richest countries who also happen to be energy producers are bound to suffer the most because of competition with countries like China that have lower production costs. If you want to know how damaging lower costs of raw materials like coal can have, look at Australia, country that supplies China.

Geopolitical moves are going directly against financial realities. In the short term, war industries can benefit from juicy contracts but other segments of the economy could end up paying a very high price and this would be directly linked to political instability. Countries like Spain, for example, can look forward to the formation of coalitions to try and maintain order but without the resources the country needs the strongest of coalitions would prove to be useless in the efforts to avoid financial meltdown.