Monday, 29 September 2014

Mark Reckless faces the fury of the Conservative Party

Mark Reckless
Mark Reckless, MP for Rochester and Strood, left the Conservative Party and joined UKIP for the very same reasons that just a few days ago another Conservative MP - Douglas Carswell - resigned and led to a by-election in Clacton. Neither of them believe in the Leadership of David Cameron.

Regardless of what happens in Clacton and Rochester and Strood in the coming by-elections, this shows very clearly that the chances of the Conservative Party of being able to form a coalition in 2015 are slim,

Prime Minister David Cameron managed to keep the Union together with no little amount of scaremongering and straightforward lies and deceit - the same kind of scaremongering, lies and deceit used to avoid a Referendum on British Membership of the EU. Winning elections and gaining representatives is one thing. Losing them because those elected to represent the Conservative Party no longer believe in the Conservative Party is quite another.

Not long ago, in many areas across Britain, Conservative Party Councillors were wiped out. Many long standing Councillors were so aware of the situation that they chose not to stand just to avoid the embarrassment of defeat.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Parliamentary Secretary for Civil Society - Brooks Newmark sending explicit pictures of himself over the Internet?

Brooks Newmark
Parliamentary Secretary for Civil Society Brooks Newmark resigns over a sex scandal involving posting explicit pictures of himself over the Internet.

Who is Brooks Newmark is the Conservative MP for Braintree. He was born in the USA and was educated at Harvard and Oxford, becoming a specialist in foreign affairs and economics. His target area is Middle East/India.

The new Minister for Civil Society, who co-founded the campaign group Women2Win, initiated a private message conversation on a social networking site and as part of a series of exchanges sent a graphic picture exposing himself while wearing a pair of paisley pyjamas?

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Rotten to the Core - seems to be the best way to describe what the Conservative Party has become and it makes you think about the kind of 'qualities' both Harvard and Oxford Universities are producing.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

We know they are dangerous. Why are they still in Britain?

Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammad
We know they are dangerous. We know what they preach. Why are they still in Britain?

If we are going to war, the laws of war apply: Internment camps, concentration camps and deportation. We cannot ask European soldiers to die in the Middle East and Asia Minor while people like this benefit from all the comforts Western Civilization can offer.

We know what Islam is about and how it has led to all kinds of atrocities against those Muslims see as vulnerable. We see the images coming from the Middle East, Asia Minor and Africa. We see the images in Rotherham and in other British cities.

Primer Minister David Cameron, if you are serious about tackling extremism, get rid of the Islamic crap that infests British cities.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

ISIL is no terrorist organization. It looks and sounds like a professional army

ISIL is far from being a terrorist organization. It looks and sounds like a professional army with Iraqi officers and American armament.

David Cameron, as usual, is acting as an American poodle and telling whatever he is told that he has to say but this could be his greatest miscalculation.

The fact that high caliber people joined ISIL not just a foot soldiers but as high ranking officers tells a completely different story. While AlQaeda was seen merely as an idea, ISIL is the real thing. What ISIL has proven is that it can do what AlQaeda could only dream about.

Britain must brace itself for attacks in the British Homeland. We are dealing with very well organized and very capable individuals, many of whom have inside and very precise knowledge of British weaknesses. Instead of blowing up trains and buses, these people could target nuclear installations and vital communication links in the United Kingdom. Many of them were born in the United Kingdom, have link within the United Kingdom and have first hand knowledge of vital facilities.

When they talk about 'integrating Muslims in the UK', they are talking about allowing in a Trojan Horse with infiltration in every core organization of the United Kingdom, from top to bottom.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

England and Scotland at war. Justice Secretary starts shooting.

No sooner the echoes of the Referendum should be dying down and normality should have reappeared, War has started between England and Scotland over who has the right to decide about what.
From the Daily Telegraph:
Mr Grayling says the constitutional shake-up after the Scottish independence referendum must deliver a new deal for England. English MPs alone must have the final say over English laws, he says.
The Scottish parliament should not receive more powers over tax, welfare and spending while Scottish MPs can still “shape the destiny” of the NHS, education and justice systems in England and force “socialist policies” on their southern neighbours.
“That would be a travesty of democracy, and would be regarded with fury by the English,” Mr Grayling warns.
David Cameron made promises. As soon as the outcome of the Referendum is known, amnesia in Westminster.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Scotland: 55/45 and Promises to deliver

The final verdict of the Scottish Electorate was 55/45 on the issue of independence and many promises were made to keep Scotland in the Union but has this created a completely new reality?

What was promised must be deliver and there is now a timetable set up by the Prime Minister with changes to be finalized by next January.

2015 promises to be a year of controversy, with Northern Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and the rest of the English Regions making demands for greater autonomy that are going to visibly altered the balance of power or else.

Else is what we are worried about. The map shows a United Ireland and this is something that many think is on the cards given recent actions in Northern Ireland with regards to issues like the use of the flags.

On his first speech after the Referendum took place. the Prime Minister David Cameron spoke about Democracy, about giving the people a voice and about delivering what is promised.

The Prime Minister knows that he is walking on a very thin ice sheet as rumblings inside the Conservative Party have shown. Patience is in short supply and when it comes to discussion powers and numbers the government will find itself with more than it bargained for.

Europe is watching. The regions of Spain, France, Italy and Hungary - to begin with (not forgetting a very unstable Ukraine) will ask more and more. Spain has even rejected a Referendum on Catalunya but the pressure will rise until it becomes untenable. Either they devolve powers or they face an armed struggle and even granting more powers is no guarantee against ultimate partition.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Shaun Wright resigned. Time for all Rotherham Councillors and other officials to face removal and criminal charges

Finally, Shaun Wright has resigned as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. He had been elected to the post as Labour Party Candidate on 15 November 2012 and under his watch many Muslim gang rape activities had taken place.

Having said that, let's point out that abuses of the kind have been taking place for more than 16 years and that more than 1,400 children have been sexually abused under the watch of elected Councillors - mainly Labour Councillors - that should now reconsider their positions.

Let's not use Shaun Wright as a scapegoat and let's bring down the entire Council Authorities should are blatantly guilty of dereliction of duty, having looked the other way when institutions that were supposed to protect vulnerable children were being used to abuse children.

When it comes to abusing children, the Labour Party has an extremely bad record as one now famous publication  - the Labour 25 - demonstrates, adding to that the scandals surrounding the British Broadcasting Corporation thanks to which sexual abusers were given a free license to attack vulnerable people - including physically and mentally disabled people - the Savile Affair being one of many that have to light in recent years.

Issues were raised but the authorities quickly brushed them under the carpet putting pressure on the victims of abuse and protecting the perpetrators.

The conduct of Police Officers who became part of a criminal system for the sake of political correctness must continue to be under public scrutiny and heads must roll.