Saturday, 23 July 2016

Ali Sonboly: another example of failed integration that ends up in tragedy

Ali Sonboly
When Angela Merkel stood in front of television cameras and stated Multikulti ist tot (Multiculturalism is dead) and everybody living in Germany should speak German language, she should have kept this in mind when promoting flood immigration.

The arrival of more than 2 million people of non Western background in Germany poses a huge challenge for the German society.

Firstly, they have a completely different cultural outlook.

Secondly, more than 99 per cent of all newcomers will have to surmount enormous obstacles and this will mean that they will have to live on benefits for a very long time, putting pressure on housing, health services, transport, education and so forth. The vast majority arrives in Germany without having a clue about German language.

Countless ghetto-like situations will be created and in these ghetto situations, poverty and isolation will lead to crime. Ali Sonboly was born in Germany and grew up in Germany. Before the attack he shouted 'Ich bin Deutsche (I am German), Despite his Iranian background, he felt that he was German because he was born in Germany and lived most of his life in Germany and spoke German language. Despite feeling that he was German, he felt isolated. He is said to have been suffering from mental health issues and that he had also been victim of bullying.

Angela Merkel should know very well the difference between political statements and reality. She should be very much aware of the cultural differences because when she said 'Multikulti is dead' (Multiculturalism is dead) she was stating that Multiculturalism in Germany has been a complete and utter failure leading to the formation of ghettos.

For a woman that seems so aware of the realities of World War Two, she is completely oblivious to the fact of what led to certain events before, during and after World War Two. What led to the pogroms against Jews across Europe and especially in Germany? Jews looked different from the rest of the population. They dressed differently, behave differently, and even spoke a language that was different from the language spoken by the rest of the population. They were bound to be targeted.

Today, the same issues arise regarding those coming from outside Germany and especially regarding Muslims that rather than trying to be like the rest of the population have their own ghetto culture and then again they look different, behave differently and even speak languages that are not the language spoken by the rest of the population. Therefore, like the Jews, Muslims are bound to be targeted.

The issue about the Muslim attire is that the Muslim attire is like a self-imposed Star of David. Jews were forced to identify themselves wearing a Star of David. Muslims self-identify themselves by making themselves look different and make themselves a target.

The expression 'when in Rome do as the Romans do' is the result of centuries of accumulated experiences. If you don't blend in, you are going to be seen as foreign and if you are seen as foreign you are going to be treated differently. Having said that, this is not a phenomenon that affects only German. It happens across the European Continent and also in Britain. Burkas, long beards, peculiar hats and tresses and other attires immediately single people out as those who do not belong.

It if self-evident that Ali Sonboly was desperately trying to have an identity. Despite that fact that he had Iranian background, he wasn't truly Iranian. Despite the fact that he was born in Germany and Germany was the country where he grew up and lived in for 18 years, he wasn't identified as German.

Even successful people like Cassius Clay struggled with issues of identity. He converted to Islam and became Muhammad Ali. In the US, people talk about African Americans. If his family had not been part of the slavery trade that took them to what is today the United States of America, what would be Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali's name? What about Senator Jesse Jackson or Martin Luther King and countless others? Most of them live today with names given to them by slave owners centuries ago. There are fundamental issues of identity. They have little to do with the African continent. They know for certain that their present names are not the names of the families their ancestors left behind when they were taken away by the Slavery Trade. But they are called African Americans as Ali Sonboly was called German-Iranian. Born in Germany, he lived his life in limbo and lives lived in limbo sooner than later end up in tragedy.

Who actually pulled the trigger of the gun with which Ali Sonboly killed nine people and injured several others?

Politicians, Police Forces and the mass media are trying to find links with what happen in Norway and the events generated by Anders Behring Breivik. In so doing, they completely ignore the realities of flood immigration that leads to issues of identity. René Descartes said: Cogito Ergo Sum (I think, therefore I exist). There is a fundamental relationship between systems of beliefs and social realities.


Frank Franz Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands

Freedom and Sovereignty, two words that represent what those who love their countries value above all and these are the word of Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands that the apparatchiks of the CDU, the coalition led by Angela Merkel want to ban.

Frank Franz is the antithesis of those the liberal elites want you to see as enemies of the state. NPD Leader Frank Franz represents a true young Germany, full of energy, ready to put an end to the brainwashing of many generations of Germany made to feel guilty for something they had nothing to do with.

And what is Angela Merkel doing? Well, she seems to have everything German. At an official ceremony, Angela Merkel even tried to put away a German flag.
What about economics? Well, the fruits of hard working German people are being given away to those who don't hesitate to attack German people on the streets. Women raped and people attacked with swords on public transport. Things have got so bad that even an Iranian immigrant went on the rampage because he himself is fed up of flood immigration.

Not long ago, Angela Merkel publicly stated that 'Multikulti ist tot (Multiculturalism is dead) and sent on to say that all those wanting to live in Germany must speak German language, but then she turns against those who campaign multiculturalism and say that those living in Germany must speak German language.

Because of Angela Merkel, Germany is no longer a safe place to live in. The time is long overdue for those like Frauke Petry of Alternative für Deutschland and Frank Franz of Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands to take power in Germany for the sake of the German people. In the understanding that political parties that share fundamental views must not collide in election, in recent elections Frank Franz told NPD supporters to vote for Alternative für Deutschlands to make a difference.

Deutschland über alles.

Friday, 22 July 2016

München Violence created by Angela Merkel

This the kind of behaviour Germans have to put up with in Angela Merkel's Germany. Pensioners attacked for trying to help a woman being harassed on German public transport.

We don't know yet the identity of man/men to shot dead at least 8 people in München.

Angela Merkel's policies are destroying Germany by flooding the country with immigrants and in so doing putting lives in danger. Women raped by immigrant gangs, people attack with sword on trains and now people killed by shooters.

Angela Merkel is directly responsible for what is going on and public anger is rising.

Jez Turner, whatever his real name is, undercover Police Officer?

Jez Turner - first from the left - has been singled out as a Police Officer that has been particularly active in acts organised by the British National Party and British Renaissance.

A list of individuals that includes Left Wing activists, moles and active Police Officers has been compiled.

A source from Northern Ireland indicated that there is a new directive aimed at cleaning up the Nationalist Scene in the United Kingdom.

As journalists, we do have a fundamental duty to protect sources of information as a way to keep in touch with political developments. Decisions have been made after seeing that, unlike what is happening in the European Continent, British Nationalism has been systematically torpedoed from within.

As it was explained, the criteria are very straightforward. Those who have been positively identified as agents provocateurs and those who are seen as being agents provocateurs will also be countered. Individuals who were particularly active when dealing with IRA members and IRA sympathisers have been instructed to become operational.

Jez Turner, who travels with a rucksack carrying satellite communications equipment, has several telephone numbers, and hopefully a correct address (since an address given by Jez Turner as his personal address turned out to be false). At one point, Jez Turner boasted that he could get RT (Russia Today) to cover any event of his choice because he had a direct link with them.

Jez Turner got involved with the British National Party, British Renaissance and London Forum - simultaneously. His real affiliation was crystal clear to the trained observer, and especially for somebody involved with counter insurgency military operations.


Friday, 15 July 2016

Turkish Erdogan promotes and supports religious terrorism

Here is what Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself said. As attack follows attack and Europe is being bloodied, political correctness gets on the way.

If it is fine for Angela Merkel, François Hollande, and others to condemn acts of terror, it would be better if on top of condemning acts of terror they changed policies that are making Europe a fertile ground for acts of terror. We know what Erdogan and many like him stand for. We shouldn't be giving him money. We shouldn't be making the culprit look like a hero because he is not a hero.

Even German courts were kneeling down in front of Recep Tayyip Erdogan while German women were being raped on the streets and the German Constitutional Court is extremely busy trying to ban political organizations that condemn those who perpetrate attacks and those who make it easier for perpetrators to carry out their acts of hatred in the country that gave them refuge.

As the number of European cities affected by atrocities continues to grow, we ask how many people will die before rulers and mass media get rid of political correctness and do their duty to protect European people.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Boris Johnson as British Foreign Secretary with Sun Tzu perfection

Boris Johnson is a political heavyweight. Behind the façade is a very clever political operator.

Boris Johnson used Sun Tzu principles with absolute mastery.

When his name was floated as Prime Ministerial candidate, he knew exactly how to play his card.

Who do the British people favour? The underdog. Michael Gove went for the top job and in so doing made Boris Johnson the underdog, the man everybody should feel pity of, the man that was put aside by his best friend, that man whose political career was coming to an end because of  a treacherous act.

Boris Johnson knew perfectly well the kind of rival candidate Theresa May would be and rather than going for the top job that the other contenders failed to get at a huge cost, Boris Johnson took the biggest prize that he could possibly get in the present circumstances and the other contenders - Liam Fox, Michal Gove, Andrew Leadsom and Stephen Crabb - were left behind as casualties of war.

This was the work of a master politician that knows exactly how to get what he wants and knows what is possible and what isn't.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Theresa May - New British Prime Minister

From Wednesday, July 14th 2016, Theresa May will be the new British Prime Minister after a very fast Leadership Campaign in the Conservative Party.

Both David Cameron and Theresa May had publicly stated their decision to implement what the British Electorate decided on June 23rd, 2016 on a UK Referendum on EU Membership.

Given public statements made by EU leaders regarding the need to kick start the application of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, there are no longer reasons to delay the implementation of the said process of withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

This is why it is of paramount importance to launch an information campaign so that both British Citizens and EU Citizens are made aware of their rights and in particular of Rights of Residence in the United Kingdom and in the European Union.

We have met a Member of Parliament and delivered a signed letter stating that it is extremely important that the British Public knows about the rights of EU Citizens in the United Kingdom and that EU Citizens themselves know about their rights in the United Kingdom as a way to allay fears and counter bullying and harassment.

We have studied present legislation in the United Kingdom with regards to immigration and have concluded that the best way to protect the rights of both United Kingdom Citizens and European Union Citizens is to proceed with absolute fairness and clarity as part of a process characterised by goodwill that will benefit all.