Saturday, 13 December 2014

NATO allies in Ukraine: a picture speaks a thousand words

These are President Barak Obama's allies in Ukraine, also supported by Prime Minister David Cameron and others.

Let the picture do the talking.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

We must prepare for widespread political upheaval leading to World War

We must prepare for World War.

An unstable World pushed towards the edge by the destruction of OPEC brought about by the drastic fall of oil prices can only lead to war.

Developing countries already struggling under the weight of decades of piled up public and foreign debt will see political upheaval of levels never seen before.

When all certainties disappear, the armed way will be the only way. Former US President James Carter stated once during a visit to Central America that there would be no guerrillas if people had something to live for.

Drug trafficking became an issue when the prices of agricultural products collapsed due to subsidies implemented by both the US and the then European Community. Suddenly, farmers became drug producers because drugs were more valuable that agricultural products. Further political and financial instability can only benefit drug traffickers and weapons producers.

The paradox is that the fall of oil prices also means budget cuts in so called Developed Economies for which taxes on oil revenues are an important factor to maintain public services. Britain managed to lose not less than 75 billion Pound in just a few weeks leading to recalculations of public budgets and lay offs.

As the Peace Economy is torpedoed, the War Economy is booming with more and more demand for weaponry. Adolf Hitler stated that armies are meant to be used in war. The number of conflicts across the world is rising and all is needed is a connecting pin to link them all.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Budget Cuts: There is a limit and Lib Lab Con knows it

There are limits and Lib Lab Con and the Establishment know it. 33,000 less Police Officers in the coming year? Thousands of NHS staff already laid off and many more thousands across the Armed Forces and other basic services.

The time is fast approaching when politics in Europe will change dramatically. Lib Lab Cons across Europe are building the guillotines of their own demise.

In the next round of tax cuts the middle classes will be once again squeezed and we all know that until the middle classes suffer real pain things are not going to change.

The Day of Judgment is fast approaching when so called liberal politicians are going to find themselves against the wall and with no friends left to take them out of hot water. It happened before and it will happen again. They know it. We know it. We are waiting for them.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

NPD joins BNP: German and British Nationalists come together marching for the Common Cause

As Europeans face very similar circumstances, across Europe Nationalist political organizations come together working together for a Common Cause.

As they are persecuted because they stand for National Interest, different organizations challenge language barriers and unite to support each other.

The pressures of the financial crisis combined with the pressures of mass migration are creating an environment that is leading to violence and so called Islamic Terrorism is very much one of the factors that threatens Europe as a whole.

Cooperation and coordination will make European organizations more capable and more efficient than ever before.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Rochester after Clacton: Change is needed to avoid violence

I think that change is badly needed in the United Kingdom in order to avoid violence.

UKIP has rocked the boat and the boat needs rocking.

When you have individuals like Prime Minister called David Cameron that thinks that continuing giving money to corrupt EU bureaucrats is the way forward at the expense of British people who face desperate situations, change is needed.

When you have a Liberal Democratic Party and a Labour Party bent on continuing their campaign of ethnic cleansing, change is needed.

Britain hasn't had violent upheavals for quite a while and political stagnation is destroying the country. Yes the money might flowing in for corrupt politicians and corrupt bankers but more and more are facing disaster.

Budget cuts, for what? To give money to bankers and corrupt politicians? When you cannot find a bed for psychiatric treatment in the capital of the United Kingdom, you instinctively know that what Lib Lab Con have been telling you is merely lies. The NHS is being dismantled.

Public services eroded and real unemployment is growing. Having a job that does not allow you to have decent living standards is unemployment under another name.

The Conservative Party was practically wiped out in Lambeth as it has been wiped out in many other areas and the same goes for Labour and the Liberal Democrats that are an absolute shambles and this was reflected with votes.

It is not an issue of who is or who isn't the leader. Cameron, Clegg and Milliband are one and the same despite the theatre of Parliament.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Can you explain it? Number of unemployment claimants fell but unemployment rates persist.

Ministers welcomed the news on Wednesday that between September and the previous month, the number of Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) claimants fell by 20,400 and the unemployment rate remains six per cent.

When you read it and you think about it carefully, there is no reason whatsoever to celebrate. Why? If the unemployment rate remains the same but the number of those claiming Jobseeker's Allowance has fallen by 20,400 this means that about 20,400 who need to be supported because they have no jobs are no longer supported.

What happened to them? Did they die? Did they leave the country? Are they surviving on the streets or surviving at their relatives expense? Where is the reason to celebrate?

Are among the 20,000 or so becoming like the couple pictured? Is this what Ministers are celebrating? If they have no jobs and get no Jobseekers Allowance, will people be begging on the streets?

Unemployment rate remains the same.What is going down is the number of people getting any kind of support and this means that ten of thousands have either given up or being abandoned or both.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Fitting tribute to David Cameron: 'You should try to integrate with them'

As Remembrance Day approaches, the words of David Cameron still ring in my ears: "you should do more to integrate with them."

I know that David Cameron, like practically everybody else, must have a sense of humour but even coming from somebody like David Cameron humour has its limits, especially after individuals like these murdered a British soldier in Woolwich, in the capital city of the United Kingdom.

When they are not roaming the streets of Britain in search of innocent children to rape, they walk around burning national symbols or plotting to blow up the country or perhaps saving for travel expenses to join a criminal organization in the Middle East.

More than 1,400 cases of sexual abuse in Rotherham, surpassed by 13,000 cases reported in Manchester and reports that the said followers of Islam are 'at it' across the UK.
Apparently is not enough with having to watch the pictures of those beheaded by the animals these beasts support. We are still forced to see them on the streets of Britain. You could say that they are a nasty version of Halloween.