Monday, 27 February 2012

A very hot summer of Olympic Proportions

The arrival in London of 13,500 troops and military exercises in the capital city of the still United Kingdom is merely related to the Olympic Games. Is it? Well, let’s look at the facts. As the economy sinks, criminality in London has been rising steadily and we have now more than 400 armed gangs – sixty of them extremely dangerous according to Metropolitan Police sources – operating in London.
In August 2011, the riots were a mix of genuine protesters, common criminals and opportunist thieves that were out for the fun of it and this included people that were supposed to make Britain proud at the Olympic Games. The alert raised at a meeting at a Tottenham Church and broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation was ‘prepare for riots during the Olympic Games’.

Well, I assume that this could be part of the spectacle prepared to welcome thousands of tourists coming to the United Kingdom to watch the games. Having said that, thousands of tourists already had a hint of what London is when they witnessed two gang related stabbings in Central London just a few weeks ago.
Summer time is the perfect time for violence with big concentrations of people and plenty of reasons to be frustrated and discontent in the present social climate.

By the way, if the unthinkable were to happen, how ready are the emergency services in London to cope with any eventuality? I wonder why I haven’t heard anybody put the question across to the British Health Secretary?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Reforming the NHS without consulting doctors and staff?

Where does the idea of 100,000 medical doctors going on strike come from? Well, just a little detail: the Coalition did not bother to consult with them and basically excluded them from the talks about reforms of the Health Service. In this case, I reckon accountants had more of a say than those who deliver Health Services.
It is a bit like the running of the Armed Forces with somebody at the helm that has absolutely no idea of what he is doing. Oh, reshuffle, reshuffle, reshuffle, who is the fairest of all? They chopped the Army, the Navy and the Air Force and left the Armed forces in tatters but… guess what? They are still planning new wars while, in the South Atlantic, the Argentine government rejoices. Unlike what happened in 1982, Britain will no longer have plane carriers or Harrier Jump Jets and will have merely an airfield that could be bombed out of existence in 15 minutes allowing the Argentine forces to clean up the garrison stationed there without any worries about a British counter attack.
This is how things are run nowadays in Britain. Cut here and there and over there, so that the monies can go to Ireland, Portugal, Greece, India and China and everywhere else while people freeze to death in their own homes and unemployment rises, rises and rises even more.
I reckon those running Britain hope that every ill person could be cured with a spoonful of Calpol. This brings back memories of Virginia Bottomley, the illustrious Virginia Bottomley, who threw British veterans into the streets ‘because there was an over-supply of beds in British hospitals.’ It goes without saying that the number of those sleeping rough in London at the time increased, especially those who had been thrown out after the closure of psychiatric hospitals carried out by Mrs. Bottomley.
The expression value for money is very much in the air. The whole philosophy leading to the creation of the National Health Service is under attack. I wonder when they will start selling NHS shares at the London Exchange. Most hospitals are so tight when it comes to staff that very often they have to call in Agency Staff that costs a lot more than the grossly underpaid NHS staff. At one point, Kings College Hospital broke a record. In one of its wards one evening, eight out of ten nurses were Agency Staff. Was this Value for Money?
The Public Private Initiative was a shambles. The NHS fired staff nurses who were later employed by private companies that paid lower salaries and did not invest a penny. They were merely using the same medical equipment that belonged to the National Health Service. When it came to compatibility, there is another story to tell. Since every hospital was dealing with different suppliers, medical supplies were not always compatible. Was that Value for Money?
Who was the guy who said that anybody in Britain earning less than 44,000 pound a year was in trouble? Do you know how many people earn less than 44,000 pound? Many nurses in Intensive Care services in the UK earn about 27,000 and this before taxes are deducted. The maniacs of Value for Money are the same ones who are using taxpayers’ monies to subsidize other countries. They have no qualms about giving sharks like former Sir Fred Goodwin three million pound in redundancy payments but then they want to make economies somewhere else.
So now you know it. If tomorrow you fall ill, an acceptable choice would be to jump off Tower Bridge. It is a nice and picturesque place and I have to confess that very often I find myself thinking about it when I look at how they treat elderly people in this country.
The National Health Service is not a luxury. The National Health Service is not supposed to make money because it is not a private business. The National Health Service is an absolute necessity and rest assured that almost everybody in this country will need the services provided by the National Health Service.

British government: Bribery and Budget Cuts

It is irrational and immoral to implement budget cuts in Britain when the British government keeps sending money abroad, even when countries like India have officially stated that they don’t want British hand-outs.
The attitude of the British government towards India is absolutely patronizing. Why do they insist on sending money that is not wanted in India? Because the British Establishment believes that they can buy India and force India to buy British fighter planes.
The British government was left with egg all over its face when India acquired French fighter planes instead. The attitude of the British government towards India is an absolute embarrassment. By the same token, they keep sending aid to China and other countries.
Are they sending British economic aid to China? Are these the same people who went around trying to convince China to invest in European debt bonds to put an end to the Euro crisis?
If you remember, a similar scandal occurred when they accused the British government of trying to buy a Saudi Arabian Prince to sell Jet Fighters to Saudi Arabia. There were several attempts to investigate the matter and in the end everything was put under the carpet to spare the British government yet another embarrassment. The word was bribery.

300,000 qualified teachers are not teaching anymore

Figures show almost 9,000 state school teachers in England quit before the statutory retirement age last year – the highest number since the late 90s.
In total, more than 300,000 qualified teachers aged under- 60 are now failing to work in the classroom, despite fears that rising birth rates will soon lead to a surge in the pupil population.
The news is not encouraging but you can understand the frustration of having to deal with increasing amounts of political correctness that are devaluing the teaching profession.
No amount of ideological brainwashing – and there is plenty of it – can make people strong enough to carry on with all the crap that is loaded onto their shoulders.
With 50 minute lessons and about 30 pupils per classroom you can imagine how much teaching takes place in any classroom and this without taking into account disruptive pupils (a natural consequence of over-sized groups). You can make your own calculations. After calling the roll you are left with less than 1 minute per pupil but you still have to teach or pretend that you teach to meet curriculum requirements.
If you are a conscientious and responsible teacher, it comes the time when you say to yourself that enough is enough. At the end of the day, despite all the propaganda lies, potential employers tell you the whole truth. Pretend education or mere instruction is not the same as proper education. In some cases the monies might be good but the level of frustration and debasement reaches a critical point when you feel that you are not a person anymore.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Michael, Amy, Whitney... will they ever understand?

Michael, Amy, Whitney… will they ever understand?
They are being killed by the Cool Society. Across the United Kingdom, the Cool Society is destroying lives. Talking to many teenagers and many youngsters today is like trying to talk to a wall. They even try to argue that consuming this or that even offers health benefits, when in fact you know that they are merely committing suicide and more often than not they are inches away from death.
A group of women in Ipswich working as prostitutes to pay for drugs, a teenager dead overnight as the consequence of an overdose after attending a party and a young girl killed by a driver driving under the influence of drugs… maybe a teenager becoming pregnant after having serial sex encounters under the influence of drugs and alcohol… the news can change but we are always talking about the same thing.
When I hear about how they treat drug-traffickers in some Asian countries, I say… Hallelujah! We should try and get some advice from countries like Thailand about how to treat undesirables linked to the drugs business. British laws protect undesirables that poison others without giving a damn about the lives they are destroying.
I very often find myself thinking about what would be the best way of dealing with drug-traffickers and I must admit that I haven’t made up my mind when thinking about the chosen methods. Would it be beheading, electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection, firing squad, stoning to death or castration? We are spoilt for choice.

Cutting budgets to protect terrorists

Abu Qatada, a Jordanian who preaches violence against Britain, is costing British taxpayers more than 2,000 pound a week in Police protection alone with 60 Police officers assigned to him to ensure that he is not killed on British soil.
Abu Qatada cannot be sent to Jordan because the European Union Judges care more about the enemies of Britain than they care about Britain.
Abu Qatada, preaches violence and incites violence against Britain and therefore according to European Law he cannot be sent to Jordan. In the meantime, people born and bred in Britain are being extradited to a foreign country accused of crimes they did not commit in the said foreign country.
The reasons to leave a Hell-Hole called European Union grow in number with each passing day. We are subsidizing foreign countries and suffering because of the stupidity of foreign bureaucrats while British workers are losing their jobs due to policies that only benefit foreign countries.
If there was any sense of decency left in Britain, we should spare Jordan the effort of getting rid of Qatada and we should get rid of Qatada ourselves, ensuring that bastards like Qatada find no refuge on British soil.
Our rulers have the stomach to cut housing benefits for hundreds of thousands that have committed no crime so that foreign extremists like Abu Qatada can have a nice life in Britain.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Britain is falling apart both financially and socially

The lamentable picture is very much the same across the country. Unemployment, drug-abuse linked to all kinds of criminality and social disintegration are affecting even small communities that you would like to believe could not be affected by the present mess.
I have been to different parts of the country in recent days – in some cases because of party-political reasons and in other cases for family reasons and I have seen what has been happening described by the protagonists that without any kind of party political interests have described what is going on in their lives.
The Farmer told me that he stopped producing when cheap imports from China and elsewhere, combined with red tape, supermarkets price undercutting, taxation and European Union stupidity forcing him to stop working and abandon the family business.
I spoke to the Teacher Trainer who has been out of work together with her builder husband who has been laid off not less than six times in recent months.
I spoke with NHS staff that end up having 200 pounds in their pockets to feed themselves during an entire month.
Those who keep Britain alive are the ones facing the brunt of decades of anti-British policies.
While the picture of despair is growing, Members of Parliament find nothing better to do than getting involved in the bars of the House of Commons where drinks are subsidized by people who can ill afford to eat or even keep themselves warm.
More and more pensioners die every year because they have to choose between eating and heating. There are more and more crooks renting subsidized housing while the lists of those who genuinely need a place they can call home is growing and growing.
In London alone twenty per cent of all housing stock available as social housing is being used by crooks that sublet the accommodation that should be used only by those in need. We are talking about not less than 160,000 social housing units.
Some years ago, there were 250 organised gangs terrorising Londoners. Now we have 400 gangs and 60 of them are classified as extremely dangerous.
As Britain declines, we have a kind of Mad Max society taking over and the legal system is very much profiting of the present mess with costly legal processes used as some sort of Golden Goose.
This is the kind of Britain we have today. Many people prefer to walk away saying that there is nothing that could stop Britain becoming an even worse hell-hole. The British National Party says that we must close ranks and fight for our own sake and for the sake of future generations.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Legalizing drugs to kill? Bring back the Death Penalty

Legalizing drugs to kill? Bring back the Death Penalty

More and more, our society is riddled with illicit unprotected sex, drugs and alcohol and what is more of a scandal is that innocent people are paying a very high price for the so called freedoms of irresponsible individuals.

A beautiful 16-year-old girl was killed by a drug-addict driver driving under the influence of substances that some people want to see legalized. Legalization might make the life of an incompetent Police and Legal System easier but will increase the number of people killed in the streets for no fault of their own.

The punishment chosen for those who destroy lives makes a mockery of the entire Legal System. British prisons are full of drug-addicts and of Police officers corrupted by drugs. Because of drugs, the number of armed gangs and of criminal acts is ever growing.

For a long time and because of the incompetence of Politicians who create idiotic laws that do not make any sense and of the visible incompetence of the Legal System, I have been reluctant to support the Death Penalty. Having said that, the Death Penalty now seems and looks like the only real answer.

For the sake of political correctness, Police is said to have abandoned stop and search operations. Well, this is very good news for the criminal world whose members will now be able to carry weapons and traffic drugs with impunity.