Sunday, 26 February 2012

British government: Bribery and Budget Cuts

It is irrational and immoral to implement budget cuts in Britain when the British government keeps sending money abroad, even when countries like India have officially stated that they don’t want British hand-outs.
The attitude of the British government towards India is absolutely patronizing. Why do they insist on sending money that is not wanted in India? Because the British Establishment believes that they can buy India and force India to buy British fighter planes.
The British government was left with egg all over its face when India acquired French fighter planes instead. The attitude of the British government towards India is an absolute embarrassment. By the same token, they keep sending aid to China and other countries.
Are they sending British economic aid to China? Are these the same people who went around trying to convince China to invest in European debt bonds to put an end to the Euro crisis?
If you remember, a similar scandal occurred when they accused the British government of trying to buy a Saudi Arabian Prince to sell Jet Fighters to Saudi Arabia. There were several attempts to investigate the matter and in the end everything was put under the carpet to spare the British government yet another embarrassment. The word was bribery.

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