Thursday, 23 February 2012

Britain is falling apart both financially and socially

The lamentable picture is very much the same across the country. Unemployment, drug-abuse linked to all kinds of criminality and social disintegration are affecting even small communities that you would like to believe could not be affected by the present mess.
I have been to different parts of the country in recent days – in some cases because of party-political reasons and in other cases for family reasons and I have seen what has been happening described by the protagonists that without any kind of party political interests have described what is going on in their lives.
The Farmer told me that he stopped producing when cheap imports from China and elsewhere, combined with red tape, supermarkets price undercutting, taxation and European Union stupidity forcing him to stop working and abandon the family business.
I spoke to the Teacher Trainer who has been out of work together with her builder husband who has been laid off not less than six times in recent months.
I spoke with NHS staff that end up having 200 pounds in their pockets to feed themselves during an entire month.
Those who keep Britain alive are the ones facing the brunt of decades of anti-British policies.
While the picture of despair is growing, Members of Parliament find nothing better to do than getting involved in the bars of the House of Commons where drinks are subsidized by people who can ill afford to eat or even keep themselves warm.
More and more pensioners die every year because they have to choose between eating and heating. There are more and more crooks renting subsidized housing while the lists of those who genuinely need a place they can call home is growing and growing.
In London alone twenty per cent of all housing stock available as social housing is being used by crooks that sublet the accommodation that should be used only by those in need. We are talking about not less than 160,000 social housing units.
Some years ago, there were 250 organised gangs terrorising Londoners. Now we have 400 gangs and 60 of them are classified as extremely dangerous.
As Britain declines, we have a kind of Mad Max society taking over and the legal system is very much profiting of the present mess with costly legal processes used as some sort of Golden Goose.
This is the kind of Britain we have today. Many people prefer to walk away saying that there is nothing that could stop Britain becoming an even worse hell-hole. The British National Party says that we must close ranks and fight for our own sake and for the sake of future generations.

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