Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cutting budgets to protect terrorists

Abu Qatada, a Jordanian who preaches violence against Britain, is costing British taxpayers more than 2,000 pound a week in Police protection alone with 60 Police officers assigned to him to ensure that he is not killed on British soil.
Abu Qatada cannot be sent to Jordan because the European Union Judges care more about the enemies of Britain than they care about Britain.
Abu Qatada, preaches violence and incites violence against Britain and therefore according to European Law he cannot be sent to Jordan. In the meantime, people born and bred in Britain are being extradited to a foreign country accused of crimes they did not commit in the said foreign country.
The reasons to leave a Hell-Hole called European Union grow in number with each passing day. We are subsidizing foreign countries and suffering because of the stupidity of foreign bureaucrats while British workers are losing their jobs due to policies that only benefit foreign countries.
If there was any sense of decency left in Britain, we should spare Jordan the effort of getting rid of Qatada and we should get rid of Qatada ourselves, ensuring that bastards like Qatada find no refuge on British soil.
Our rulers have the stomach to cut housing benefits for hundreds of thousands that have committed no crime so that foreign extremists like Abu Qatada can have a nice life in Britain.

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