Saturday, 25 February 2012

Michael, Amy, Whitney... will they ever understand?

Michael, Amy, Whitney… will they ever understand?
They are being killed by the Cool Society. Across the United Kingdom, the Cool Society is destroying lives. Talking to many teenagers and many youngsters today is like trying to talk to a wall. They even try to argue that consuming this or that even offers health benefits, when in fact you know that they are merely committing suicide and more often than not they are inches away from death.
A group of women in Ipswich working as prostitutes to pay for drugs, a teenager dead overnight as the consequence of an overdose after attending a party and a young girl killed by a driver driving under the influence of drugs… maybe a teenager becoming pregnant after having serial sex encounters under the influence of drugs and alcohol… the news can change but we are always talking about the same thing.
When I hear about how they treat drug-traffickers in some Asian countries, I say… Hallelujah! We should try and get some advice from countries like Thailand about how to treat undesirables linked to the drugs business. British laws protect undesirables that poison others without giving a damn about the lives they are destroying.
I very often find myself thinking about what would be the best way of dealing with drug-traffickers and I must admit that I haven’t made up my mind when thinking about the chosen methods. Would it be beheading, electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection, firing squad, stoning to death or castration? We are spoilt for choice.

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