Sunday, 26 February 2012

300,000 qualified teachers are not teaching anymore

Figures show almost 9,000 state school teachers in England quit before the statutory retirement age last year – the highest number since the late 90s.
In total, more than 300,000 qualified teachers aged under- 60 are now failing to work in the classroom, despite fears that rising birth rates will soon lead to a surge in the pupil population.
The news is not encouraging but you can understand the frustration of having to deal with increasing amounts of political correctness that are devaluing the teaching profession.
No amount of ideological brainwashing – and there is plenty of it – can make people strong enough to carry on with all the crap that is loaded onto their shoulders.
With 50 minute lessons and about 30 pupils per classroom you can imagine how much teaching takes place in any classroom and this without taking into account disruptive pupils (a natural consequence of over-sized groups). You can make your own calculations. After calling the roll you are left with less than 1 minute per pupil but you still have to teach or pretend that you teach to meet curriculum requirements.
If you are a conscientious and responsible teacher, it comes the time when you say to yourself that enough is enough. At the end of the day, despite all the propaganda lies, potential employers tell you the whole truth. Pretend education or mere instruction is not the same as proper education. In some cases the monies might be good but the level of frustration and debasement reaches a critical point when you feel that you are not a person anymore.

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