Friday, 29 May 2015

When high politics invades football, suspect hidden agenda

FIFA President Sepp Blatter
When the big powers target FIFA you must suspect a hidden agenda. The now legendary President of FIFA Sepp Blatter was re-elected with massive support.

When the FBI and the State Department get involved in issues that lie far away from US shores in such an insidious manner you must suspect foul pay, especially when the American system passionately protects corruption within the United States of America to the point that those who blow the whistle either end up in jail or having to flee for their lives.

A wise American man called Donald Trump described the American system to perfection. He said something along the lines of 'if you owe little money, you are in trouble. If you owe a lot of money, the banks are in trouble and will do their best to help you.'

This is what happened in quite a few cases of the biggest money scandals in the United States of America where those involved in crime were helped by the US government that protected them using taxpayers money. As the saying goes: I smell a rat. This is not about corruption. This is geopolitics played in football.

The problem for the United States of America is that that it has alienated people across the World and that despite its power financed with debts that it cannot pay the World has moved on while the US is still living in the geopolitics mentality of the Twenty-First Century.

Do you remember the Olympic Games? Well, how many times the US has attempted to use the Olympic Games for its geopolitical aims? Football is no different despite the fact that the US is a non entity when it comes to Football that most Americans know as Soccer because their minds are focused on their traditional Football that has nothing to do with FIFA.

Even Prime Minister David Cameron jumped on the US bandwagon asking for Sett Blatter - none other than David Cameron that when asked could not even remember the name of his favourite football team.

Many individuals with vested interests are bothered by the choice of Qatar as World Cup Host because it forces them to rethink their timetables and lose money in the process. And what about Russia? We know that US will do its utmost to damage Russian interests and Russia is due to hold a World Cup tournament. Coincidences? No, coincidences at all. The whole affair is so obvious that it beggars belief.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Is this how Police behave in Portugal? Man attacked in front of his children.

Is this the way Police behave in Portugal? A man attacked and brutally beaten in front of his children. Welcome to Portugal 2015.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Labour Party Leadership Campaign - Chuka Umunna gives up nomination

Chuka Umunna
Even in the Labour Party in which some members very often organize and carry out campaigns of political harassment against political adversaries there is a climate of fear when it comes to be put under public scrutiny.

Chuka Umunna, the recently re-elected Streatham Member of Parliament, has now pulled out of the race to elect a new Labour Party Leader expressing concerns about unwanted interference in his private life.

As a public figure you are bound to be under public scrutiny and I am one of those who knows perfectly well the stresses of being a member of a political party and of standing to represent the said political party in elections.

In politics you must be willing to sacrifice your family life and this includes your right to privacy because the mass media and some political opponents will seek to destroy your image in every that they can.
Having said that, there are questions to be raised. Chuka Umunna, a rising star in the Labour Party and a very good speaker, politically experienced, had no qualms about standing as Candidate to be re-elected as Member of Parliament. Chuka Umunna was already in the public domain and therefore he was already subjected to the stresses of political life. What is new? Why did he give up his challenge to become Leader of the Labour Party?

Before anybody starts speculating, I would like Chuka Umunna to provide a full explanation of the additional reasons that led him to give up the top post in the Labour Party.

Friday, 8 May 2015

George Galloway: Another straw to the pile

The fall of Lutfur Rahman, now former Mayor of Tower Hamlets, accused of illegal practices including violations of Electoral Law, vote rigging, intimidation and defamation of political opponents, was certainly a blow for George Galloway, one of Luftur Rahman's main supporters and now former Respect Party MP.

The loss of his seat in the House of Commons as Member of Parliament representing Bradford was not directly affected by events in Tower Hamlets but by public expressions that alienated many of his supporters in the Respect Party and led many Muslim voters to walk away from him. His views on sexuality and particularly concerning the rapport between men and women seem to have cost him his seat. George Galloway re-entered the House of Commons with Muslim support but this time the Asian Community, including Muslims, chose to support the Labour Party.

As always, nothing is clear cut. Every coin has two sides. There are several George Galloways. There is also the George Galloway that is dead against interventionism in the Arab World and in the Muslim World and the George Galloway that opposes warmongers in Europe, warmongers that seek confrontation with the Russian Federation.

George Galloway is a controversial and confrontational individual but it must be said that being passionate about what he does is what defines the man.