Friday, 8 May 2015

George Galloway: Another straw to the pile

The fall of Lutfur Rahman, now former Mayor of Tower Hamlets, accused of illegal practices including violations of Electoral Law, vote rigging, intimidation and defamation of political opponents, was certainly a blow for George Galloway, one of Luftur Rahman's main supporters and now former Respect Party MP.

The loss of his seat in the House of Commons as Member of Parliament representing Bradford was not directly affected by events in Tower Hamlets but by public expressions that alienated many of his supporters in the Respect Party and led many Muslim voters to walk away from him. His views on sexuality and particularly concerning the rapport between men and women seem to have cost him his seat. George Galloway re-entered the House of Commons with Muslim support but this time the Asian Community, including Muslims, chose to support the Labour Party.

As always, nothing is clear cut. Every coin has two sides. There are several George Galloways. There is also the George Galloway that is dead against interventionism in the Arab World and in the Muslim World and the George Galloway that opposes warmongers in Europe, warmongers that seek confrontation with the Russian Federation.

George Galloway is a controversial and confrontational individual but it must be said that being passionate about what he does is what defines the man.

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