Thursday, 30 April 2015

I look forward to May 7th 2015. No more speculation

All we have got now is tons of speculation, opinion polls and innuendo.

I look forward to May 7th 2015 to at least get rid of all the bla, bla, bla about who is going to win.

If what is being forecast really happens, there will be interesting times ahead if SNP manages to win every single seat in Scotland and becomes partner in a coalition in the House of Commons. The impact in every area of interest will be of gigantic proportions and this includes Defence, Foreign Policy, Welfare State, Transport, et cetera, et cetera.

The relationship between UK and US in terms of Foreign Policy, of NATO and of Europe a whole including Russia will be dramatically altered. This is something that could lead to other major developments also in England where there will be ever stronger voices in favour of an English Parliament.

Dealing with ordinary people on a regular basis and listening to what they say and the subjects they talk about I reckon very few people have even the faintest idea of political Tsunami heading their way. In a climate of political stagnation this could be the trigger for fundamental changes of the Electoral System.

The Scottish National Party has become more Labour than Labour and their position regarding Trident reminds us of what used to be the official stance of the Old Labour Party regarding nuclear weapons. As always you need to ponder about the Law of Unintended Consequences.

All major political parties campaigned against Scottish Independence and celebrated a very narrow victory. Now, that victory might turn out to be a gigantic defeat. The Conservatives were wiped out in 1997 and 2015 would be Labour and Lib Dem's year of reckoning.

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