Friday, 10 April 2015

Adam Walker - BNP Chairman - Parliamentary Candidate in Rotherham

Adam Walker
British National Party Chairman Adam Walker will stand on May 7th 2015 General Election as Parliamentary Candidate in Rotherham.

We very well know how difficult it can be to get a seat in the Houses of Commons but this is no ordinary seat and this is no ordinary battle.

It is a battle that the British National Party has been fighting for a very long time to protect British children and stop the abuses being committed by gangs against vulnerable boys and girls that the British State should have protected.

Instead the British State under both Labour and Conservative Administrations choose to look the other way and organizations like the BBC - itself blemished by scandals involved in massive scale pedophilia and other sexual crimes of all kinds - ignored.

When British National Party representatives publicly denounced the crimes being committed by Asian gangs predominantly of Pakistani descent, British National Party representatives were accused of racism by none other than Jimmy Savile's BBC.

Denis MacShane
Denis MacShane MP, Labour Representative during much of the period when the worst offenses were committed, did nothing to protect children being abused. The local authority and even local Police knew about the crimes being committed and did absolutely nothing to stop abuses. They just looked the other way.

Denis MacShane MP was forced to resign his seat in Parliament when the British National Party made him accountable for expenses fraud, something that Denis MacShane publicly acknowledged saying that he had been ousted by the British National party.

As the scandal became vox populi nationally, more abuses were uncovered and a series of high profile resignations followed but those who chose to ignore the fact that children were being abused and many of the abusers themselves have not been made accountable.

Against all odds and constant brainwashing carried out by the mass media, the British National Party stands for ordinary people and most importantly for those most vulnerable in society. This is why the British National Party Chairman Adam Walker, in very adverse political circumstances, is doing his duty and says "We are here; we are not going away; we have been here and we will continue to be here to defend what is right and proper; we are not looking the other way. This is why we are different from many other political parties. We face our public responsibilities head on and we will deliver."

In any election, you win and you lose but, most importantly, whatever the outcome of any election, we stand for principle.

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