Wednesday, 22 April 2015

May 7th 2015 - More questions than answers

2015 UK General Election
Unlike any other General Election this is going to be a General Election that is going to influenced by both internal and external factors of the greatest importance as events happening outside the United Kingdom are having an impact in the political discourse.

Just a few days from Polling Day, events developing in the Mediterranean Region are bringing to the fore the issue of immigration, refugees and asylum combined with aspects of Foreign Policy in terms of the role played by the United Kingdom in the process of destabilization of Africa, the Middle East and Asia Minor. The Domino Effect triggered by Western Intervention in Libya and the fall of the regime of President Gaddafi spread like wildfire across several countries including Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and others and become practically unstoppable. The direct consequence of the process of destabilization has been a constant flow of refugees that are now heading for the European Union and many of them are dying at sea as the tragedy unfolds.

Because of naivety and/or carelessness or because of both, Western Countries including the United Kingdom and US as the main driver of interventionism, a Pandora's Box has been opened. Political leaders believed that merely by deposing regimes they could magically kick start political changes towards Democracy. Instead, they created political voids and exacerbated already existing tensions.

I do have the feeling that was started by war could only be ended by war on a massive scale to try and restore some kind of equilibrium to generate solutions and give millions of desperate people a way out, a set of viable alternatives to remain in their own countries instead of throwing themselves into the sea in search of a better life.

I foresee that Europe will pay a very high price to deal with the nightmare created by very short-sighted Foreign Policies and that at one point or another European Armies will have to be committed to battlefields in Africa, Middle East and Asia Minor. This could very well be World War Three because the flow of asylum seekers and refugees will not be stopped by merely sending people back to their countries of origin.

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