Friday, 24 April 2015

BNP said Lutfur Rahman was corrupt and the Courts proved BNP was right

Luftur Rahman (centre with Rosette)
The Mayor of Tower Hamlets - Luftur Rahman - has been sacked for corrupt practices and illegal practices including ballot rigging, buying votes and lying about his opponents.

The now former Mayor of Tower Hamlets was involved in 'postal voting factories' used to 'produce ballots' to allow him to win elections.

Rahman's supporters registered and cast hundreds of fake postal votes and hundreds of ballot papers could have been completed by the same person.

So, let's say it: the British National Party was right all over again when it raised the issue of electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets.

Luftur Rahm also stands accused of involved with an Islamic Extremist organization.

The Judge acting in this case stated that Luftur Rahma ran a ruthless and dishonest campaign and was guilty of bribery, treating and undue influence, make false statements against another candidate and undue spiritual influence using religion to influence votes.

Luftur Rahman was not only removed as Mayor of Tower Hamlets. Luftur Rahman was banned from standing again as a candidate.

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