Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fraud: 900,000 dropped incapacity benefit claims

Fraud: 900,000 dropped incapacity benefit claims

The stench of attempted fraud is all over the place. Nine-hundred thousand people dropped their incapacity benefit claims to avoid facing new medical tests. Talking about an excessively expensive Welfare State, as soon as there is a genuine attempt to curb benefit fraud, the outcome is amazing. After some sort of religious act of faith aka threat of being found out, the disabled appear to be in good health and very able to work and earn a living.

If we chased every single kind of benefit fraud, Britain would be saving billions of Pounds. Local authorities would be well advised, now that they are under increasing budgetary pressure, to chase fraudsters that are awarded subsidized housing that ends up being rented out in the open market. Courts in Croydon and others parts of London have been busy putting on trial people who got subsidized housing under false pretences and were later found making a living renting the properties given to them because they lied and said that they had nowhere else to live.

Wondering about diversity in London? Multicultural fraudsters are milking the system. Ever wondered what hundreds of thousands of foreign faces are doing in London in times of deep recession? You only need to look at the Welfare State to know what many of them are doing here. Iain Duncan Smith stated that he has no plans for further benefit cuts. Well, this is the time to cut fraud and cutting fraud, if the authorities are serious about cutting fraud, will mean certain deportation. You were born in this country and your family has lived and worked here for many generations and still cannot afford what many foreign fraudsters are getting.

On top of that you have the Abu Qatada of this world. After following the James Bond Series with License to Kill, I thought we could be putting the real James Bond to good use to get rid of terrorist scum. If the pigs faced the certainty of execution on British soil, I don’t think many of them would like to stay here or even come to Britain. Now, British Security Services tell us that pigs born in Britain and presently fighting in Syria could return to Britain to carry out terrorist acts. I do apologize for comparing the said individuals to pigs. It is not my intention to offend pigs.

Going back to the issue of welfare payments, has it ever occurred to you that many 'benefit claimants' use the money they get from the Welfare State to finance acts of terrorism? Some time ago, Shreela Flather, Baroness Flather, a Member of the House of Lords, discovered that certain 'faithful individuals' were using women as cows to exploit the Welfare State. One man using religion as a cover can use several women, father plenty of children, and get benefits for every single woman and every child as the said women are classified as single mothers under British Law. This would be a very nice and convenient way of funding AlQaeda-like organisations in Britain and across the world. 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Berezovsky: Contradictory Police reports can only confirm foul play

There are contradictory reports regarding the death of Boris Berezovsky that can only confirm that there was foul play. Initial reports indicated that there wasn’t any reason to suspect foul play and that there wasn’t evidence to determine cause of death either. Days later, we are told that there is evidence indicating that Boris Berezovky could have hanged himself or that somebody else could have been involved.

This, in my humble opinion, is highly irregular and does not inspire confidence in the authorities in charge of the investigation. This is not the kind of behaviour that we could expect from a fully professional Police force. Contradictory reports lead to rumour and rumours lead to mistrust, especially in cases of such political importance.

The death of Dr David Kelly, a UN weapons expert, was also surrounded by a veil of mystery created by Police reports. One version of events was that Dr. David Kelly did not die where his body was found. Official reports had indicated that Dr. David Kelly had presumably committed suicide by cutting his veins but no blood was found and the official version of events could not be supported with irrefutable evidence.

Further inquests and investigations regarding the death of Dr. David Kelly would have been completely unnecessary if Police reports had been supported by irrefutable evidence. Instead, all we got was presumptions and sheer speculation that some said – including myself – were part of a gigantic cover up.

Work is the best insurance for all concerned

Work is the best insurance for all concerned

The British government is concerned about a new financial disaster and the Bank of England told banking institutions to find 25 billion Pound to boost reserves, money reserves that according to City advisers will mean less money available for both individuals and businesses.

We keep putting electronic money and paper money in a box, producing nothing and expecting that there will be economic recovery that will suddenly appear out of thin air. In the meantime, prices keep going up and up reducing the amount of disposable income of both families and businesses. The fact that prices keep going up is not necessarily conducive to wealth creation. Inflation is devaluing peoples’ incomes.

Here is an example of negative pricing policies. Do you use Royal Mail services? I use Royal Mail services less and less often. Why? Because of periodic hikes of Royal Mail fees that are making Royal Mail uncompetitive. Royal Mail executives seem to be oblivious to the fact that higher prices in a depressed market economy deter customers. If they keep putting prices up, the customer base will shrink and any business knows that when the customer base shrinks the long term viability of the business is in danger.

Here is another example of negative pricing policies. A set of goods providers is building up problems for the future. Big supermarket chains’ pricing policies are punishing both producers and consumers. When the said supermarket chains impose abusive prices they are effectively determining what we eat and what we don’t eat. A few days ago, business leaders were complaining about a proposed rise of the prices of alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are non essential and can seriously damage your health. Curiously enough, I seldom hear business leaders complaining about food prices and talking about lowering food prices. 

It is increasingly difficult to obtain credit for investment at a time when we collectively should be able to invest to create and to protect jobs in Britain. This is why Vincent Cable MP floated the idea of creating a banking institution that would specialize in lending for businesses. But, what is then the role other banks are supposed to play? Isn’t lending to businesses a fundamental function of any banking institution?

In addition to measures to facilitate lending for investment, we should be taking a closer look at what we call Green Taxes. Green Taxes are killing businesses at a time when the priorities should be to lower prices and to create more jobs to have a more dynamic and sustainable economy. At a time when many people complain about inflation, Green Taxes are inflationary. Green Taxes will not save the Planet. They are just money making schemes that are making the gap between rich and poor bigger and bigger.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Arming terrorists born in Britain that fight in Syria

Arming terrorists born in Britain that fight in Syria

We cannot get rid of a bloody extremist called Abu Qatada and the same government leading the legal effort to get rid of Abu Qatada has been talking about arming terrorists born in Britain to fight in Syria. It is common knowledge that Muslims fighting in Syria at this very minute could turn against Britain and carry out attacks in Britain. They would have the training, the experience, the ground knowledge, the language and other means to launch a terrorist campaign in the country in which they were born.

This goes to show how nonsensical has been the official British approach to what is happening in the Middle East. British Security Services have been incapable of dealing with the number of suspects that could potentially be involved in terrorist plots in the United Kingdom and are over-stretched. They cannot track down everybody or follow everybody all the time. What happened in July 2005 was the direct consequence of having to choose who to follow and who not to follow. The culprits had been known for some time but British Security Services lost sight of them due to lack of resources and more than 50 people died.

David Milliband: Sauve qui peut!

David Milliband: Sauve qui peut!

Practically every bit of news both nationally and internationally indicates that there is an impending catastrophe with serious political consequences. As the European Union flag is torn apart and burnt in Cyprus and the EU masters send contradictory messages, I reckon some politicians who know what is coming would like to be far away from the political wreckage. David Milliband has chosen wisely. A job in the United States, completely detached from British politics, would allow him to pursue his personal career without being affected by blame linked to the political and financial chaos that the United Kingdom is facing and will face in the not so distant future.

The debacle within the Labour Party continues apace as the party faces debts for more than 9 million Pound. When things go wrong, the present leadership of the Labour Party will take the flak as it has undoubtedly taken the flack in two recent by-elections when a Labour Party in opposition should be gaining ground. The series of scandals related to paedophilia and expenses have not done any favours to the public image of the Labour Party. The situation is such that even in the present circumstances there is no issue of leadership challenge because only some irrational individual would like to take the flag. Walking away is the best option. Being a backbencher of an Opposition Party with little hope of joining the official team – not even as Shadow Secretary - did not seem like a good political career path for somebody who reached the peak as British Foreign Secretary.

His brother Ed Milliband made a huge effort in terms of damage limitation. Having his brother playing an insignificant role inside the Labour Party was damaging but seeing his brother walking away from his parliamentary seat could be even more damaging. The Milliband spell is broken and when you look around you see nobody in the Labour ranks that could have the same kind of charisma. Ed Balls, the one man that could take the rains of the Labour Party, has the charisma of a nightclub bouncer; and among the female representatives you can hardly find one that doesn’t suffer some sort of hysteria that makes people unfit for office. Ed Milliband might be unappealing but the Labour Party finds itself between a rock and a hard place.    

EU proposes budget increase and Britain prepares for the worst

EU proposes budget increase and Britain prepares for the worst

The two announcements came out almost simultaneously. The European Union proposes a yearly budget increase of £9.5 billion Pound and the Bank of England has told Britain’s major banks they must raise £25 billion in new capital ‘to cover future losses and mis-selling costs’.

The writing is on the wall. Should the British economy go the same way as Cyprus’s economy, a similar solution would be applied in Britain taking a huge chunk of money out of savers’ deposits. This is not a drill for ‘if something happens…’ This is the real thing in a situation in which further budget cuts would dwarf budget cuts already implemented.

Should Britain be subjected to further credit rating downgrades, QE (Quantitative Easing) will no longer be available as a tool to prop up cash flow and the present devaluation trend affecting the British currency would accelerate.  

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

British History: What we hear and what we know…

British History: What we hear and what we know…

When it comes to British history, the vast majority of those living in Britain have merely vague notions and references to events that in most cases only a selected few can truly understand. To make matters worse, much of the history of what we call United Kingdom is either unknown or the object of pure speculation based on very limited information.

This is why reading British history is a bit like reading a novel, a blend of facts and fiction that could be revised at short notice due to incidental or accidental discoveries of a past about which we know very little. When our knowledge is limited, half-truths, misconceptions and misinterpretation become insurmountable obstacles and the source of fake political debates.

When documentary evidence is either missing or is unreliable, we end up using archaeological tools to guess what really happened. In every age, in every period of history, whoever was around at the time would give us a tainted version of events influenced by vested interests and this is why interpretation and speculation exist to fill up the gaps.

What we know as United Kingdom is relatively recent. In very similar ways to what happened in other European countries, nationhood was preceded by centuries of a very chaotic process during which British Identity – as we know it today – was virtually non-existent.

Much of British history happened in a world in which unions, loyalties and centres of power were rather unstable and transient. In the end, in an environment characterized by religious conflicts and power struggles of a feudal nature, concentration of power in fewer hands led to the formation of the United Kingdom.

Paradoxically, the process of formation of a national identity was accelerated or made possible by foreign invasions. In 1066, a Norman invasion led by a French warrior with Nordic ancestry – Guillaume Le Conquérant (that became known as William ‘The Conqueror’) initiated a series of fundamental nation-building political changes. Despite the fact that the newcomers were actually French native speakers and had actually defeated an English King, the political processes that followed strengthened the notion of national identity.

This is why today, when we talk about British Culture, we need to take into account the complexity of British history. When we talk about the European Union, we need to consider that for many centuries what we call today United Kingdom were in fact separate entities of a wider Pan-European reality characterized by extreme fragmentation that were often at war with each other.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Boris Berezovsky - A man full of contradictions

Boris Berezovsky
Boris Berezovsky - A man full of contradictions

Boris Berezovsky was a man plagued by contradictions. With links with the CIA and British Security Services, he was also a strong supporter of Muslim rebels in Chechnya.

In a few days time, Boris Berezovsky would have had to attend as a witness in an investigation about the death of Alexander Litvinenko and with his passing, fortunately for British Security Services, many questions will remain unanswered.

Having played a pivotal role in Russia under Boris Yeltsin, Berezovsky played a pivotal role in the United Kingdom. When the son of a deposed President of a former Soviet Republic looked for political asylum in the United Kingdom, all he had to do was to travel to Scotland to be assisted by Boris Berezovsky’s lawyers in the United Kingdom. When America needed right of passage for logistical support in Afghanistan, Boris Berezovsky was there to help thanks to his links in former Soviet Republics.

Boris Berezovsky was the protecting Godfather of many Russian exiles in the United Kingdom, people who came to Britain for various reasons including fundamental financial reasons like hiding Russian money unduly taken away from Russia.

Many Russian exiles are what I would call ‘political toilet paper’. Used when it is convenient to do so, only to be thrown away when they are no longer useful. Marina Litvinenko has repeatedly confirmed that Alexander Litvinenko was working for MI6 and MI6 has repeatedly denied it. In any case, British Intelligence Services had more reasons than the Russian authorities to get rid of Alexander Litvinenko and this is something British Intelligence Services cannot deny.

Britain was involved in two conflicts in Islamic countries and both Boris Berezovsky and Alexander Litvinenko were ‘extremely supportive’ of Muslim rebels in Chechnya that had links with the very same people that were killing British soldiers.

When Andrei Lugovoi came to London to negotiate with Alexander Litvinenko, the game changed. Russia wanted to extradite Boris Berezovsky and only documents provided by Alexander Litvinenko could force Britain to give away Boris Berezovsky. Boris Berezovky was still useful to both the CIA and the British establishment and therefore Alexander Litvinenko had to be sacrificed to protect Boris Berezovsky.

In the end, Boris Berezovsky ceased to be useful. The British establishment could have easily changed the course of events in the legal dispute between Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich but did nothing to help Boris Berezovsky. The outcome of the legal dispute was indicative of a new status quo in which Boris Berezovsky would no longer be needed.

Isolated from Russia, abandoned by the British establishment, abandoned by his partner and mother of his children, Boris Berezovsky became no more than a political liability because he had nothing to lose apart from his own life. In soccer, they say that a team that has nothing to lose becomes more dangerous. A frank witness account provided by Boris Berezovsky regarding Alexander Litvinenko was something that the British establishment did not want and would avoid by all means. This is why Boris Berezovsky had to die to protect the British establishment.  

BNP Panorama Programme about the BBC

BNP Panorama Programme about the BBC

As we produce our own Question Time programmes, we will start producing our own Panorama programme to tell the truth to those willing to listen. The opportunity has now come to talk about the debts of the Labour Party that the BBC, as representative of the Labour Party, always fails to mention.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Labour Party, under the leadership of Ed Milliband, owes £9,858,723 (British Pounds). Yes, this is the official debt of the Labour Party that is constantly criticizing and accusing the Conservative Party and others including the British National Party of mismanagement.

Why does the Labour Party want to win the next General Election? They want to win the next General Election to do what they did when they were in power. They used legislation to give taxpayers’ money to the Trade Unions so that the Trade Union could give the money disguised as ‘donations’ to the Labour Party. After thirteen years of ‘legalised fraud’, the Labour Party is the one political party that has beaten all records in terms of debts maintained by a political party in Britain.

So, we don’t need the BBC, protector of paedophiles and rapists, to come and lecture us about probity and good behaviour. Incidentally, we are talking about the same BBC that advised its own staff to create private accounts to defraud the Inland Revenue by paying taxes at lower rates.

Let’s be clear: corrupt champagne socialists have no right to lecture anybody else about how to run the country.

The British National Party is a small but very proud political party and we have every right to be proud because at the end, even those who fund terrorist organisations like the UAF, have come to accept that British National Party policies have always been right. When Prime Minister David Cameron tries to implement British National Party policies, Prime Minister David Cameron knows that the British National Party has been right all along.

For many years, the British National Party has been alerting about the dangers of flood immigration, about how people who never put a penny in the public coffers, have been abusing the system. We, the British National Party have been called Nazi, Fascist, Racist and many other things, because we said what many politicians that attacked the British National Party are now saying.

Many people, have asked Carlos Gerardo Cortiglia Coronel, why Carlos Gerardo Cortiglia Coronel, a man of Italian descent born in Uruguay, joined the British National Party instead of joining another political party. My answer has been always the same. I joined the British National Party because with all my political experience I could see, through the veil of demagogy, what other political parties were about.

National Interest is National Interest and must be the first priority of any British political party, above any other political consideration. Conservatives, Lib Dems, Labour and their acolytes have shown themselves as traitors to the cause of Great Britain, extremely willing to give away what was acquired with blood, sweat, tears and toil by many generations of British citizens and the BBC, paid with taxpayers’ money, is constantly spreading poison against those who care about Britain. So let’s have a Panorama programme about the BBC.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Renewal in British Politics

From time to time we face journalists that blindfolded by their own misguided perception concerning the British National Party try to judge us using the same parameters they use to judge other political organisations. For far too long, the British political scene has been dominated by the so called mainstream political parties to the point that the border lines that separate them from one another have become rather blurred.

In British politics, the British National Party is a completely new entity that does not respond to the traditional ways of thinking. Such is the confusion that not long ago David Cameron said that the British National Party was a right-wing party and Norman Tebbit said that the British National Party was a left-wing party. If experienced politicians are marred in confusion, what can you expect of journalists of dubious political pedigree?

Even so called University professors and lecturers live in a bubble of confusion. Matthew Goodwin, somebody who poses as an expert in British politics, made extremely vague remarks about the British National Party and about me personally - although I must say that, whatever remarks the 'expert' made about me, the 'expert' must have taken his ideas from somewhere else because in actual fact we never met and never spoke about politics or about what I stood for.

Once they run out of labels like 'Far-Right, Fascist, Nazi, Racist, and the like, the so-called experts and lecturers show their absolute ignorance in the most pathetic manner.

Another category of 'experts' are those that from time to time talk about the demise of Nationalism in Britain. They are in a class of their own because to ignorance they add their profoundly naive approach to politics. Nationalism is never going to go away. Nationalism is the essence of any nation. Nationalism is the sense of identity of any nation.

When we talk about integration, we are talking about National Identity and National Identity and Nationalism go hand in hand.

It is funny - funny as in bizarre - to see how dedicated the so called priest and priestesses of political correctness are when they talk and write about indigenous peoples. They show their anger saying that indigenous peoples in Australia, for example, are being mistreated or that tribes in Latin America and elsewhere are being discriminated against. But when we talk and write about how people who have lived these islands for many hundreds of years are being ethnically cleansed and discriminated against, they suddenly turn against the victims.

They feel enraged about 'uprooted Palestinians' but show very little interest when talking about uprooted Britons. The political symbiosis that we call Lib Lab Con is very much concerned about helping ethnic peoples in other lands and continents but promotes ethnic cleansing in the United Kingdom.

The British National Party comes as a means for political renewal. An organisation that actually means what it says is something very refreshing when compared to a very stale and corrosive status quo based on lies, deceit and political speculation for electoral purposes.


Press reports indicate that Britain has 13 days of gas supplies left

Press reports indicate that Britain has 13 days of gas supplies left

After troubles involving a Belgian pipeline, Britain is facing the real prospect of not having enough gas supplies. Press reports indicate that we now have merely 13 days of gas supplies left as reserves dwindle due to weather conditions.

The need to secure reliable sources of energy is now more urgent that ever before as North Sea Oil reserves are also coming to an end. Britain has been forced to rely on various foreign gas providers and having to depend more and more on external providers, some of them located as far away as Qatar in areas that are politically unstable. Energy sources are an issue of national security.

Just a few days ago, the British government signed a deal with the French company EDF for the construction of nuclear reactor in Somerset. Whatever the concerns about nuclear energy, we need energy in huge amounts sooner than later.

Phillip Hammond and Danny Alexander: Defense or no Defense?

A few days ago, Defense Secretary Phillip Hammond stated that more reduction of military spending would jeopardize the country’s security arrangements and require more military redundancies. The Coalition promised that from 2015 there would increases of military spending. Now, Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury says that the Ministry of Defense and the Home Office would ‘share the pain of £11.5 billion of cuts due in 2015-2016.

So what is it going to be? Will defense spending be increased or reduced in 2015-2016? Different members of the Coalition are sending contradictory messages. In reality, we should take this kind of announcements and counter-announcements with a pinch of salt because 2015 is General Election Year and everything will be determined by two factors: the ideology of those who form a government in 2015 and the financial environment in 2015.

What we can expect is that a certain number of soldiers will be thrown out like used toilet paper in an effort to fix public finances. Danny Alexander, as a Lib Dem is playing a tune to please Lib Dem supporters and Phillip Hammond as a Conservative is playing a tune to please Conservative supports. I am sure that both Conservative and Lib Dem supporters will be hugely disappointed when both defense cuts and welfare cuts are implemented.

Little more than two years separate us from the next General Election and in the present climate and given ideological constraints all they have to offer is nothing more than wishful thinking.
Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s financial poetry feels like the music played by the orchestra onboard the sinking Titanic. It was like telling a cancer patient who is about to die ‘you look better today’.

Kenneth Clarke opposed to recovery of Falkland Islands?

Kenneth Clarke
Kenneth Clarke opposed to recovery of Falkland Islands?

The private papers of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher are the clearest indication of the positions adopted by some ‘Conservative Advisers’ that in 1982 wanted Britain to play into the hands of the Military Junta headed by General Leopold Fortunato Galtieri. Kenneth Clarke MP is said to have told Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ‘to blow up a few ships’ and give up Falkland Islands.

This is the calibre of some prominent pro-EU Conservative MPs. Their attitudes towards the Falkland Islands are no different from the attitudes adopted concerning the European Union and Britain: for them British interests are always at the bottom of the list of priorities. No surprises here. Their ‘Democratic Credentials’ are self-evident when they refuse to support a Referendum on Europe and prefer to surrender British rights and give unelected European Bureaucrats the powers to run Britain.

The Paradox FCO/British Exports

Carlos Cortiglia
The Paradox FCO/British Exports

Conservative MPs in special committees in the House of Commons might be asking about how to promote British exports in fast growing economies but they should be reminded of the damage done to British exports by none other than Kenneth Clarke MP who started the process of getting rid of special programmes of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1997.

Friday, 22 March 2013

UKIP and BNP are two separate strands of British politics

UKIP and BNP are two separate strands of British politics

There is a popular misconception of those who say that UKIP was created to take votes away from the British National Party. In actual fact, using two usual labels, UKIP is a White Collar Party while the British National Party is a Blue Collar Party. There are similarities but merely similarities that have little to do with the fundamental ideas of UKIP and of the British National Party.

UKIP was born out of the internal differences within the Conservative Party of those who were ultra Pro-Europeans (John Major, Kenneth Clarke, Michael Heseltine and others) and those who were so deeply opposed to the European project that they could not remain as members of the Conservative Party and be faithful to their own ideas at the same time. The roots of the British National Party couldn’t be more different because it gathered support among disillusioned Labour supporters that at an early stage foresaw what is happening today in Britain.

All political parties win and lose elections taking votes away from other political parties and this is merely the natural order of things in elections. There is a floating number of voters that could support any of the present political parties at any given time. Therefore, to believe in some sort of political conspiracy is extremely naïve. If at any point in time, the official Conservative Party policies were to fundamentally change regarding Europe, it would be merely a matter of time for UKIP to be re-absorbed by the Conservative Party.

If David Cameron believed that the outcome of a Referendum on British Membership of the European Union would be a YES to the European Union, David Cameron would offer a Referendum tomorrow morning because such outcome would automatically make UKIP redundant.

The reason why David Cameron will not offer a Referendum tomorrow morning is because David Cameron knows that the outcome of such Referendum would legitimize UKIP in the minds of Conservative that are on the brink of defecting to UKIP.

This is why two consecutive defeats of the Conservative Party – Eastleigh and Havering – are so damaging for the official line of the Conservative Party. The latest result – despite being merely a by-election in one ward in Havering – is extremely important in psychological terms: UKIP 39% Conservative Party 13%.

A few months ago, the fear regarding an early General Election forced the Lid Dems to follow the official Conservative lead. The vote on Gay marriage and the presumed defeat regarding press regulations if there had been a vote in the House of Commons changed the balance of power and now both Lib Dems and Conservatives are proceeding with extreme caution. Among the Lib Dems, the situation is very fluid and Vince Cable did not hesitate to challenge Nick Clegg's apparent U-Turn on the issue of immigration. Given his position on Gay marriage, David Cameron alienated many Conservative MPs and recent electoral results can only exacerbate divisions within the Conservative Party.

By-Election in Havering confirms Eastleigh trend

A by-Election in a Council Ward in Havering confirms the Eastleigh trend. If we were to apply the same percentages to a General Election, we would have a UKIP government. If we could elect Members of Parliament using Proportional Representation there would be about 65 BNP MPs. Sounds farfetched? Well, in the present political environment all options are on the table.

Share of the votes (%)
Lawrence James Webb
Christine Anne McGeary
Not elected
Marcus Christian Sebastian Llewellyn-Rothschild
Not elected
Darren Christopher Wise
Not elected
Mick Braun
Not elected
Malvin Paul Brown
Not elected

Lawrence Webb
UKIP Local Residents
Christine Anne McGeary
Labour Party
Marcus Christian Sebastian Llewellyn-Rothschild
Conservative Party
Darren Christopher Wise
Harold Wood Hill Park Residents Association
Mick Braun
British National Party
Malvin Paul Brown
Residents’ Association of London

In an environment in which all the so-called mainstream political parties propose as solution is to print more electronic money to continue borrowing to keep the European Union afloat, I have no doubts that more and more people are desperately looking for alternatives.

Lib Dems and Labour are ideologically opposed to a Referendum on Europe and so is the EU Branch of the Conservative Party at a time when an increasing number of voters understand that we cannot put an end to flood immigration and we cannot start saving money unless we put an end to the EU adventure.

I cannot see Britain going cap in hand to Russia to ask for bailout money. What happens in Cyprus could happen here if we continue wasting money for ideological ends. Havering is just a sample but could very well be a representation of a national trend as people realize that there is a link between the European Union and their financial misfortunes. Britain will continue printing money despite the fact that QE is devaluing the British Pound. The readiness to print electronic money is what should be making investors extremely nervous because the money they get as payment for bonds and other loans is devalued money.

There is now another school of thought that is gaining momentum. They say that we should get rid of lower interest rates - this means getting rid of the base interest rate at 0.5% - to reflect what is happening in the real economy.

The natural consequence of putting up interest rates that would directly affect mortgage loans would lead to a drastic fall of property prices. In order to sell a property, owners would have to sell for less thus pushing prices down. Deflation in the housing market because of lack of demand created by higher costs of mortgage loans would create a more balanced housing market and would benefit savers that will get more value for their savings but there will be serious consequences because many will fall into the trap of negative equity having to repay loans at higher interest rates.

Negative equity is a nightmare scenario but a stagnant housing market is also a nightmare scenario. Investment is the answer but as long as we keep draining the British economy of the resources it needs to come back to life we are going to face the very real danger of contraction followed by loss of financial credibility.

When you look at the base interest rate and at commercial rates there is an obvious disconnect. The rate of the Bank of England needs to reconnect with the rates that exist in the real economy. Higher interest rates will help to attract investors thus reducing the need to print electronic money and the government will have some real income to tax. Taxing private incomes is better than creating digital money but this tax money will most certainly come from haves, instead of coming from have nots. 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Flood Immigration made the Housing Crisis a lot worse

Carlos Cortiglia
Flood Immigration made the Housing Crisis a lot worse

In 1997 when Britain had about 60 million people, Tony Blair said that we needed to build at least 30,000 new homes every year to cope with demand. When Labour left power in 2010, Britain had about 70 million people thanks to flood immigration. Now, in 2013, we need to build at least 50,000 new homes every year. Records indicate that last year the number of new homes built was about 145. Dividing and subdividing old housing stock is not the answer.

Last year I told Andrew Neil in the BBC Politics Show that immigration is about numbers and it effectively is about numbers. If people already living in this country cannot afford to buy or even rent accommodation, if there are no enough houses being built, we are going to have an endemic housing crisis.

How can wanting people to have decent accommodation be racist? Well, racism is the first word Left wing operators and politically correct operators mention every time we talk about immigration. Why they do that? They do it because a massive number of individuals are intellectually incapable of seeing the link between supply and demand. If you don’t have enough houses and if no enough houses are being built, the more people enter the country the less affordable accommodation will be and the more people will not be able to buy nor rent accommodation.

Yesterday, during a debate on Housing organised by the Evening Standard, Ken Livingstone said that housing benefits had pushed rental prices up allowing private landlords to milk the State at the expense of British taxpayers. On the other hand, Ken Livingstone criticises the reduction of housing benefits.

Now, pay attention. On the one hand, he says that housing benefits push rental prices up and on the other he says that housing benefits should not be cut. Shouldn't we be thinking about lowering rental prices? What is Ken Livingstone's logic? In this regard, Ken Livingstone has no logic. To those opposed to higher rental prices, he will say that he is against higher rental prices. To those opposes to housing benefit cuts, he will say that housing benefits should not be cut. This is called demagogy.

Boris Johnson himself made promises that he knew from the very beginning that he could not deliver. If a Labour failed to live up to the promise of building 50,000 new homes a year, how come a Mayor of London could possibly commit himself to build 50,000 new homes a year. This is called demagogy.

Both Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson are professional demagogues and mass media journalists allowed them to get away with murder.

I, Carlos Gerardo Cortiglia Coronel, British National Party 2012 Mayoral Candidate did not make false promises and, because I am not the kind of person that walks around making false promises, I was not allowed to take part in any Mayoral Debates.

I read the budget approved by the London Assembly. I knew exactly what could be done and what could not be done and decided to focus on policing as the main area of interest, about things that could be improved in the short term. What did Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson and Jenny Johnson do? You heard what Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson had to say and perhaps you missed what Jenny Jones proposed as representative of the Labour Party. Her maginal solution in terms of transport and the environment was to build more bycicle lanes. If you don't believe it, you can check the record of what was said during Mayoral Debates in which we were not allowed to participate. One particular debate was cancelled because both Ken Livingstone and Jenny Jones, Labour and 'Green Labour' respectively, refuse to debate with the British National Party. They walked away because they knew that I was going to destroy their arguments in front of television cameras. They were afraid of debating with the British National Party and they walked away using the usual excuses.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Budget: Still focused on retail and financial sectors

Budget: Still focused on retail and financial sectors

One fact that characterized Margaret Thatcher’s administration and following Conservative administrations was the privatisation of British companies – including public companies – and the exportation of jobs - in particular to China. The intention of entering the Chinese market was the fundamental reason to give up Hong Kong after building a very expensive airport facility at British taxpayers’ expense.

During the Labour administration, from 1997 until 2010, the confessed aim of the Labour Party beginning with Tony Blair as Prime Minister was to transform Britain into ‘a country of services’, namely retail and financial services.

The emphasis of the budget delivered this afternoon by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne follows the same lines of the previous Conservative administration and of the Labour Administration that followed it. Remarks about how to promote national manufacturing, farming, fisheries, transport and energy sectors et cetera et cetera are once again missing.

Britain urgently needs to replace nuclear reactors as one of the most fundamental items in the energy mix and to do so the Coalition reached an agreement with EDF, a French company, to build a nuclear reactor in Somerset. Before that, an agreement was reached with Siemens, a German company, to provide trains for the EUROSTAR lines and EUROSTAR, the actual company that manages high-speed railways, is actually French. So, in the end, every step of the way, we see that practically only foreign companies have become major players in projects developed in Britain and this shows, quite clearly, a self-evident failure to promote national interests in a country that has more than 2.5 million people unemployed.

There is a lot of cost cutting but there seems to be very little in terms of investment in national projects to be developed by British companies for the benefit of British workers and of Britain as a whole.

When it comes to deffending British consumers, the Labour Party in Opposition does not fare any better. All the blame seems to be about reduced welfare payments but there is no mention of any affirmative action to counter inflationary trends created by big supermarket chains and utilities whose greed is destroying vulnerable families.  

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tony Blair reappeared… to promote more wars

Tony Blair reappeared… to promote more wars

Tony Blair, the man who promoted wars against Islamic countries and later on posed as a Middle-East Peace Envoy, appeared once again on television to promote more wars in Arab countries. 

Tony Blair reappeared to support yet another war of aggression but now against Syria. It seems that the amount of blood of men, women and children spilt in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries is not enough for him. Listening to the news on a daily basis and learning about the present onlaught in Iraq, one can say that people like Tony Blair created an awful mess. In a war promoted by Tony Blair, hundreds of thousands of Muslims - men, women and children - were tortured, injured, mamed, killed and about a million of those who survived the war were forced to flee to other countries and the Iraqi nightmare continues. 

Hans Blix -  former UN Weapons Inspector
Hans Blix, former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, reaffirmed unequivocally that the attack against Iraq was unnecessary and illegal and that Tony Blair as a war criminal should be put on trial.

If there are any Muslims reading this article, let’s tell them again and again that we were publicly against the invasion of Iraq and that we are against the war in Afghanistan, that we reject Western interference in the Islamic world with the same strength and commitment with which we reject foreign interference and ethnic cleansing in the United Kingdom.

If Cyprus gets out of the Euro…

If Cyprus gets out of the Euro…

If Cyprus gets out of the Euro, it would be bad news for other countries that are still in the Euro-zone because Cyprus could become a very serious competitor with prices that would be absolutely lower compaired to prices that exist within the Euro-zone.

Of course that for ideological reasons the German government and other governments would like to force Cyprus to maintain the Euro by paying the very high cost of selling all its assets and becoming a shadow country like Greece which has sold its political independence in exchange for bailouts.

If Cyprus were to leave the Euro-zone and proved to be a success… this is the one thing European bureaucrats are very afraid of… other countries would follow the example of Cyprus and choose to get out of the Euro-zone.

Why should a country like Italy be frozen by Euro policies when Italy could be perfectly capable of devaluing its currency, being able to implement its own taxation system without the interference of the European Central Bank? The Euro was fundamentally an ideological tool and this is why it has failed to deliver.

The idea of having weaker countries running at the same speed as Industrial Germany is absolutely mad. Argentina tried to peg its national currency to the USA dollar and ended up selling its gold reserves and defaulting payments of its foreign debt for the sake of maintaining an illusion of prosperity.

Did the governments of Greece, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Italy and others learn anything from what happened to Argentina? What happened in Europe is not new and politicians should have been wiser and should have rejected the ideological folly of the European Union bureaucrats and their acolytes.

Families in Cyprus, or anywhere else, need real economies that create viable employment - and by viable employement I mean employment that produces decent living standards. The ongoing upheaval created and promoted by ideological stupidity will continue until people decide to walk away from the illusionists also known as 'mainstream political parties' that created the crisis that we are facing.


Monday, 18 March 2013

Jihad in Bangladesh: Muslims unleash Holy Hell

Jihad in Bangladesh: Muslim unleash Holy Hell

Hindu child hacked to death by Muslims in Bangladesh

Everything started after a Delwar Hossain Sayedee, an Islamist leader aka a blood-thirsty individual was sentenced to death for war crimes committed during the 1971 independence conflict. Hindus, their houses and temples came under attack in several districts including Noakhali, Satkhira and Siranjgaj. Forty-seven Hindu temples and 700 homes were torched.

This is what is left of a child after being attacked by followers of the Religion of Peace that represents about 90 per cent of the Population of Bangladesh. The Hindu minority stands no chance. In the following picture, The corpses of more Hindu children slaughtered and lying on the ground.

Get thinking people! Can you imagine what will happen in Britain if Muslim ever become a majority? Hindus in Bangladesh and Christians in Pakistan know full well the deadly consequences of having to co-exist with Muslim majorities that stop at nothing. I reckon we would not be merely talking about gang rape carried out by Asian gangs in the UK. 

In the following scene more dead and injured Hindu children are being carried on the streets. Are we going to allow this to ever happen in the United Kingdom? This is Back to the Future. A wake-up call for those who still live in denial.

Prof Richardson: Women voted in Britain since 1843

Professor Sarah Richardson of the University of Warwick has discovered evidence that indicates that British women of all classes were able to vote 75 years before the Suffragettes movement and the parliamentary franchise of 1918.

A poll book for the election to the local office of Assistant Overseer of the Poor, in the parish of St Chad's, Lichfield, in 1843 showed that women voted and played an active role in elections.
All members of a household that payed rates were entitled to vote and this included single and widowed women. What is more, those who paid higher rates were entitled to up to four votes in the election. So as records indicate Victorian women were entitled to vote.

The poll book of 1843 tells us the address of the voters, the rates they paid and how they voted at a time when ballots were not secret and everybody was entitled to know how other people had voted.