Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Immigration: Stolen Clothes

Immigration: Stolen Clothes

Every step of the way the British National Party has been criticized and demonised when the issue of immigration – and especially flood immigration – has been mentioned. Even UKIP members have accused the British National Party calling the British National Party racist, Nazi and Fascist for daring to mention policies regarding immigration.

Guess what? Nigel Farage in an interview with Russia Today RT mentions British National Party concerns about immigration and says that it is unwise to continue flooding the country with immigrants when a rising number of British youths are unemployed.

What it is not mentioned is the fact that also an increasing number of newcomers are unemployed and facing situations that are worse than the situations they left behind in their countries of origin. The slums are spreading and this includes the capital city of the United Kingdom where Metropolitan Police officers are now involved in periodic raids to tackle the problem of irregular settlements.

Looking at other countries like Spain where unemployment is about 30% a curious phenomenon is occurring – both Spanish born and non-Spanish born are leaving. Such is the mess created by decades of flood immigration.

Recently, across the Atlantic, in a country called Uruguay, a politician called Pedro Bordaberry said that the present financial environment is very similar to the one that preceded the appearance of many dictatorial regimes. Of course the politically correct classes in Uruguay immediately attacked Pedro Bordaberry for mentioning historical facts in very much in the same manner so called politically correct operators in Britain and elsewhere attack those who talk about facts.

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