Saturday, 23 March 2013

Kenneth Clarke opposed to recovery of Falkland Islands?

Kenneth Clarke
Kenneth Clarke opposed to recovery of Falkland Islands?

The private papers of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher are the clearest indication of the positions adopted by some ‘Conservative Advisers’ that in 1982 wanted Britain to play into the hands of the Military Junta headed by General Leopold Fortunato Galtieri. Kenneth Clarke MP is said to have told Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ‘to blow up a few ships’ and give up Falkland Islands.

This is the calibre of some prominent pro-EU Conservative MPs. Their attitudes towards the Falkland Islands are no different from the attitudes adopted concerning the European Union and Britain: for them British interests are always at the bottom of the list of priorities. No surprises here. Their ‘Democratic Credentials’ are self-evident when they refuse to support a Referendum on Europe and prefer to surrender British rights and give unelected European Bureaucrats the powers to run Britain.

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