Friday, 15 March 2013

British Security Services used Andrei Lugovoi as scapegoat

Alexander Litvinenko
Having one foot in the West and one foot in the East, I have come to the conclusion that leaders in both West and East want to maintain a climate of confrontation and mutual mistrust as part of the status quo. The idea is not so-far fetched as it has been said that Intelligence services on all sides owe their own existence to their counterparts and by the same token the armament industries prosper by developing new weapons to deal with a war that is being psychologically kept alive in the minds of ordinary citizens by constant scaremongering campaigns. The money making James Bond Series, the Hunt for Red October and other movie productions have been successful  because they promote stereotypes and help to maintain a status quo that is beneficial for vested interests and justify aggressive foreign policies.

Earlier in the day I wrote extensively about the events surrounding the death of Alexander Litvinenko, former KGB agent and former employee of Russian tycoon Boris Berezovski, linked to Muslim rebels in Chechnya. The murky world of British Intelligence blamed Andrei Lugovoi, a former KGB agent and former colleague of Alexander Litvinenko. The British government and the British mass media played with the minds of millions of ordinary citizens simply by using a psychological tool very much linked to the success of the James Bond Series and the memories of the Cold War. Nobody stopped for a minute to think about all the factors involved in the death of Alexander Litvinenko and they chose the easy way out by using Andrei Lugovoi as a scapegoat.

The facts are that Boris Berezovski has publicly stated his intention to destroy Russia by supporting the enemies of Russia and this includes Muslim Chechen rebels. After converting to Islam, Alexander Litvinenko was obviously a very useful tool to provide aid for terrorist forces in Chechnya. Marina Litvinenko indicated that Alexander Litvinenko was also working for the British Security Services, a bit of information that the British government has chosen to remain very quiet about.

A few days before he died, Alexander, Litvinenko met in London with Andrei Lugovoi and with Mario Scaramella, an Italian journalist syndicated as a Maffia operator and go-between in charge of providing Chechen rebels with financial assistance and weaponry. The intention of the British government to keep anything related to Alexander Litvinenko’s death under wraps is the clearest indication of British involvement in the death of Alexander Litvinenko.

When Alexander Litvinenko died, Britain under Tony Blair was involved in two conflicts in Muslim countries – Iraq and Afghanistan. Therefore, any scandal surrounding aid provided by Russian exiles based in London to Muslim rebels in Chechnya would have been a public relations disaster for the British government.

Until his death, Alexander Litvinenko believed that he had been poisoned by Mario Scaramella. The following is a quote of a press report:

"Mr Litvinenko accused Mr Scaramella of poisoning from the day he first fell ill; as the Italian told me, his name was all over Russian and Chechen websites as the main suspect in the poisoning of the former FSB agent long before the story hit the British press. Mr Litvinenko retained his suspicion right up to his death. Speaking of the Itsu meeting, he said: "Mario didn't want anything, he game the email printouts... I said to myself, he could have sent these emails by computer. But instead he wanted to come and give them to me in person; why and why in such a hurry? He was very nervous."

The natural conclusion is that Mario Scaramella came to Britain to kill Alexander Litvinenko. But there is more. Since he was named as the murderer of Alexander Litvinenko in the Chechen press, Mario Scaramella said that ‘the Chechens have identified me as a military target and that he was told that if he touched Alexander Litvinenko the Chechens would kill him since Litvinenko was a strong supporter of the Chechen rebels after defecting to the UK in 2001.

The death of Alexander Litvinenko is undoubtedly an embarrassment for Britain’s security services but it is a lot more than that and in fact there are indications that it was part of a botched terror plot against Russia and this is exactly why the British government maintains a veil of secrecy.

The story goes like this. Alexander Litvinenko worked both for Boris Berezovski and for British intelligence services, was a supporter of Muslim rebels in Chechnya and the Italian Maffia was being used to provide financial aid and weaponry to Muslim rebels in Chechnya. Alexander Livtinenko was the pin that linked Boris Berezovski, the Italian Maffia and the British government to Muslim rebels in Chechya at a time when British soldiers were dying in Iraq and in Afghanistan. So for the British government getting rid of Alexander Litvinenko became a priority and using Mario Scaramella to get rid of Alexander Litvinenko was the obvious option and this is why the British government protected Mario Scaramella by saying that he had nothing to do with Alexander Litvinenko’s death and by implementing a gigantic cover up operation.

British experts cleared Andrei Lugovoi of any involvement in Litvinenko's death but the British government decided to maintain the official cover up.

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