Saturday, 23 March 2013

Renewal in British Politics

From time to time we face journalists that blindfolded by their own misguided perception concerning the British National Party try to judge us using the same parameters they use to judge other political organisations. For far too long, the British political scene has been dominated by the so called mainstream political parties to the point that the border lines that separate them from one another have become rather blurred.

In British politics, the British National Party is a completely new entity that does not respond to the traditional ways of thinking. Such is the confusion that not long ago David Cameron said that the British National Party was a right-wing party and Norman Tebbit said that the British National Party was a left-wing party. If experienced politicians are marred in confusion, what can you expect of journalists of dubious political pedigree?

Even so called University professors and lecturers live in a bubble of confusion. Matthew Goodwin, somebody who poses as an expert in British politics, made extremely vague remarks about the British National Party and about me personally - although I must say that, whatever remarks the 'expert' made about me, the 'expert' must have taken his ideas from somewhere else because in actual fact we never met and never spoke about politics or about what I stood for.

Once they run out of labels like 'Far-Right, Fascist, Nazi, Racist, and the like, the so-called experts and lecturers show their absolute ignorance in the most pathetic manner.

Another category of 'experts' are those that from time to time talk about the demise of Nationalism in Britain. They are in a class of their own because to ignorance they add their profoundly naive approach to politics. Nationalism is never going to go away. Nationalism is the essence of any nation. Nationalism is the sense of identity of any nation.

When we talk about integration, we are talking about National Identity and National Identity and Nationalism go hand in hand.

It is funny - funny as in bizarre - to see how dedicated the so called priest and priestesses of political correctness are when they talk and write about indigenous peoples. They show their anger saying that indigenous peoples in Australia, for example, are being mistreated or that tribes in Latin America and elsewhere are being discriminated against. But when we talk and write about how people who have lived these islands for many hundreds of years are being ethnically cleansed and discriminated against, they suddenly turn against the victims.

They feel enraged about 'uprooted Palestinians' but show very little interest when talking about uprooted Britons. The political symbiosis that we call Lib Lab Con is very much concerned about helping ethnic peoples in other lands and continents but promotes ethnic cleansing in the United Kingdom.

The British National Party comes as a means for political renewal. An organisation that actually means what it says is something very refreshing when compared to a very stale and corrosive status quo based on lies, deceit and political speculation for electoral purposes.


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