Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tony Blair reappeared… to promote more wars

Tony Blair reappeared… to promote more wars

Tony Blair, the man who promoted wars against Islamic countries and later on posed as a Middle-East Peace Envoy, appeared once again on television to promote more wars in Arab countries. 

Tony Blair reappeared to support yet another war of aggression but now against Syria. It seems that the amount of blood of men, women and children spilt in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries is not enough for him. Listening to the news on a daily basis and learning about the present onlaught in Iraq, one can say that people like Tony Blair created an awful mess. In a war promoted by Tony Blair, hundreds of thousands of Muslims - men, women and children - were tortured, injured, mamed, killed and about a million of those who survived the war were forced to flee to other countries and the Iraqi nightmare continues. 

Hans Blix -  former UN Weapons Inspector
Hans Blix, former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, reaffirmed unequivocally that the attack against Iraq was unnecessary and illegal and that Tony Blair as a war criminal should be put on trial.

If there are any Muslims reading this article, let’s tell them again and again that we were publicly against the invasion of Iraq and that we are against the war in Afghanistan, that we reject Western interference in the Islamic world with the same strength and commitment with which we reject foreign interference and ethnic cleansing in the United Kingdom.

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