Monday, 11 March 2013

Abu Qatada and Budget Cuts

Abu Qatada and Budget Cuts

While British taxpayer are paying millions of pounds to keep Abu Qatada and his family in Britain – a man who entered the country illegally – vulnerable British families are being tortured by budget cuts. Senior Conservatives are asking the Prime Minister David Cameron to turn on the heat and go for a public budget freeze for not less than 4 years, public budget freeze that in view of the present rate of inflation actually means salary cuts of about 2.5 per cent a year.

Would you borrow money to give it to somebody else while you pay higher and higher interest rates for the said money? The plain and direct answer is no. Unfortunately this is what Britain does every day. Britain borrows money to give money to the European Union and various countries outside the European Union. Britain can only give money to the European Union and to other countries outside the European Union by getting deeper into debt and facing the serious prospect of having British bonds declared junk. Italy of all countries is pretty close to having its own state bonds classified as junk.

The time to stop being politically correct is long overdue. Abu Qatada and other Islamic operators should have been thrown out of the country a long time ago. Instead, the British people are forced to live in fear while facing extremely difficult financial circumstances.

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