Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fraud: 900,000 dropped incapacity benefit claims

Fraud: 900,000 dropped incapacity benefit claims

The stench of attempted fraud is all over the place. Nine-hundred thousand people dropped their incapacity benefit claims to avoid facing new medical tests. Talking about an excessively expensive Welfare State, as soon as there is a genuine attempt to curb benefit fraud, the outcome is amazing. After some sort of religious act of faith aka threat of being found out, the disabled appear to be in good health and very able to work and earn a living.

If we chased every single kind of benefit fraud, Britain would be saving billions of Pounds. Local authorities would be well advised, now that they are under increasing budgetary pressure, to chase fraudsters that are awarded subsidized housing that ends up being rented out in the open market. Courts in Croydon and others parts of London have been busy putting on trial people who got subsidized housing under false pretences and were later found making a living renting the properties given to them because they lied and said that they had nowhere else to live.

Wondering about diversity in London? Multicultural fraudsters are milking the system. Ever wondered what hundreds of thousands of foreign faces are doing in London in times of deep recession? You only need to look at the Welfare State to know what many of them are doing here. Iain Duncan Smith stated that he has no plans for further benefit cuts. Well, this is the time to cut fraud and cutting fraud, if the authorities are serious about cutting fraud, will mean certain deportation. You were born in this country and your family has lived and worked here for many generations and still cannot afford what many foreign fraudsters are getting.

On top of that you have the Abu Qatada of this world. After following the James Bond Series with License to Kill, I thought we could be putting the real James Bond to good use to get rid of terrorist scum. If the pigs faced the certainty of execution on British soil, I don’t think many of them would like to stay here or even come to Britain. Now, British Security Services tell us that pigs born in Britain and presently fighting in Syria could return to Britain to carry out terrorist acts. I do apologize for comparing the said individuals to pigs. It is not my intention to offend pigs.

Going back to the issue of welfare payments, has it ever occurred to you that many 'benefit claimants' use the money they get from the Welfare State to finance acts of terrorism? Some time ago, Shreela Flather, Baroness Flather, a Member of the House of Lords, discovered that certain 'faithful individuals' were using women as cows to exploit the Welfare State. One man using religion as a cover can use several women, father plenty of children, and get benefits for every single woman and every child as the said women are classified as single mothers under British Law. This would be a very nice and convenient way of funding AlQaeda-like organisations in Britain and across the world. 

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