Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Arming terrorists born in Britain that fight in Syria

Arming terrorists born in Britain that fight in Syria

We cannot get rid of a bloody extremist called Abu Qatada and the same government leading the legal effort to get rid of Abu Qatada has been talking about arming terrorists born in Britain to fight in Syria. It is common knowledge that Muslims fighting in Syria at this very minute could turn against Britain and carry out attacks in Britain. They would have the training, the experience, the ground knowledge, the language and other means to launch a terrorist campaign in the country in which they were born.

This goes to show how nonsensical has been the official British approach to what is happening in the Middle East. British Security Services have been incapable of dealing with the number of suspects that could potentially be involved in terrorist plots in the United Kingdom and are over-stretched. They cannot track down everybody or follow everybody all the time. What happened in July 2005 was the direct consequence of having to choose who to follow and who not to follow. The culprits had been known for some time but British Security Services lost sight of them due to lack of resources and more than 50 people died.

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