Sunday, 3 March 2013

David Cameron: U-Turn Party Leader

David Cameron answers critics: I will not lurch to the Right

The outcome of the election in Eastleigh tells the story of a fait accompli: UKIP is now the real Conservative Party and will take voters away from the Conservative Party led by David Cameron in bigger and bigger numbers. The idea of keeping the Conservative Party in what David Cameron calls the common ground means that people who more and more want definitive answers – definitive answers mean yes or no to fundamental questions – will not find them under David Cameron’s leadership.

David Cameron is now the leader of the U-Turn Party, a political party that tries to find accommodating positions rather than looking to lead the country with proper policies to protect national interests.

Recently, David Cameron went to Europe to supposedly reduce the burden of the ransom paid to Europe but in fact British payments will continue rising and this contradicts what David Cameron stated that he had done. He promised a Referendum on Europe ‘if he wins the next General Election’. He knows full well that he will not win the next General Election and if he had any intention whatsoever of offering a Referendum he would have done it already while he is in power.

David Cameron talks about making Britain stronger. Well, in fact, since he came to power, he has been making Britain weaker. He is bent on destroying the British Armed Forces and now we come to the point that a Conservative Defense Secretary opposes the Government saying that the British Armed Forces could not endure any more budget cuts.

Nigel Farage describes the Conservative Party under David Cameron as the ‘Wind Farms and Gay Marriage Party’. David Cameron is in fact a lot of wind and little substance, and if you thought that the present Conservative Party was about family values you should think again. Fellatio, Cunnilingus and Anal Sex of same gender couples have nothing to do with family values and this is what David Cameron seems to stand for.


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