Friday, 1 March 2013

Conservative Party: Wind Farms and Gay Marriage

Conservative Party: Wind Farms and Gay Marriage

One thing Nigel Farage has plenty of is his ‘demolition humour’ and when talking about the Conservatives coming third behind UKIP he said that Conservative voters are fed up of Wind Farms and Gay Marriage. By the way, Labour came fourth in the same by-election in Eastleigh and this is why, to avoid embarrassing its ideological friends, the BBC just focused its attention on the ‘Conservative demise’.

The BBC – traditionally biased and ideologically driven - , since Labour came fourth, decided to qualify the Lib Dem hold in Eastleigh as ‘stunning victory despite UKIP surge’. Of course the BBC fails to remark that this was one of the biggest UKIP successes in local elections.

David Cameron’s efforts to rebrand the Conservative Party are failing miserably and replacing the Conservative Torch with a bushy tree has not been one of his best ideas.

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