Tuesday, 5 March 2013

China: Getting ready for war

China: Getting ready for war
“China is to increase its defence budget spending by 10.7%, the country's government has announced.” Adolf Hitler said that armies are made for war. Hitler rose to power in 1933 and rearmament started driving the German economy towards Zero Unemployment at a huge cost. Six-year later, World War Two started.
China has been increasingly at odds with neighbouring countries like the Russian Federation, India and Japan. There have been several confrontations that could have created real armed conflicts.

The ‘one-child policy’ implemented by the Communist regime created a dangerous imbalance regarding the number of males and females and somebody commented that losing a million soldiers – something that would be a tragedy for any other country – would be welcomed news for China as a way to restore demographic stability.

More and more countries across the world depend on having China as a buyer of raw materials including iron ore and coal. Chinese militarism could have disastrous consequences for China and for many countries in practically every continent. This is the time when more and more foreign investors become aware of the foolishness of starving their national economies for the sake of investing in Chinese sweatshops. Those who have economic power sooner than later want political power and the struggle for political power can lead to militaristic expansionism.

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