Saturday, 16 March 2013

British work, British Engineering, British Interests

British work, British Engineering, British Interests
Britain, the land that gave birth to the Industrial Revolution, was sold out. British companies were sold to foreign interests and British patents were exported and are no longer in British hands. This is the reality we deal with and when David Cameron talks about apprenticeships whatever he says sounds hollow. British youths should be trained to work for British companies protecting British interests.
If we want a British Britain we will have to start taking back what Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour gave away and when I say 'taking back' I mean taking back. Many generations gave their lives to keep Britain British and they have been stabbed in the back by perverted Globalist.
In the days of Henry the Eighth and in the days of Queen Elizabeth I, people had no hesitation when defending national interest. Heads rolled, public executioners were kept very busy and prisons were prisons. When the survival of Britain is at stake, forget about political correctness and do what must be done. In the days of Admiral Horatio Nelson, diplomacy was never far away from warships ready to strike at very short notice but when they did strike they did it to defend British national interests and not to protect somebody else’s interests.
Bastards like Abu Qatada would have left Britain in a hurry or would have had their heads chopped. Make no mistake about it. We are wasting money chasing terrorists, we arrest them and then we feed them, we look after them and we give them money for them and their families. Can you imagine something like this happening under Henry the Eighth or under Queen Elizabeth I? We waste and waste and waste even more and we get deeper and deeper into debt feeding terrorists and shareholders of foreign companies.
Many talk about Britain becoming a Republic because they cannot justify the existence of an ornamental Monarchy that has no teeth together with a Parliament that has no scruples and does not stand up for British interests.

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