Saturday, 16 March 2013

Financial mismanagement and greed of Western speculators created Hitler

Financial mismanagement and greed of Western speculators created Hitler.

Cyprus has been added to a list including the Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Italy and the debacle created by financial mismanagement continues after the downgrade of Britain’s credit rating. Democracy is dying and being replaced by financial institutions run by a select group of shareholders with national governments that survive merely as a façade to mention an illusion while millions see their livelihoods destroyed. While countries like France, Britain and the USA keep interfering in other peoples’ affairs, a few are banking on the possibility of more armed conflicts at the expense of billions of human beings that struggle to have a decent life.

In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler talks about international financiers whose greed led to unemployment, starvation and ultimately armed conflict and when you look at history you see that his explanation was the revealed truth and his rise to power was very much the direct consequence of Western speculation and greed. Somebody somewhere is amassing huge fortunes while ordinary people are suffering more and more.

We are told that we have to accept budget cuts affecting health, education, transport and other public services. We are told that there is no money around to keep people employed and families fed. We are told many lies disguised as a fabricated recession. There is no recession. What we have is a bunch of abusers that have taken over entire countries and are preying on vulnerable people. The simple truth is that those who abuse the system must be destroyed so that balance can be restored.

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