Thursday, 28 March 2013

Berezovsky: Contradictory Police reports can only confirm foul play

There are contradictory reports regarding the death of Boris Berezovsky that can only confirm that there was foul play. Initial reports indicated that there wasn’t any reason to suspect foul play and that there wasn’t evidence to determine cause of death either. Days later, we are told that there is evidence indicating that Boris Berezovky could have hanged himself or that somebody else could have been involved.

This, in my humble opinion, is highly irregular and does not inspire confidence in the authorities in charge of the investigation. This is not the kind of behaviour that we could expect from a fully professional Police force. Contradictory reports lead to rumour and rumours lead to mistrust, especially in cases of such political importance.

The death of Dr David Kelly, a UN weapons expert, was also surrounded by a veil of mystery created by Police reports. One version of events was that Dr. David Kelly did not die where his body was found. Official reports had indicated that Dr. David Kelly had presumably committed suicide by cutting his veins but no blood was found and the official version of events could not be supported with irrefutable evidence.

Further inquests and investigations regarding the death of Dr. David Kelly would have been completely unnecessary if Police reports had been supported by irrefutable evidence. Instead, all we got was presumptions and sheer speculation that some said – including myself – were part of a gigantic cover up.

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