Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Single-handedly, Benjamin Netanyahu will cause more damage than Adolf Hitler

Benjamin Netahyahu will single-handedly cause more damage to Jewish Communities across the world than Adolf Hitler could ever cause.

The Israeli Prime Minister has become the embodiment of all the evil National Socialist Germany propaganda was spreading and that made the so called Holocaust possible.

Today, you don't need Joseph Goebbels. The Prime Minister of Israel Bejanmin Netanyahu is himself doing the job of Joseph Goebbels, defining himself as a warmonger by both his words and his actions, promoting hatred against Jews as the head of a racist theocratic state that is breaking every rule in the book.

All the good work towards understanding and peace that both Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon did in their latter days has been destroyed and now all occupied territories are a battlefield and what happens in Palestine is portraying Jews as mass murderers and innocents are paying a very high price.

Under Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has become the evil that those fleeing persecution in Europe were running away from in the 1930s and 1940s.

Monday, 19 October 2015

US Foreign Policy will force a re-run of 1930s and 1940s in Europe

Donald Trump in saying that USA created a mess everywhere. Talking to a Dutch couple today in Central London I said: keep supporting USA Foreign Policy and you will end up with a re-run of the 1930s and 1940s.

USA Foreign Policy has not only destabilized Africa, Middle East and Asia Minor. It is now destabilizing Europe. Who will capitalize on all the failed policies implemented in Europe as a direct consequence of the mess created by the USA? Read the news and you will see.

There is talk of building iron fences everywhere. Even the German Police chiefs are now talking about building iron fences.

The issues are extremely serious and the USA Ruling Elites have lost the plot completely and this now new. They created AlQaeda, trained AlQaeda and AlQaeda turned against them. They made ISIS and now ISIS is running amok creating havoc everywhere.

Iraq is de-facto partitioned. Libya is out of control, Syria is a battlefield and neighbouring countries are involved in both internal and external conflicts with colliding interests.

Just a few days ago, the Turkish Ambassador in London asked 'not to support Syrian Kurds that are fighting against ISIS' and Saudi Arabia blocked a UN investigation about Yemen where anti-ISIS forces have been bombed by Saudi Arabia.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Is US Christianity a fake of a fake Nation?

The issue is very much the centre of  huge controversy. For ages, the US has been portrayed as a Christian Nation. The expression In God We Trust is even printed on US Dollar banknotes. When you listen to certain speeches in both the Senate and in the House of Representatives you could be led to believe that US is a Christian Nation but... is it?

There is a huge divide between the landing Pilgrims (that is very much part of mythological US) and what happens to day across the United States of America.

President Ronald Reagan said that the divide between the Christian Faith and the State was very much the essence of governance in the US.

In fact, is US was a Christian nation, illegal invasions, murder, torture, and  the justification of murderous policies couldn't possibly be consistent with the Christian message. The Holocaust of the Palestinian peoples carried out by a racist discriminatory racist country like Israel would be anathema for any rational thinking person. The reality is that US supports murder and assassinations, torture and detention without trial - issues that could hardly be called Christian because Jesus was tortured and murdered and US Foreign Policies could hardly be called Christian.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Ever wondered where ISIS gets Toyota trucks and Weaponry?

If Erwin Rommel had had the supply of transport and weapons ISIS seems to be getting, the Afrika Korps would have defeated the Allies in World War Two,

Does Turkey provide supplies for ISIS? Does Saudi Arabia provide supplies for ISIS? Endless supply of fuel, endless supply of transport, endless supply of weapons including anti-aircraft missiles. Where do you people think they come from?

Well, add to this that somebody is buying oil produced by ISIS. Everything points in the direction of the White House that was instrumental in supporting AlQaeda and in the creation of ISIS. The fury regarding Russia military intervention in Syria proves the point since Russia is targeting those US, UK and others support. Do you actually think that without US support a long line of trucks could be moving around without being detected by US satellite capabilities?

The United States of America knows where ISIS is precisely because the USA is supporting ISIS and has been doing so from the very beginning. Everything else is merely playing for the gallery of the naive and brainwashed massed daily fed the usual quota of crap provided by the US State Department and echoes by the useful idiots of the mass media.

Roberton: Hatred from Self-Admiring BBC

Robert Peston: From BBC Star to most hated individual. The rage of Feudal BBC was not going to forgive anybody capable of leaving on his own terms the Most Perfect Organisation in the World.

In one of those rare moments of crystal clear information the salaries of the stars were disclosed and all coming from TV License: Andrew Marr, about 500,000 Pound a Year - and Robert Peston about 700,000 Pound a Year.

How many old people have to be taken to court to squeeze every penny out of them in order to finance the BBC Star System? And it goes on and on and on, because we are left none the wiser about how much more of taxpayers money is being 'invested' to finance a clique that self-appointed itself as the Paladins of Truth when in fact they are no more than the archetypes of a system based on the most insufferable kind of bias and hypocrisy.

Most of those who are part of the system walk around with a dog tag hanging from their necks with petulant self-importance pretending that they are the centre of the world and far too many people still believe in the old myths and keep them on a pedestal.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and US support ISIS

Turkey, a member of NATO, is helping ISIS guerrillas that are now seeking refuge in Turkey after the intensification of Russian Anti-Terrorist Operations in Syria.

Questions had been raised about Turkish attacks against Kurds who are fighting ISIS and about the role of Saudi Arabia in Yemen where the Saudi Arabian Air Force is protecting ISIS by attacking guerrillas opposed to ISIS.

Something similar occurs in Syria where the United States of America is supporting ISIS by providing weapons to ISIS via so called 'Moderate Muslims'.

If you want to know what means of transportation ISIS has you wouldn't be surprised that they are using US made armoured troop transport vehicles made for the US Armed Forces.
If you ask who is buying oil sold by ISIS, you would not surprised to know that ISIS is being financed by the United States of America in cooperation with Turkey.

The geopolitical games of the United States of America coincide with ISIS aims and this does not happen just by chance. The hope is to totally destabilize the Muslim World to then take over its resources.

That was the failed game in Iraq where Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney wanted to benefit from the total destruction of Iraq to then have 'reconstruction contracts' awarded to companies linked to them both. They dismantled the Iraqi Army and this led to a de-facto partition of Iraq of which ISIS controls vast territories.