Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Roberton: Hatred from Self-Admiring BBC

Robert Peston: From BBC Star to most hated individual. The rage of Feudal BBC was not going to forgive anybody capable of leaving on his own terms the Most Perfect Organisation in the World.

In one of those rare moments of crystal clear information the salaries of the stars were disclosed and all coming from TV License: Andrew Marr, about 500,000 Pound a Year - and Robert Peston about 700,000 Pound a Year.

How many old people have to be taken to court to squeeze every penny out of them in order to finance the BBC Star System? And it goes on and on and on, because we are left none the wiser about how much more of taxpayers money is being 'invested' to finance a clique that self-appointed itself as the Paladins of Truth when in fact they are no more than the archetypes of a system based on the most insufferable kind of bias and hypocrisy.

Most of those who are part of the system walk around with a dog tag hanging from their necks with petulant self-importance pretending that they are the centre of the world and far too many people still believe in the old myths and keep them on a pedestal.

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