Thursday, 8 October 2015

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and US support ISIS

Turkey, a member of NATO, is helping ISIS guerrillas that are now seeking refuge in Turkey after the intensification of Russian Anti-Terrorist Operations in Syria.

Questions had been raised about Turkish attacks against Kurds who are fighting ISIS and about the role of Saudi Arabia in Yemen where the Saudi Arabian Air Force is protecting ISIS by attacking guerrillas opposed to ISIS.

Something similar occurs in Syria where the United States of America is supporting ISIS by providing weapons to ISIS via so called 'Moderate Muslims'.

If you want to know what means of transportation ISIS has you wouldn't be surprised that they are using US made armoured troop transport vehicles made for the US Armed Forces.
If you ask who is buying oil sold by ISIS, you would not surprised to know that ISIS is being financed by the United States of America in cooperation with Turkey.

The geopolitical games of the United States of America coincide with ISIS aims and this does not happen just by chance. The hope is to totally destabilize the Muslim World to then take over its resources.

That was the failed game in Iraq where Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney wanted to benefit from the total destruction of Iraq to then have 'reconstruction contracts' awarded to companies linked to them both. They dismantled the Iraqi Army and this led to a de-facto partition of Iraq of which ISIS controls vast territories.

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