Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Is US Christianity a fake of a fake Nation?

The issue is very much the centre of  huge controversy. For ages, the US has been portrayed as a Christian Nation. The expression In God We Trust is even printed on US Dollar banknotes. When you listen to certain speeches in both the Senate and in the House of Representatives you could be led to believe that US is a Christian Nation but... is it?

There is a huge divide between the landing Pilgrims (that is very much part of mythological US) and what happens to day across the United States of America.

President Ronald Reagan said that the divide between the Christian Faith and the State was very much the essence of governance in the US.

In fact, is US was a Christian nation, illegal invasions, murder, torture, and  the justification of murderous policies couldn't possibly be consistent with the Christian message. The Holocaust of the Palestinian peoples carried out by a racist discriminatory racist country like Israel would be anathema for any rational thinking person. The reality is that US supports murder and assassinations, torture and detention without trial - issues that could hardly be called Christian because Jesus was tortured and murdered and US Foreign Policies could hardly be called Christian.

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