Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Ever wondered where ISIS gets Toyota trucks and Weaponry?

If Erwin Rommel had had the supply of transport and weapons ISIS seems to be getting, the Afrika Korps would have defeated the Allies in World War Two,

Does Turkey provide supplies for ISIS? Does Saudi Arabia provide supplies for ISIS? Endless supply of fuel, endless supply of transport, endless supply of weapons including anti-aircraft missiles. Where do you people think they come from?

Well, add to this that somebody is buying oil produced by ISIS. Everything points in the direction of the White House that was instrumental in supporting AlQaeda and in the creation of ISIS. The fury regarding Russia military intervention in Syria proves the point since Russia is targeting those US, UK and others support. Do you actually think that without US support a long line of trucks could be moving around without being detected by US satellite capabilities?

The United States of America knows where ISIS is precisely because the USA is supporting ISIS and has been doing so from the very beginning. Everything else is merely playing for the gallery of the naive and brainwashed massed daily fed the usual quota of crap provided by the US State Department and echoes by the useful idiots of the mass media.

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