Thursday, 29 November 2018

Theresa May refuses to protect Pakistani Christian Woman for fear of offending Muslim Terrorists in UK

Theresa May refuses to protect Pakistani Christian Woman for fear of offending Muslim Terrorists in UK

Asia Bibi - Christian Pakistani 
You couldn't make it up. British Prime Minister is afraid of Muslim Terrorists living in the United Kingdom and for this reason refuses to offer asylum to Christian Pakistani woman Asia Bibi, member of a Christian Pakistani community under threat.

Such fear is the same kind of fear that motivated politicians and Police to look the other way when thousands of children were being raped and killed by Muslim rape gangs mostly made up of Pakistani Muslims.

When activists like Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen campaigned against Muslim rape gangs and Muslim extremists, they ended up in jail accused of racism and terrorism. Why do Muslims seek refuge in Western Christian countries? Because they are running away from the so called Religion of Peace.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

UK Democracy: Real Options or merely private agendas of people we don't know?

Democracy: Real Options or merely private agendas?

After all the hype of weeks or even months of political campaigning, of being bombarded by mass media with all kinds of conflicting messages and half-truths, polling day comes and you head towards the polling station to do your duty and choose from a list of candidates that have been pre-selected for you. Not your real choices. Not that you have any say before, during or after the votes have been counted. You are heading to a polling station to sign a blank cheque. Your are not choosing policies. You are merely voting for a certain individual/individuals that are going to be making their own choices and are going to be paid for making their own choices. We call it Democracy and are constantly told how lucky we are to have somebody making decisions for us.

They say that Referenda are imperfect. What could be more imperfect than putting a piece of paper inside a box without knowing what you are really voting for? And we do this in every single election. We are sold smoke and mirrors and we buy them every time because we have been told that this is Democracy. People vote in elections for a myriad of reasons and do so most of the time without having a clue about the consequences of doing what we are doing. We call this 'the Civilised Way of doing things."

I don't feel represented. Every time there is an election, I have to make a gigantic effort to believe and very often when it comes to selecting candidates I don't believe that I am doing the right thing. In one of the latest elections, I chose one candidate in particular because he was an Independent and did not represent political parties that I have come to profoundly disagree with or even hate. Given the way the system is, I already knew who the winning candidate was going to be and therefore knew that voting for the said Independent candidate was the equivalent of throwing a piece of paper in a waste bin. It was not a vote because of conviction. It was a vote not to vote for what I am against. 

When we read or hear about people being disenfranchised, it is not surprising that more and more people are disenfranchised. The reason the EU Referendum was so successful in terms of numbers of voters was that it was a binary decision about one fundamental issue: To be or not to be Members of the European Union. Many people felt than in spite of the frustrations generated by elections they could really and truly have a say and that it was a one-off opportunity in which their votes would really mean something. 

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Britain's recipes for disaster: Policing in crisis via irrational budget cuts

Britain's recipes for disaster: Policing in crisis via irrational budget cuts

The news that local communities are having to step in to replace absent Police Forces that have been cut to the bone to the point that they have become ineffective is not the image a successful country can offer to the world. The news that Britain doesn't have enough Border Police resources to patrol its own coast to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country is not the image a successful country can offer to the world.

We can build very expensive aircraft carriers. We can have a Nuclear Deterrent. We can invest billions in Defence. But if we don't have the minimum resources to deal with vital areas of public security and public safety, we are doomed as a country.

Neither Conservatives, nor Labour, nor Liberal Democrats, none of the so called mainstream political parties have the vision that is need to keep Britain safe and this is why we need National Socialism to deal with public security and public safety, to ensure that everybody is safe without the stupidity promoted by Political Correctness.

When prisons are drugs and violence safe heavens, when we are not safe in our streets and in our own homes, when criminals known to Security Forces can carry out murderous attacks because we don't have neither the resources nor the intelligence to deal with threats we are doomed as a country.

For all the speeches about 'lessons will be learnt', Security Services in this country are not fit for purpose and the Political Establishment and the Mass Media are very much to blame for this nightmare.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Hillary Clinton: Moving sideways

Hillary Clinton: Moving Sideways

Opportunistic Hillary Clinton advises European Union 'to deal with issue of immigration to counter rise of Far Right'. This has been for her followers and/or admirers the equivalent of been awoken with a cold shower.

Their Hero has shown herself for what she really is: An opportunistic career politician that will say whatever comes to her mind depending on which way the wind is blowing, somebody who has no principles nor moral values. Her European devotees walk around with placards with the word "refugees welcome". She now says that politicians must say that "refugees are not welcome" in order to prevent the rise of the Far Right.

We couldn't make it up. You only need to listen to what she says about President Trump and then listen to what she says about 'countering the rise of the Far Right' to see that she is not the real McCoy. She tried very hard to win the nomination competing with Barak Obama but painfully lost it. The second time she tried she won the nomination playing dirty tricks against fellow Democrats only to lose the election to Donald Trump. She has constantly criticised President Donald Trump, distorting what the President has said about immigration and now she tells the EU not to allow more immigrants to get in.

With people like Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party has touched rock bottom. This the person responsible for turning Libya into a worse country. Libya was a buffer zone. Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Libya was turned into fertile ground for Terrorism and flood immigration towards the European Continent.

MI5: Political Correctness is compromising National Security

MI5: Political Correctness is compromising National Security

Using MI5 for political purposes due to Political Correctness is an absurdity. The damming report that came to light today about the fact that the Security Services failed to protect members of the public because they did not track down the Muslim Terrorist that killed scores of innocent people at a public arena in Manchester says it all. Dame Stella Rimington spoke loudly and clearly about the fact that the Security Services do not have the manpower necessary to follow every lead and track down every Muslim Terrorist in the United Kingdom.

Why then using MI5 for the purposes of political persecution and harassment against individuals who are not a terrorist threat? Well, you need to read the pages of Hope Not Hate, UAF and some pages of so called mainstream newspapers where individuals like Lizzie Dearden divert attention from the real threats by constantly attacking individuals who are not a terrorist threat but are classified as a terrorist threat because it serves the purposes of malign left-wing journalists and malign left-wing and liberal politicians.

If because of left-wing mental retards the Security Services are forced to divert resources away from where they are really needed then you have to conclude that people like Lizzie Dearden and others are promoting terrorism and have blood in their hands when stressed Security Services cannot track down the real threats.

Legislation meant to be used to tackle Muslim Terrorism is now being used to persecute and/or harass and/or imprison British Nationalists who campaign against the Islamic Terrorist Threat as Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen and other know very well because of their own experiences. 

Is Tommy Robinson a Security Threat? No, he isn't. Is Paul Golding a Security Threat? No, he isn't. Is Jayda Fransen a Security Threat? No, she isn't. In spite of this, they are constantly persecuted, defamed and subjected to all kinds of ill treatment.

As long as Political Correctness is the driving force behind many of the actions undertaken by Security Services, the lives of ordinary Britons will be in danger and as it happened in Manchester lives will be lost. Left-Wing Journalism has become a disease. Left-Wing Journalism has made itself a National Security Threat. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

National Action infiltrated British Armed Forces under Amber Rudd's Watch as Home Secretary

National Action infiltrated British Armed Forces under Amber Rudd's Watch as Home Secretary

The news that elements of National Action infiltrated the British Armed Forces is actually no news at all. For a very long time, elements of the British Armed Forces have been training British para-military groups in several locations in the United Kingdom.

When you have an individual like Amber Rudd in charge you can expect a lot worse to happen. She was incompetent as Home Secretary and this is why she was forced to resign.Why putting Amber Rudd back again in the Cabinet? Because of desperation. She banned National Action. So what? Did she expect that those involved in National Action would be deterred by her legal action? Did she really think that banning National Action things were going to go back to what they were before?

Nothing happens in the lower ranks of any military organisation without the knowledge of the Middle Ranks and this raises very serious questions. To what extent Junior Military Officers respond to National Action? They are armed and they have what it takes. The high ranks of the Chilean Army were oblivious to the designs of General Augusto Pinochet until the very last minute and I suspect that something very similar is happening within the British Armed Forces. The Political Establishment didn't have a clue. Allende was a sitting duck and his top Generals were totally unaware of what was coming. Parliament was easily wiped out because the reality is that Politicians have no real power and if there is a coup most politicians would be running for cover. The mass media operators would follow because they wouldn't want to be shot down. What would happen? The mass media would very quickly 'join in' and seek 'an accommodation deal' to continue to operate.

Those of us who lived through a military coup and dictatorship know how things develop and I am seeing the tell tale signs of things to come.  What individuals like Amber Rudd did was to push people underground thus making them a lot more dangerous. They don't need a name to continue to operate. You need a name if you are a political organisation including a political party willing to stand in elections. Elements of National Action don't want to stand in elections and anonymity is one of their best assets. All National Action is to place sympathetic elements within structures of power and this includes the Armed Forces. They will have people working within the Police and other strategic organisations.

Why the Establishment keeps pestering and targeting individuals like Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen? Because they are publicly known and easily targeted. How do you target people whose existence you are not aware of? You don't because you cannot. They are invisible. They could be standing next to you and you wouldn't be aware of what they are planning to do. I guess Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi paid the ultimate price because of their lack of awareness and the Political Establishment could be about to learn a very harsh lesson and they should be thinking about Jo Cox MP. Did her position as Member of Parliament save her life?

Monday, 19 November 2018

LRPO: Message sent by Alison Chabloz

London Regional Press Office receives message sent by Alison Chabloz

Dear Friends, 

Thank you to all who replied to my last email which included my latest parody "Lying Thieves". Apologies for not responding individually and for yet another impersonal mass email: busy times ahead! Please do let me know if you didn't receive the song and I will send you a copy. 

Upcoming court dates for my Appeal against conviction and sentencing are scheduled for December 10, 11 and 12 at Southwark Crown Court in central London. My solicitor informs it is quite possible that the court may have other urgent business and may therefore have to postpone. 

In other news, I was honoured to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph in London last Sunday November 11 in remembrance of the 784 members of the British Armed Forces who lost their lives during the peacekeeping mission to Palestine 1945-1948. Below you will find the link to some photos and a short video of the speeches given by Richard Edmonds, Tony Martin, Jordan Pont and myself at the rally afterwards. Many thanks to National Front Chairman and Deputy Chairman for organising the traditional Remembrance Day parade and allowing me to participate.

Finally, alongside preparations for my Appeal, I have been submitting several Subject Access Requests (SAR) to various organisations all involved to some extent in the conspiracy to have me prosecuted (visibly not for the "sending" of my songs over the Internet, but rather for the messages contained within the songs themselves). Companies and organisations must comply within 30 days according to the new GDPR rules. One organisation showing particular reticence is The Jewish Chronicle.

My SAR to the JC was submitted following an online article which associates the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting with "UK far right extremists" on Gab, one of the social media platforms used by the shooter and which the enemies of free speech wish to see closed down. As well as citing my name, the JC article goes further in claiming that I would use Gab to "urge supporters" to donate via PayPal to a "legal fund".

As we have seen so many times in the past, this is one of the tried and tested techniques used by those wishing to stifle free and open debate. It's how they do it: demonise the messenger - not the message. Indeed, the article reminds me of several similar pieces published last year by the Canadian press, during my tour there organised by Paul Fromm, which associated my visit with the spate of bomb threats to US and Canadian Synagogues and Jewish community centres. As we know, it turned out that these bomb threats were the work of a "mentally unstable" Israeli Jew... 

In short, the JC's unfounded allegation inevitably led to my PayPal account being shut down last Tuesday, without explanation and without recourse to appeal. In addition to my SAR, I have submitted a complaint about the JC article to the Independent Press Standards Organisation. A couple of recent posts published on my website give details of successful SARs so far (link below). On the advice of a friend, I have set up an alternative to PayPal which can be found on my website. 

Again, thanks to all for your support and messages of good will. I will keep you informed concerning my Appeal and hope to see a good turnout at Southwark Crown Court on the day. 

Musical wishes,

Alison Chabloz.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Jo Cox's assassination proves a fundamental point

Jo Cox's Assassination proves a fundamental point

Levels of anger are rising exponentially and if politicians choose to ignore public anger they will do so at their peril. Ivory Castles are no protection whatsoever. 

We are going though a transition period and uncertainty is overwhelming. No one should feel safe because there is no safety.

If the political class doesn't meet the needs of the people they are supposed to represent there will be dramatic consequences. If the electoral system is not fit for purpose and more and more people feel unrepresented violence will follow.

Political clarity is not a matter of convenience. It is an absolute necessity to keep Democracy alive. If Members of the House of Commons choose ideology instead of reality, they are going to pay the ultimate price. If people like Vince Cable and others keep adding logs to the fire, the consequences will be dire. There cannot be any reconciliation. The country spoke but too many Members of Parliament are bent on ignoring the peoples' vote. Liberals are trying to sell a lie. Look at the state of many countries in the European Union. What do you see? Do you see the ideal image that people like Vince Cable are trying to sell? The Paradise they are trying to sell looks like Hell on Earth.

Those they call Far Right are the ones who are fed up with the mess Liberals have created. Those they call Far Right are the victims of ethnic cleansing promoted by Liberals like Vince Cable. Flood Immigration is Colonisation and Colonisation is fuelling crime against local populations.


Brexit Central: A summary of more than 500 pages of Brexit Deal Document

Brexit Central: A summary of more than 500 pages of Brexit Deal Document

Detailing the fundamentals of a very long document when the real intention behind length is to deter people from even reading what the whole deal is about. Follow the link to get a clear picture is what the deal is about.

HMRC: Employment Figures are Fake

HMRC: Employment Figures are Fake

Statistics about employment figures are the biggest con in history:

  • People who are in temporary employment and often earning amounts that are below legal standards are considered employed. 
  • People who are on temporary and often unstable and predictable employment are classified as employed.
  • People who are on Zero Hour Contracts who never know how much they are going to earn and/or how long or how often they will be able to work are classified as employed.
The records of those seen as employed are fake and have nothing to do with reality. HM Revenue & Customs HMRC are fake and have nothing to do with reality. HMRC doesn't have a clue about how many people are truly employed. By the time employment figures are released such employment figures do not reflect what is really happening. 

Her Majesty's Government couldn't care less as long as the ruling party can boast about positive figures and pretend that everything is fine and that we are moving forward.

The Welfare State is a mess but it is mess that was created on the basis of value for money. Different services were amalgamated as a way to reduce the number of public jobs. Taxation is a mess and the Welfare State is a mess. 

One of the direct consequences of such a mess is that more and more people are now in what is called the Black Economy. They are not registered anywhere, they are not paying taxes and many are paid a lot less than they should be paid because not been registered and working cash in hand they are not protected by existing legislation.

As always, VALUE FOR MONEY has turned into VALUE FOR RUBBISH.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Brexit: To be or not to be

Brexit: To be or not to be

The crisis that arose out of an impossibility is reaching a new climax. You cannot be and not be at the same time. You cannot be out of the EU and in the EU at the same time.

Brexiteers want an all out which is the real OUT and not the fake OUT proposed by Remainers that want to stay in by pretending that being out can be also mean to be in.

If you stay in the Common Market, if you stay in the Customs Union, you cannot possibly be out. If the price to stay in the Common Market and in the Customs Union is to continue following EU Rules, you cannot possibly be out. Out must mean out. Out means total freedom. Partial out means becoming a colony of the EU. 

What will happen to Prime Minister Theresa May? Well, there are several possible outcomes. She can manipulate the Conservative Party but has to also be able to persuade the Opposition for a deal with EU to be approved by the House of Commons. She could face a leadership challenge and fail to get enough support or she could face a leadership challenge and be removed from office. She could face a vote of No Confidence in the House of Commons and this would mean that the Conservative will have to choose a successor. Some mention the possibility of an advanced General Election but we must remember that the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition that took office in 2010 change the way General Elections are called and created the concept of Fixed Term Parliament. Legislation would have to be approved in the House of Commons to be able to call an advanced General Election. Are there enough votes in the House of Commons to call an advanced General Election?

Angela Merkel stated this evening that there won't be any other deal, thus closing the door to any negotiation. Therefore, for the British Parliament, this is case of 'take it or leave it'. If the House of Commons rejects the deal presented by Theresa May and supported by EU, there is not going to be any deal. Remainers keep fantasising about a new deal that is not actually on the cards because EU has already rejected the possibility of any other deal.

EU is profoundly anti-democratic. EU is run by what we could call Democratic Centralism - the way the Communist Party operated in the Soviet Union = Decisions taken inside a cabinet in total secrecy without any Parliamentary scrutiny. Britain is a Parliamentary Democracy and Brexit means being a Parliamentary Democracy. Having Brexit means maintaining the democratic way of life. If you are given the choice between being in a Parliamentary Democracy or in a Soviet Democratic Centralism, what would you choose?



President Macron: Are Americans the enemy of France?

Charles de Gaulle

President Macron: Are Americans the enemy of France?

A few days ago, President Trump visited France for the commemoration of the end of World War One. In two wars, in World War One and World War Two, the end for France would have been dramatically different if thousands of Americans had not lost their lives trying to save France.

Here we have a French President talking about the creation of EU Armed Forces to fight against 'USA, Russia and China'. The hysteria is such that Angela Merkel that also supports the idea of the creation of 'true, real, EU Armed Forces' had to explicitly say in the Bundestag that the creation of EU Armed Forces was not walking away from NATO or undermining NATO. Well, if the Germany Chancellor has to publicly say that it is not about undermining NATO then there is the implicit aim of undermining NATO 'by taking our defence in our own hands'. What next?

For decades, the USA has been offering to the Common Market, then to the European Community and now to the European Union very advantageous trade deals. Now, it is the time for the USA to ask for reciprocity but the EU doesn't want reciprocity. The EU wants to maintain its advantages not just against the USA but against the rest of the World. When an EU made car enters USA such export is taxed several times less than the US made car when it enters the EU. Is this fair? No, it isn't. Much of the spiteful approach of several EU governments against the USA is based on the fact that USA is asking for a fair deal when it comes to exports and imports. When the USA says that all NATO members should pay an equivalent contribution to NATO according to the size of their economies, how much Germany, France and others pay? A lot less than the minimum two percent required. Things are so bad that German Armed Forces are struggling with ongoing shortages due to lack of German investment in defence. Most of the jet fighters in Germany are non operational. Pilot Licenses are being withdrawn because Pilots are required to have a certain record in terms of number of hours in the air and minimum operational time in the air is not being met.

Hatred against President Trump is based on the fact that President Trump is asking for minimum requirements to be met. The EU is a Protectionist Racket whose interests are directly opposed to the interests of Developing Economies, some of the poorest economies of the world that cannot export to EU and that when they do export to EU have to pay very high taxes to be able to sell their products in the EU. Talking about fighting inequality and hunger, the EU promotes inequality and hunger. When we look at Asia, Africa and Latin America, we should remember the damage that high tariffs caused to the Developing World. It must be said that when the movement towards European protectionism started, the economies of Latin America went into a free-fall and that because of that political instability followed and that because of that many countries across Latin American ended up having Military Dictatorships, torture and execution of political opponents. The stress generated by the Common Market, followed by the European Community and then European Union killed tens of thousands of people across Latin America. If you think about the whole picture including other areas of the world that also suffered from European Protectionism, the number of victims can  number millions. 

European Union has nothing to do with Free Trade. European Union is about Protectionism and Exploitation or, to put it more directly, European Union is Neo-Colonialism.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The Truth is out: Call for EU Armed Forces 'to fight US, Russia and China'

The Truth is out: Call for EU Armed Forces 'to fight US, Russia and China'

After the statement made by French President Macron came the words of German Chancellor Angela Merkel about 'true, real, EU Armed Forces'. What role will NATO play then? President Trump has been demanding and rightly so that all NATO countries pay their fair share in terms of defence expenditure. Now, a country like Germany that pays a lot less than 2% and is regularly suffering shortages managing very badly its own Armed Forces under Chancellor Merkel talking about 'true, real, EU Armed Forces'? Where is the funding going to come from without increasing German expenditure in Defence? And what about the smaller countries, smaller in numbers and smaller in terms of financial resources, how are they going to pay for those 'true, real, EU Armed Forces'?

When you look at the numbers in terms of demographics and resources you will realise that the said 'true, real, EU Armed Forces' are going to run by Germany and France with smaller contributions from other EU countries. With less investment will come less power and this will mean a de-facto concentration of military power in German and French hands with the rest of EU 'doing as they are told'. With economic power and military might, comes total control in Berlin and in Paris. Those under their rule will become not partners on an equal basis but merely colonies, occupied territories.

If any EU country apart from German and France disagree or reject the orders imparted from the centre, will these 'EU Armed Forces' be used to repress national dissent? The EU is travelling along a very dangerous path. The Continent is facing extraordinary challenges. We can extrapolate what happened during the partition of Yugoslavia to see what could happen in Europe as a whole. If Austria, Hungary, Poland, Italy and others refuse to accept immigration policies - for example, will the said countries be forced to accept what they reject not just via EU legal challenges or will military might be used to suppress any resistance?

The way to Hell is paved with good intentions. There is the intention and there is reality. Should such EU Armed Forces be created, who will control them? What mechanisms will be there to protect national interests? In peacetime, EU mandarins are striving to over-rule national resistance. When certain mechanisms are in place, resistance will be futile. Smaller countries will be de-facto colonies. 

Monday, 12 November 2018

Argentina: Falklands and Political Persecution

Every time there is political upheaval in Argentina, there is talk about the South Atlantic Islands.

Why? Because it is an easy way to divert attention from the real problems Argentina is facing. 

In spite of the size of Argentina, most of the economic activity of Argentina is focused on what is known as Gran Buenos Aires. Vast areas of Argentina are empty. The fact that transport connections in Argentina are an absolute disaster doesn't make things easy. Reaching certain parts of Argentina is almost impossible and this is why much of the population of Argentina is based a few highly populated centres. Argentina has a bipolar political system. This means that very antagonistic parties have ruled Argentina with the exception of periods when the country has been under Military Dictatorships. This doesn't allow Argentina to have a balanced political system. Those who have watched the movie series The Godfather will easily understand how the political system in Argentina works or doesn't work. Going from crisis to crisis accompanied by the usual witch hunts, the country is an ongoing human tragedy.

In 1982, the Military Junta headed by General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri was facing the possibility of a revolt in spite of the power of the state and of organised repression. Despite the role of Argentina together with Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and other countries in a system designed by the United States of America to watch over the 'US backyard' to prevent the spread of Communism across Latin America, relations between the members of such club had been seriously undermined by regional disputes. One of such disputes was focused on the Beagle - a territorial bone of contention for Argentina and Chile. Had not been for a Papal Mediation supported by Uruguay, Argentina and Chile - both under Military Regimes - would have gone to war. The conflict was avoided but there was little trust left. Argentina was also competing with Brazil and rivalry between the two Latin American giants has been a feature of Latin American regional relationships for a very long time.

General Leopoldo Galtieri invaded the South Atlantic Islands in what we know as the Falklands War in an attempt to galvanise public opinion in Argentina. The Military Junta was playing for time. The Argentinian Military thought that Britain would not react as it did. For a short-time, the mass media could talk about something that more or less united the Argentinian peoples in a country in which more than 30,000 people seen as Left-Wing were slaughtered by the Argentinian Military Regime that invaded the South Atlantic Islands. 

When I see Labour Party followers and supporters of other Left-Wing organisations supporting the Military Junta of Argentina, I ask myself if those Labour Party followers and supporters actually have a brain to discern what they are talking about. Communists were killed. Socialists were killed. People who supported moderate segments of traditional political parties were killed. Seeing an alliance of Jeremy Corbyn and General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri is a very strange thing to see and hear about.

When Argentina invaded the South Atlantic Islands, Chile ruled by General Augusto Pinochet did everything in its power to help the United Kingdom facilitating British military operations in the South Atlantic Region. Without the support provided by General Augusto Pinochet, British military operations in the South Atlantic Region would have been difficult, not to say impossible.

What does the British public know about it? Very little. The Labour Party, for example, supported the Argentinian Dictatorship and hated the Military Regime headed by General Augusto Pinochet. They still do. Their understanding of Latin American Affairs is very limited. They love the enemies of Britain and hate those who helped Britain in its hour of need.

Both France and Israel helped Argentina providing the firepower including Mirage Jets and Exocet Missiles. The Argentinian Military Junta had two major concerns: the internal enemies and the external enemies. They needed to maintain most of its Armed Forces in Argentina for fear of an internal rebellion and of a Chilean attack. In the end, the Argentinian Navy played a very minor role in the conflict. Most of the soldiers sent to the South Atlantic Islands were actually conscripts. Argentina didn't have the logistical strength to support the invading forces and the Air Force was left alone to attack British ships in an attempt to delay the arrival of British troops.

It is no secret today that the Argentinian economy is a mess. The country is struggling to keep its creditors at bay and had not been for British support Argentina would have little access to credit facilities. In spite of Britain's support, President Mauricio Macri and his predecessor Cristina Fernández have both used the South Atlantic Islands as diversion from internal political and financial upheaval.

Despite the fact that the Military Junta of 1982 is now history, political persecution goes on. Putting aside genuine cases involving misuse of public funds, Argentinian Prosecutors are going against individuals whose sole crime is to have supported a particular ideological stance. In an effort to use individuals identified as support of the previous President as scapegoats 'to set an example', the Argentinian government of President Macri is attacking innocent people. Yet another political diversion to make the public look in the opposite direction and obvious own-goal. 


World War One to end all Wars. The next one will be the real World War.

World War One to end all Wars. The next one will be the real World War

Remembering World War One in a sea of poppies for the many who lost their lives in a conflict that was then thought to be the last major conflict in the history of Humanity.

It would have been difficult to imagine that just twenty or so years later there was going to be a major conflict that once again was going to lead to massive losses. They say that about 60 million people lost their lives during World War Two.

Perhaps because it is closer to us in time, World War Two is today very much part of the political agenda and the talk about Right and Left, about Far Right and Far Left, about National Socialism, Fascism, Communism and so forth goes on. Politicians and mass media all too easily, with a cavalier attitude, label those that they don't like as Nazi, Fascist and the like. We come to the point when facts become irrelevant and all that matters is ideological allegiances that have reached what I would define as tribal allegiances. Wrong or Right are no longer relevant. True and False are no longer relevant. All that matters seems to be 'We and the Others'. The World has become a gigantic Weimar Republic that in the day was defined as a Democracy without Democrats.

Past Constants are no more. For decades, it was assumed that the Soviet Union was a fact of life, a permanent future. It wasn't a permanent feature. It disappeared in 1991 and since then many countries came out of the old arrangements. Czechoslovakia is no more. Yugoslavia is no more. As the Warsaw Pact came and went, NATO could suddenly vanish. Awareness about new realities is spreading. Just a few days ago, the French President was talking about an European Army. Germany has been talking about an European Army and several minor players support the idea. This could be the European Continent after NATO and it would be a major political change.

A few days before, President Trump took the USA out of a treaty signed with the Soviet Union concerning limitations affecting the strategic deployment of missiles with nuclear payload and this was done in the end not because of a worsening of relationships with the Russian Federation. It was done because more people acknowledge that whatever treaties there are between the USA and the Russian Federation the simply reality is that USA and the Russian Federation are not the only countries that possess major nuclear arsenals. As more and more countries join the club of Nuclear Powers, it would be nonsensical for two countries - USA and Russian Federation - to limit their own developments when others who are not linked to such treaty continue to expand their arsenals and not only that. China is reinforcing all branches of the Chinese Military. 

If we look behind the war of words about economics, we will see the real struggle. Economic advantages can be translated into Military Might. If you have got economic advantages, you can easily translate those economic advantages into Military Might.

There are certain historic parallels. In the first half of the Twentieth Century, it was thought than an oil embargo against Japan would make Japan change course of action. Japan was developing and need ever bigger amounts of oil. Its expansionism was driven by the need to supply its industries. Its Military became a political force to reckon with and the oil embargo only helped to exacerbate expansionist tendencies. Japan needed alternative sources of oil and more military campaigns seem to be the only alternatives. After initial successes against neighbouring countries and colonial powers, those who were actively engaged in expansionism became emboldened. If Japan had been capable of tackling colonial powers like Britain, France and others, why not going against the USA in a struggle to control the Pacific Ocean Region? This is exactly what Japan did and driven by a spirit of invincibility the country launched an attack against US military installations in Hawaii. Without the Japanese attack in Pearl Harbour, the US would have probably remained out of what was until then seen merely as an European Conflict. The attack against US was the trigger of a chain reaction.

Chain reactions is what we have to be very much afraid of. We tend to see World War Two as one single event when in fact it was a chain of events. If we at fact on the ground, World War Two didn't start in September 1939. About three years before, the Civil War in Spain was a training field for the German Luftwaffe that even before the rejection of the Versailles Treaty had been growing in numbers and strength. Present conflicts are undoubtedly training opportunities for many of the actors that will be involved in a major conflict when and if it occurs. Like in a chess game, there is an opening, a development and a conclusion. Placing nuclear missiles and conventional forces along the borders of the Russian Federation and engaging in military exercises in Continental Europe involving a significant number of troops, armament and countries cannot be less than preparations for war.

Sanctions against the Russian Federation have little to do with what happens in Ukraine. Ukraine is the excuse. The real aim motivating sanctions is an attempt to destabilise the Russian economy and deprive the Russian Federation of funds that would be available via exports. What isn't taken into account is the fact that sanctions against the Russian Federation are de-facto destabilising the European Union with more and more countries - including major economies - getting into financial troubles, financial troubles that are leading to major political changes. The Rise of Populism is a direct consequence not just of bad policies implemented by local governments. It is also the direct consequence of financial struggle made worse by Flood Immigration. Very few countries are actually spending any significant amount in defence. Germany - the most powerful European economy - spends less than two percent of its budget and its Armed Forces are constantly plagued by shortages. As you go East towards the borders with the Russian Federation, the amounts spent in defence are negligible. Despite technological advances, big distances remain and are a logistical nightmare. Should there be a conflict with the Russian Federation, Eastern Europe will be easily over-run and little will be there to prevent the rest of Europe from being over-run with massive number of casualties on the Western side. The fundamental point is that the Russian Federation has no intention whatsoever in engaging in such military adventure and all is said against the Russian Federation is purely said for propaganda purposes to hide the fact that the main issue in Ukraine is not the actions of the Russian Federation but the sheer incompetence of the Ukrainian government to deal with its own affairs.

Fuelling anti-Russian sentiments is merely a way not to look at what is really happening in EU countries. The European Union is a giant with feet made up of sand. The whole edifice is being shaken by Italian troubles as it was shaken before by one financial crisis after another but this time the situation could get out of hand because given the size of the Italian economy there is no salvage package big enough to deal with a country of the size of Italy. Disagreements about the creation of an European Army are coming to the surface. If Germany doesn't want to spend the minimum 2% in Defence, would Germany be willing to spend even more for the sake of having an European Army? There are clear differences between Chancellor Merkel and President Macron. President Trump was not amused by comments made by President Macron 'about fighting against US, Russia and China'. Such comments were made by the President of a country that is supposed to be one of the pillars of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

In Defence terms, the EU is extremely weak. In Financial terms, the EU is extremely weak. In Demographic terms the EU is even weaker thanks to immigration policies. Warmongering is a very bad idea. The EU could be faced with a conflict for which the EU is ill prepared. Should there be a conflict, it could be a case of 'sauve qui peut'. 


Friday, 9 November 2018

Vested Interests ban Iceland's advert that raises awareness about destruction of rainforests and animal habitats

Vested Interests ban Iceland's advert that raises awareness about destruction of rainforest and animal habitats

The supermarket chain Iceland is working to raise public awareness about the destruction of rainforests and animal habitats. To this end, the company produced an advert against the use of Palm Oil and announced that is no longer going to be selling products that contain Palm Oil. What happened? The advert was banned by British authorities to protect those who are destroying Rainforests. Now you know it. Britain is being run by multinationals that support political persecution not just of individuals that challenge the status quo but also of companies that seek to protect eco-systems from over-exploitation and destruction. 

Our Christmas TV advert has been banned
As an Iceland customer, you’re probably aware we committed to removing palm oil from our own label food range by the end of 2018.
We decided to do something different with our Christmas advert this year and continue to raise awareness of rainforest destruction caused by palm oil production, and its devastating impact on the critically endangered orangutan.
However, it has been ruled our advert is not allowed to appear on TV alongside other supermarkets on the grounds of political advertising.  
You can watch our advert across our social media channels and on our website and see why we want to offer our customers a Rang-Tan friendly Christmas - without palm oil.

Your Iceland Bonus Card Team
No Palm Oil

Manage my Bonus Card >
Iceland #PowerofFrozen

London: stabbing capital of the world?

London Stabbing Capital of the World?

David Lammy MP for Tottenham
Another day, another senseless killing with knives. But you will always have individuals like David Lammy MP and Diane Abbott MP opposing 'stop and search' operations. The irony is that most of those getting killed by black attackers are black people themselves and 'stop and search' would have done a lot to save the lives of black people and the victims are getting younger and younger. Before, most cases involved people older than 25 years of age. Now, we are seeing teenagers slaughtered on their way home from school.

This year London has broken a very negative record in terms of lives lost because of stabbings and shootings. The story reported by SKY NEWS today is not actual news. We know what is happening. All those involved in the killing of young boy were armed with knives. They are not afraid of carrying knives because they are protected by individuals like David Lammy and Diane Abbott. The irony is, once again, that those carrying knives might themselves end up bleeding to death in some alley because there is a state of war.

Political Correctness kills. I fully support the Death Penalty. We must cleanse the streets of Britain. We cannot go on playing with fire. When jails don't work, the electric chair, hanging or a gas chamber will do the job. Graphic images of executions must be publicised with the message 'if you engage in crime, this will happen to you'.  

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

British Veteran fighting for his life after vicious attack in Britain.

The picture speaks for itself about the state of Britain as a country. The article about such despicable attack was published by The Daily Telegraph.

Political Detainees in British Prisons punished for Failures of Prison Staff

Political Detainees in British Prisons punished for Failures of Prison Staff

Away from the eyes of the General Public, conditions in British Prisons seem to be deteriorating with every passing day. When somebody is punished for having being given a magazine that Prison Staff in charge of vetting allowed in we face an Alice in Wonderland reality.

Prison Staff in charge of vetting are to blame for having allowed in forbidden publications. They were not punished. Instead, the inmate who had no responsibility for the behaviour of Prison Staff was punished. His right to receive visitors was withdrawn. His cell was raided and his access to shower facilities was limited to 'once a month'.

Thousands of prison wardens are leaving. There are serious deficiencies in terms of over-crowded and crimes committed inside British jails where those sent to jail are de-facto facing a death sentence because of lack of security.
I lived and worked under a Military Regime in extreme conditions and never expected to find such levels of irrationality in the United Kingdom. This happens to Political Detainees in the United Kingdom where Members of Parliament are being investigated for sexual abuses, racism and abuse of authority committed against staff inside the Houses of Parliament. If we elect criminals to represent us a Members of Parliament, what can you expect from those elsewhere?

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Women are at the Forefront of Nationalist Success

Women are at the Forefront of Nationalist Success

Marine Le Pen

Alice Weidel

Why French Nationalism and German Nationalism are succeeding when British Nationalism is falling apart? 

The answer is very straightforward: because many who call themselves British Nationalists are just a bunch of idiots who live very much in their chauvinistic past having an approach to women's rights and women's roles that is not much different from the approach Islamic Extremists have when it comes to women's rights and women's roles. 
Many so called British Nationalists are stuck in a very backwards attitude towards women and this is one of the fundamental reasons that they fail, fail and fail all over again.

The Nationalist Movement in Britain needs women and most importantly it needs young supporters to be relevant and to stay relevant. Unfortunately, when the average age at any meeting is about 60, the number of women is few and far between and the young are almost literally absent, the Nationalist Movement in Britain is a dinosaur having its last breath.

Practically in every country there is a natural balance, an almost 50/50 ratio of men and women and it is irrational to pretend that any political movement can be successful when too many male followers want women 'to play their more traditional role'.

British Nationalism is critically fragmented with a vast array of groups whose leaders hate each other. They call themselves political parties when in fact whenever there is a rally you will find that people from different groups (political parties) are in attendance making up the numbers. They are hanging around in spite of the fact that if their identity and affiliation became visible they would not be able to join the groups/political parties they go out to support.

For example, when For Britain or UKIP organise a rally, you will find people from National Front, British National Party, British Democrats, English Democrats, EDL and others in attendance. They can be in attendance but they are not members nor will be knowingly allowed to become members of For Britain or UKIP. If found out, many of those who have joined in would be expelled. The whole situation is absolutely irrational and this happens on the one hand because of political correctness and on the other hand because there isn't a coherent political approach in terms of membership and in terms of a real political programme.

People from different political organisations might stand together on the streets to show that they are against something but they could hardly stand together as one political force because they differ regarding practically everything else. When you start asking those in attendance about specific issues you immediately see that the gesture of standing together and been seen standing together for the sake of numbers is just that. 

Without real leadership, there can be no such a thing as British Nationalism. But the vacuum created by lack of leadership becomes a very real threat. If there was a truly organised and coherent British Nationalist Movement, Britain would be safer. In more than one way, the British Establishment and the Mass Media have been promoting violence. If there had been a truly organised and coherent British Nationalist Movement, Jo Cox would still be alive. The practices of discrimination, political persecution, demonising, discrimination and exclusion promoted by the British Establishment and the mass media - in particular the BBC - promote violence. When people who have very legitimate views and very legitimate concerns are treated as terrorists, when people are disenfranchised, those with extremist views thrive.

Both Rassemblement National (National Rally) and Alternative für Deutschland are extremely relevant, coherent, consistent and purposeful organisations that exist for the common good. They are very valid alternatives within a Democratic Framework. Britain desperately needs the British version of Rassemblement National and Alternative für Deutschland at a time when so called mainstream political parties have become an absolute mess to the point that Democracy itself is in serious danger. When you vote Labour, what do you vote for? When you vote Conservative, what do you vote for? Now many Labour Parties are there? How many Conservative Parties are there? How can it be democratic to be asked to vote for candidates you don't know what they stand for?

For many Labour and Conservative voters, voting Labour and voting Conservative is a bit of a gamble. If you support Jeremy Corbyn but live in an area where a anti-Corbyn candidate is standing, do you vote for the said Labour candidate? If you support Jacob Rees-Mogg but live in an area where the Conservative candidate standing is against Jacob Rees-Mogg, do you vote Conservative? What we have got is not even a shadow of Democracy. Including the option 'None of the Above' on the ballot paper would be a sensible thing to do in spite of the danger that 'None of the Above' gets the highest number of votes. 




Monday, 5 November 2018

Boys and Girls in Sport - How important equality in sports matters for equality in Society

Boys and Girls in Sports - How important it is that we focus in equality in sports as a way to change society and promote gender equality everywhere?

Today, Parliament could be legally targeted because of abuses committed in the House of Parliament including mistreatment, sex abuses, harassment and many other unwanted and erroneous behaviours.

How much of what we at the workplace is actually a reflection of what is happening elsewhere. Britain has some of the most successful female soccer teams and girls are naturally inclined to participate in a sport that they very much love. Unfortunately, in places where their vocation for sports should be supported many girls are being unmotivated because there individuals who think and tell them 'that soccer is for boys only'. Well, those idiots that say that 'soccer is for boys only' should be told in no uncertain manner that soccer is for all and girls have a natural right to play soccer or any other sport without being intimidated, harassed or ridiculed.

I want a society in which men and women have equal opportunities in whichever lawful activity they feel inclined to participate. I want a society in which people are not discriminated against because of their gender. But once again we are struggling to achieve the kind of society that I want because there are far too many people who go out of their way to prevent such society from becoming a reality.

The Principle must come from the very top. If there needs to be legislation to make clear that there must not be any kind of discrimination in sports, let's have legislation. Let's send a clear message to all and specially to those who are in places of responsibility like centres of education. Do you want to play soccer? Play soccer. Do you want to play rugby? Play rugby.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Theresa May: Moment of Truth

Theresa May: Moment of Truth

The Moment of Truth is fast approaching, the time when there can be no more wriggling, no more justifications, no more excuses, no more procrastination. It is the time when the Conservative Party will look at the abyss and see Doom on the face. There is no secret about divisions in the Conservative Party. The cards are on the table. Any deal that means for UK to remain attached to the structures of the EU means dependency and would go against what was decided by the British Electorate. The issue is not only if Theresa May will survive as Prime Minister. The issue is if the Conservative Party will survive.

This happens at a time when the Leadership of the Labour Party that has a proven record of treason against the United Kingdom because its association and support for Irish Terrorists stands accused of Anti-Semitism. 

For those who are ideologically favourable to membership of the EU, the rise of what they call Populism and others calls Patriotism is not best kind of kind of news that they could receive. Germany and France are on their way to have real governance. Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy and Sweden have very much recognised the importance of strong National Identity and Hungary amongst them know that Islam is poisonous and a real liability or - to sum up - the Enemy Within that must be neutralised.

With the Rise of Nationalism across Continental Europe, will the so called Remainers still want to remain part of the club?

Jewish Communities across Europe are under threat. They know that the clock is ticking. When a Jewish authority in Germany asked Jewish people not to wear anything that could identify them as Jews he knew exactly what he was talking about. The streets are not safe for Jews. I believe that compared to today's Europe the Europe of the 1930s and 1940s was a safe place.

In the 1930s and 1940s they knew where the danger was.Today, there is danger everywhere. Their sworn enemies have been brought to Europe by the priests of Political Correctness that oblivious to the danger of allowing in thousands upon thousands of Muslims with a Mohammedan agenda opened the floodgates to death. Look at what happens in the Middle East. Look at what happens in Pakistan of all places and you will know what will happen in Europe when they are numerous enough to take over.

There is a deadly cocktail, a ticking bomb. With political divisions and the ongoing Islamic Invasion, we must prepare ourselves to deal with catastrophic social and political events. The speed of change is accelerating.  


Saturday, 3 November 2018

Politics and Crime: The Godfather is Real Politics

Politics and Crime - The Godfather is Real Politics

When you look at divisions today, divisions everywhere, divided political parties, divided society, divided countries, divided world, and the network of intrigues, you see The Godfather. When big things are at stake, life is cheap.

Looking at the what is happening everywhere, it is easy that Jo Cox was not the first and will not be the last. I don't see how the big political conflicts of today can come to a peaceful end and peace is a very elusive target.

Certainties are over. Trust is gone. If one of the few means any civilised society has to protect itself is censorship, we are doomed. The more censorship is promoted rest assured that violence will follow. If political persecution, harassment, intimidation, discrimination, demonising, distortion, defamation, libel and incarceration for political ends become the norm, Democracy is dead. Political Correctness generates a Totalitarian Society and no one is safe. When the very same organisations that are supposed to stand for Freedom become promoters of Intolerance, we are doomed.

I often remember the famous expression "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" and say that if Political Correctness builds dams and takes away The Pen that allows us to express our thoughts peacefully, The Sword will rule.

Very much like the old League of Nations, the Organisation of the United Nations is falling apart and treaties are being torn to pieces. Tearing apart a Treaty is merely the recognition that the circumstances that led to signing such Treaty are no more. The World is changing and many are preparing themselves for war and the coming war - unlike previous wars that were called World Wars - will be a real World War and there will no place to hide. There will be war between countries and there will be war within countries caused by conflicting values and people who will take no prisoners. Everything that we cherish will be lost because in the coming wars there will be no winners. There will be only losers.

Looking at one country in particular - Germany -, for some time I have thought that Angela Merkel because of her own wrongdoing might the last democratic Chancellor of Germany. She misused Democracy and created a nightmare not just for Germany but for many other countries that seeing themselves under threat are building barriers to protect themselves. With her policies, Angela Merkel promoted a Siege Mentality justified by the fact the European Continent is being invaded and destroyed by imported forces of Intolerance, invasion that has been promoted by Political Correctness, Corruption, Incompetence and Ideological Madness.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Labour Party is more extreme that National Front, BNP and EDL

And this are the people accusing National Front, British National Party, EDL, Tommy Robinson, Jez Turner, Alison Chabloz, Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen, Nick Griffin and many others of being Racists, Fascists, Nazis, and of many other things.

The UAF, Hope Not Hate, and Antifa - to name a few, are dangerous organisations that demonise, persecute, harass, discriminate against and even attack innocent people simply because they hold different political ideas.

Those who have been unjustly treated have got organised and will counter attack where it hurts. I have been shown databases of well-known names and background information of what they have been up to to show them for what they really are.

It is basically a methodical approach to continue what started with lists of politicians who had been involved in sexual crimes and financial crimes but it goes a lot farther than that. Several Members of Parliament were ousted. Keith Vaz and his affairs with male escorts, Denis McShane and his false declarations of Parliamentary Expenses, Jacqui Smith and the cost of pornographic material paid as Parliamentary Expenses.

If you a member of Antifa, UAF, Hope Not Hate or any other organisation that go around defaming, libelling, persecuting, harassing and attacking those who are falsely accused of being Racists, Fascists and Nazis, you have many reasons to be afraid. They are going to come after you. There might something that you don't want the public to know about your personal life or something that you have done that have violated existing laws. Whatever you have done will be publicly known and you will face criminal charges for any crimes that you might have committed.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

UN Migration Pact : Population Replacement Pact

UN Migration Pact: Population Replacement Pact

Several countries have already announced that they will not sign up the so called UN Migration Pact because it effectively opens the door to ethnic cleansing. The Organisation that was created in 1945 at the end of World War Two to promote peace has become a means to get rid of national identities, an agenda that could have disastrous consequences and lead to another World War.


Generation Identity UK & Ireland October 2018 Newsletter - The UN Migration PACT
 Update - The UN Migration Pact

In the last GISG Newsletter, we examined the UN Migration Pact which is due to be finally signed at a UN summit in Marrakesh, Morocco on 11 December 2018. The Pact has now been re-badged as the Global Compact for Migration (GCM), and is the latest stage in the creation of a global framework of both binding, and ‘advisory’ supra-national agreements and structures relating to mass migration. The effect of that inter-locking framework is to create and embed formal mechanisms that will result in the Great Replacement of Europeans in their homelands. The GCM builds on the Marrakesh Agreement May 2018, and The Barcelona Declaration 1995, and is the latest in a continuing programme of global governance policy formation designed to prevent democratic control over borders and nations. An outline of the GCM, and the earlier Marrakesh Agreement, and the Barcelona Declaration can be found in our last two GISG Newsletters, to which the reader is referred.

Recent developments

Over the last few weeks there have been developments in relation to the GCM that we report on here. The UN itself has begun a propaganda programme to support the upcoming December summit, although, so far, it has been a limited offensive. Unsurprisingly, very little, if anything, has appeared in the mainstream media about the GCM, neither have mainstream politicians made any commentary (at least, not in the UK). However, the Identitarian Movement in Europe has begun to raise awareness, and some patriotic politicians have begun to talk about the threat posed by the GCM.

UN Propagana
 A month ago, the UN released a short propaganda film, ‘What is the Global compact for migration?’

Featuring smiling women and children throughout, the UN propaganda presents mass migration as an unalloyed good. Dealing in absolutes, the film states that ‘migration is an engine of growth and entrepreneurship’, and that migrants sent ‘$450 billion to developing countries in 2017’, while spending ’85% of their earnings in their host countries’. No opposing arguments or statistics are presented. The film does, however, make clear that the GCM is ‘the first ever agreement to cover all aspects of international migration’. In this, it is correct, as all aspects, both direct and indirect are covered. It will embed standards that all signatories will be expected to adhere to, and those standards will cover not only the facilitation of mass migration into Europe and the West, but will also require governments to present strongly positive narratives surrounding migration, while taking steps to prevent, and punish, opposition to mass migration and the Great Replacement.

Although the UN film has been in circulation for a month, it has had no wider coverage. On YouTube, there have only been 6,464 views. Interestingly, it has received over 1,000 ‘dislikes’ and only 36 ‘likes’. Further, of the 258 comments, the overwhelming majority are hostile to the GCM and the UN. What is interesting is that, in keeping with the run-up to the signing in December, this small, unheralded video, represents the UN’s main information on the GCM to the public. Similarly, in the UK, only one article has appeared in any mainstream media outlet, either print or broadcast, about the GCM. That article was a highly supportive one in The Guardian.

Alerting the people to the threat

Although the mainstream media and politicians have failed to alert the public to the GCM and its clear dangers, others have begun to highlight the threat. The Austrian Identitarian Movement (IBO) has led the way, with its co-leader, Martin Sellner, producing seven German-language videos about the GCM. In addition, the IBO have established an important campaign website against the GCM, which is full of detail about the pact and its implications:

The IBO has also called for all patriots to rally outside the UN building in Vienna on Sunday, 4 November: , which is also covered in this news article:

The IBO has created a Twitter feed about the GCM and the campaign against it:

This activity has raised the profile of the issue in Austria, and, to some extent in Germany, and there is some suggestion that Austria might follow the lead of Hungary and the United States and refuse to sign the pact ( ). This is highly unlikely to happen in Germany, although Alternative for Germany (AfD) politicians are protesting against the GCM.

In the United Kingdom, the only politician that has raised the GCM is the leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten, MEP. In a tweet of 17 October, Batten commented:

‘UN Global Compact For Safe, Orderly & Regular Migration. Euro Parl will vote on this at the end of 2018. It seeks to make illegal immigration legal, make it easier, and criminalise opposition under ‘racism & xenophobia’ laws. If they succeed then millions more will come.’

By the time the European ‘Parliament’ votes on it, the GCM will be a done deal – as usual, the European ‘Parliament’ simply acts as a dictatorship’s rubber stamp. At the moment, Gerard Batten is the only elected politician to have identified the threat.

GENERATION IDENTITY UK & IRELAND are taking steps to alert people to the GCM. We have posted about the pact on our social media accounts, and we have started a petition to stop the UN Migration Pact. Make sure you sign it, and share it as widely as possible on all social media outlets:

In addition, we will shortly have a range of flyers and stickers about the pact:

What you can do

Very few people have heard of the GCM, even fewer understand the implications. The first step is to get the news of this highly dangerous pact out. You can:

  1. Make sure you understand the GCM and its implications. Read our last two GISG Newsletters for information. Follow up on the various links provided above.
  2. Sign GI’s petition.
  3. Tell your friends and family about the pact and explain the danger that it poses to our existence as Europe and the West, and the threat to our basic democratic liberties.
  4. Keep in touch with GI, support our growing campaign.

Please sign and share our petition to raise awareness.

We are a grassroots volunteer organisation. We rely on donations to keep our activities going. If you like or support our campaigns you can donate securely from our website:-

Generation Identity


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 The UN Migration Pact is the latest in the series of agreements that our governments, and the EU, have entered into. Together, the Barcelona Declaration, Marrakesh Agreement and UN Migration Pact create a multi-layered, interlocking framework that impacts heavily on Europe. Whatever the motivation, the outcome of these agreements is to enable and ensure the continued colonisation of Europe. Further, there is also a commitment to criminalise any opposition to the ensuing Great Replacement and the narrative that enables this transformation to take place. Finally, the powerful cultural forces of the mainstream media and education have been co-opted into this programme which will result in Europeans becoming minorities in their own homelands.

Resisting the policy
Once formally signed in December, 2018, the UN Migration Pact will be used as yet another tool to silence opposition and dissent, and to attack governments who respond to the wishes of their peoples in respect of the migrant-invasion. The UN deliberations and agreements, like those of Barcelona in 1995 and Marrakesh in May 2018, received little
mainstream media coverage, and the forthcoming signing even less.
The first step that all democrats and patriots should take is to raise their own, and others awareness of the Pact, and the fact that it is just the latest manifestation of this framework to ensure the Great Replacement The co-leader of the Austrian Identitarian Movement (IBO), Martin Sellner, and Brittany Pettibone have made a short video about the threat:-

Dangerous and Disturbing: The UN Migration Pact.

In addition, the Austrian Identitarian Movement (IBO) has begun a campaign to raise awareness and promote resistance.

GENERATION IDENTITY UK and IRELAND have started a petition to stop the UN Migration Pact. Please sign it, and share it as widely as possible on
all social media outlets:

This is the beginning of our campaign to alert Europeans to this latest threat to our continued existence as a community in our ancestral homelands. We will alert all those who are signed up to the GISG Newsletter to new developments.