Thursday, 29 December 2011

Falkland Islands Watch

For many years, I have been following developments regarding the Falkland Islands and the South Atlantic and in recent years the kind of events I have witnessed look like a repetition of what happend before the invasion of 1982. The propaganda war against Britain has been intensified. Nowadays, you can hardly open a newspaper or listen to a radio or television broadcast without listening to or seeing reports regarding Argentina’s intention to take over British territories in the South Atlantic.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

From Tam-Tam-Hoola-Hoola-Chah-Chah-Chah

I live in Tam-Tam-Hoola-Hoola-Chah-Chah-Chah, a certain area of Southeast London. When I hear the news about yet another killing, what do I hear about? I hear mostly about non-whites against non-whites and non-whites against whites. So, I have heard more than enough anti-white rumbling. Few of you might remember Victoria Climbié and Damilola Taylor. Now we have Seydou Diarrassouba. Who killed them? Once upon a time we hear about whites attacking non-whites, but everyday events tell us that reality is a lot darker that the mass media want us to believe.

I have not been to Peckham recently, but I promise that if I do go there I will ask a Labour MP if she can lend me her attire. Unfortunately, I might as well consider wearing such attire in other parts of London. I am also considering the possibility of suggesting that the use of such attire be mandatory in the United Kingdom. Next time I think about going to Oxford Street I might as well think about acquiring some electromagnetic shield and some tasers.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Nigerian schooling to UK rioting

No, it isn't something happening in Britain. It is something happening in Nigeria. Somehow you can extrapolate images and you will see similarities regarding what happened in August 2011 in Britain. In Nigeria, at this very minute, people are fleeing their homes in terror for fear of being killed.

It is not just the people we are talking about. We are talking about the mentality that is being imported and people of all races - not just people of African descent - are being infected by the kind of mentality that leads to the events we see depicted here.

People are infected with the kind of mentality that leads to this events because the British authorities, the mass media and the education system are sending out the message that being British and abiding by the Law is not 'cool'.

Why should you be honest, study and make something of yourself if you can live on Welfare payments? Why should you be careful and avoid getting pregnant when you cannot afford to raise children if the State is going to give you subsidized accommodation and pay for your expenses?

Being cool is defined as having to cope with rapes, murders, robberies, muggings, drug trafficking, illegal weapons, beatings, shootings and stabbings on a daily basis.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Argentine government controls newsprint supplies

President Cristina Fernández of Argentina has won control of the country's newsprint supplies. The Senate approved new legislation giving the government control using the argument that the paper industry is of national interest.
Well, if this isn't a step towards dictatorship, I don't know what is. No wonder her late husband and former Argentine President Néstor Kirchner was so much against the installation of paper factories in Uruguay that could serve as an alternative supply source for an Argentine free press.
I, Carlos Cortiglia, say that this is not good news for Democracy in the River Plate Region. Is Uruguayan President José Mujica blind? Can't he see what is coming? The Uruguayan government is suffering from extremely dangerous political myopia.
The aggressive Argentine foreign policy is very much part of a dictatorial vision and from now on the Argentine free press will be on its way to extinction.
Attacking Britain and violating International Law by interfering with Spanish vessels inside Uruguayan territorial waters is the external side of the said vision. Sea blockades are acts of war. The Argentine government has declared war on reason and is becoming increasingly irrational.

Brazil overtook Britain

What many foresaw has now happened. In terms of economics, Brazil has overtaken Britain and worse is to come. Decades of Lib Lab Con stupidity, of destruction of the British economy, have put Britain to shame. Britain imported the worst of the Third World and has now paid a very high price.

By importing cheap goods from China and other countries and tuberculosis, illiteracy, mental illness, backward ways of thinking and crime from some of the poorest and less developed countries in the World, Lib Lab Con have done a great service to Britain's competitors.

They destroyed manufacturing, farming, fisheries, the energy sector, the financial sector and downgraded education. Once they have finished polluting the human stock, Britain will be utterly and truly over.

Call me racist, if you wish, but this is what has actually happened and you can see it with your own eyes, if you are not one of those who still lives in denial of the process of extermination of Britain.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

British debt is equivalent to 950% of GDP

The amount of debt accumulated in Britain is already equivalent to 950% of Gross Domestic Product or GDP. To all effects, as a country, we are effectively bankrupt whatever Government is in power. The whole debate about percentages is absolutely useless.

Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem can talk about percentages but those percentages are absolutely useless because they don’t want you to see the real Britain and what it has become after decades of financial mismanagement. A comparative table shows you exactly where we are right now.

Tony Blair made a point of talking about a Britain of services and services referred to, specifically, the financial sector driven by speculation.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Did Mikhail Gorbachev ever win any election?

Did Mikhail Gorbachev ever win any election? Gorbachev was appointed leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and this is how he became Russian President and he did not win one, two or three elections. Gorbachev won absolutely none. If he had survived as head of the Communist Party, he would have been President until his death, like many of his comrades in the Communist Party, including Josef Stalin, did.

So now Mikhail Gorbachev is criticizing Vladimir Putin that was Russian President because he actually was elected. Why Gorbachev is not President and why there is no Soviet Union today? Well, he was out-maneuvered by his Communist comrades, arrested and finally liberated by a chap called Boris Yeltsin.

What are Gorbachev's Russian democratic credentials? Mikhail Gorbachev has absolutely none. About 50,000 people went out demonstrating? Russia has about 150,000,000 people. Gorbachev calls for the resignation of the Russian government because 50,000 out of 150,000,000 people have different views? Would he call for the resignation of Barak Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and many others on the basis that 1/3000 of the people are against the government?

The Soviet withdrawal from Eastern Germany and the rest of occupied Europe was not an act of goodness. It was an absolutely necessity. The Soviet Union was collapsing from within and couldn’t afford to pay its debts. Soviet propaganda did not produce wealth and the Soviet Union was surviving by borrowing, borrowing and borrowing even more and it could no longer afford to maintain its presence in occupied Europe. One by one, Soviet satellites collapsed. Gorbachev is now a pathetic figure and an icon of the past.

When Yeltsin and his Chancellor Yegor Gaidar tried to restore financial rationality in Russia, what happened? The Russian people had to face the truth that had been hidden by a Marxist regime. Russia was bankrupt and many starved to death, while others saw their lifestyle and their savings vanish.

Vladimir Putin restored confidence in Russia. What the Marshal Plan did for Germany, Vladimir Putin did for Russia with a new impetus defined by Nasha i nie Nasha (We and what belongs to us and the Others.) Russian Nationalism brought Russia back from the brink of total disaster and good management of national resources led to opening new ways of ensuring that Russia would not be short of cash.

As soon as Angela Merkel came to power, Vladimir Putin signed a deal with Germany to supply Germany with oil and gas. The country engaged in a process of economic expansion towards West and East. Instead of mentally retarded Marxism, sound economics based on diplomacy, work and trade allowed Russia to move forward.

Seventy years of dysfunctional and tyrannical Marxism could not be wiped out overnight and especially when vested interests in the West have been doing their utmost to derail any progress in Russia. Mikhail Gorbachev might sound appealing to the mass media run by vested Western interests but for the Russian people Mikhail Gorbachev is no more than a Western stooge.

Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace? On December 24th 1979, under Leonid Brezhnev, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in a war that was going to last until February 15th, 1989 under Mikhail Gorbachev. Again, was the Soviet withdrawal an act of goodness? The then Soviet Union lost more than 50,000 troops in a war that lasted about ten years and was called the Soviet Union’s Vietnam War. The Soviet withdrawal was an act of necessity and… oh surprise… not long afterwards the Soviet Union itself collapsed.

Friday, 23 December 2011

How can we remain silent while Christians are being persecuted?

How can we remain silent while Christians are being persecuted? A new evil is sweeping the Middle East and the Foreign Office is failing to confront it.  

Such are the headlines of the Daily Telegraph indicating that a new anti-Christian fever is sweeping the Arab World. An extract of the report follows:

"Father Immanuel Dabaghian, one of Baghdad’s last surviving priests, is expecting a quiet Christmas. To join him in the Church of the Virgin Mary means two hours of security checks and a body search at the door, and even then there’s no guarantee of survival. Islamist gunmen massacred 58 people in a nearby church last year, and fresh graffiti warns remaining worshippers that they could be next.

The Americans have gone now, and Iraq’s Christian communities – some of the world’s oldest – are undergoing an exodus on a biblical scale. Of the country’s 1.4 million Christians, about two thirds have now fled."

We ask a similar question and say: What are the authorities doing about what is happening right now in Britain? What are the mass media including the BBC doing? The systematic attacks against Christianity in Britain have been denounced and this includes statements made by prominent BBC staff that say that such attacks are very much part of a system that no longer promotes British values.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Argentina prepares for War. It was just a matter of time

Argentina prepares for War: It was just a matter of time

I went through the experience of seeing the game of diplomatic pressure and outrageous declarations in a war of words that preceded the Argentine invasion in April 1982.

Months before the invasion, the British authorities could perfectly foresee what the endgame was going to be and failed to prepare for the inevitable and as a consequence of looking the other way Britain found itself in a conflict that could have been prevented if Argentina had been shown the red lights.

When you have to call Latin American ambassadors and ask for explanations, the Royal Navy should already be sailing towards the River Plate Region to tell Argentina, in very clear terms that the first time Buenos Aires City was not attacked and that Buenos Aires City would not be spared a second time round. These were the procedures in the days of Admiral Horatio Nelson and these should be the procedures to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

If Argentine President Cristina Fernández were to follow the example of her predecessor General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri, she would be no better than General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri, the drunken idiot that led to the invasion in a vain effort to maintain a failing military regime.

The present Argentine regime has no concept of International Law. In actual fact, not long ago it blockaded bridges across the Uruguay River to interfere in Uruguay’s internal affairs. Now, the same regime violates International Law by sending Argentine vessels to chase Spanish fishing vessels inside Uruguayan territorial waters.

There are no laws in Uruguay to stop vessels travelling to and from the Falkland Islands. In spite of it, Uruguayan Marxist Guerrilla President José Mujica has lowered his trousers, once again, to follow Argentine diktats. Not long ago, Argentina took Uruguay to International Tribunals because Uruguay wanted to allow paper factories in Uruguayan territory. Respect for another country’s sovereign rights? What a laugh!

Why does the Uruguayan government react this way? Because President Barak Obama, as it was left in evidence once again during a USA Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s visit to Argentina, does not support Britain. President Obama could pretend to cook as many hamburgers as he is able to but his policies do not seem to be any better than the actions of President Ronald Reagan’s administration when the then US Secretary of State Alexander Haig gave the green light for the invasion in the South Atlantic in exchange for oil exploration rights for American companies.

Don’t look for any press cuttings about it or for any documents that would have since then been disposed of to hide yet another American moment of shame. The American government never believed that Britain would engage because at the time Britain was fully committed to NATO operations in Europe at the height of the Cold War.

This time the American administration of President Barak Obama has been more candid about where its preferences and priorities lie, helped by the sheer stupidity of so called mainstream British politicians that have dismantled British defences and left the country without a naval task force.

Like brainless idiots the so called mainstream British politicians followed the course set for them into Afghanistan and Iraq. After engaging Britain in illegal wars, the American establishment created a mess and now the Iraqi people, once again, are faced with the possibility of widespread civil war.

Sometime ago, I read a certain book. The title was ‘Power and Responsibility’. Well, the American Establishment is Power without Responsibility. Never mind who dies. Never mind who suffers. After all, they can always make money when others die in the conflicts that they create.  

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

France Versus England: October is the time

Looking at the differences of opinion between David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy and looking at the records, we shouldn't be so worried. Not yet, anyway. In fact, November and December do not seem to be months when trouble is imminent. Things are different in October.

14 October 1066 - Battle of Hastings - a chap called Guillaume Le Conquérant, later renamed William The Conqueror, crossed the Channel and for some time the official language of England was French. This was before the European Union tried to rule Britain.

25 October 1415 - Battle of Agincourt - English and Welsh armies defeated a French army in France and the English tried to tell France that they should speak English as their main language, something the French still very much oppose.

An Italian called Carlo Buonaparte and his wife Marie Letizia Buonaparte had a son in Corsica and they called him Napoleone Buonaparte. After a revolt in Corsica, the Buonaparte family fled to France where Napoleone Buonaparte became Napoléon Bonaparte and decided to become Emperor of France.

21 October 1805 - Battle of Trafalgar - rather than sorting out their differences on land, problems were solved at sea and the French and the Spanish were definitely convinced that it was not a good idea to try and conquer England.

Having said that, the message had to be repeated on 18 June 1815 at Waterloo, about 8 miles South by South East of Brussels.

Unfortunately, the French are persistent and never give up. Since they lost in Waterloo, they are now trying to use Brussels to finally enslave the British.

They couldn't do it when they were run by an Italian and they are trying again with Nicolas Sarkozy who is of Hungarian, Greek Jewish and French Catholic heritage. You could say that some things never change. There is always some bloody foreigner trying to ruin everything.

Taking records into account, final decisions regarding the new Euro Treaty might take place in October 2012 at the Battle of Brussels. Notwithstanding, it must be said that if Le Pen is mightier than the Sword, such battle might never take place.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A dog born in a stable is still a dog. White is White wherever they are born

For centuries, Europe has been plagued by wars of whites against whites. We don’t need to go as far as two World Wars (World War I and World War II) to see examples of this tragedy. The Balkans War was a tragedy because peoples whose differences were political or religious confronted each other and continued the process of fragmentation.

The Germanic President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández Wilhelm, who married Néstor Kirchner (of Swiss German and Croat ancestry), is waging a war of words against the United Kingdom. We don’t need to go too far to see more and more examples of this madness in which fellow whites attack whites who share a common European ancestry.

Some Nationalist organizations in Britain don’t seem to have a clue about what they are talking about. They are so blinded by personal grievances that they completely fail to see the point.

We shouldn’t be confused by geographical differences. We should concentrate on the essence of the debate. Let me give you another example. British and Boer fought each other for control in what is today South Africa. The Boer of Dutch ancestry killed British people and vice-versa. Isn’t this a tragedy? Of course it is. Today, we see British writers talking in support of Dutch politicians who like the British are fighting against flood immigration and so called Multiculturalism.

If we look at what happened during European Wars, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we remember those who fell fighting for Britain and the saddest irony is that many of those fallen fighting for Britain were in fact whites that fought against other whites. Once again, divisions and conflicts were not racial. They were political conflicts between peoples that belong to the same racial group. Again and again, national and political divisions are confused with ethnic aspects.

In Trafalgar and in Waterloo, the conflict was whites against whites. Going even further in history, in 1066 the war was whites against whites. The conquering Normans were no different from the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons. It was a conflict, once again, of members of the same race.

Coming back to the United Kingdom, we see this kind of madness when Nationalism is fragmented and divided with people opposing each and writing all sorts of nonsense against each rather than concentrating on common interests. Using the example of the dog and the stable, a dog born in a stable does not become a horse. If the dog is born in England, Germany, America or South America, the dog is still a dog and nothing anybody can humanly do will change this reality.

On the issue of Racism

Case 1 - A Black Man is taken to court and charged with Racism because he insulted another Black Man.
Case 2 - A White British Woman shouts against Poles and other Eastern Europeans and she is accused of Racism against Poles and Eastern Europeans.
Case 3 - A man of Italian and Spanish descent is said to be mixed race.  

So now, according to this kind of thinking a man whose mother is English and his father is Scottish is mixed race. With this kind of thinking we end up having all kinds of absurdities. White English people and White Scottish people are all members of the white race, although Scots are closer to White Spanish people given the fact that both Scots and Spanish are basically Celts.

Aren't things getting a bit out of control? I say out of control because this is the kind of thinking syndrome that is affecting people right, centre and left of the political environment. I don't think that Charlemagne, the Great European Emperor thought that Germans, French, Italians, and other white Europeans were of a different race. His subjects were White Europeans and when Charlemagne died his sons inherited the Empire that then was divided in different parts that in time became different countries and among them Germany, France and Italy.

Some, including certain elements of the Nationalist Movement, are affected by Absolute Ignorance. The Englishmen that left Plymouth and went across the ocean and settled down in what is today America did not suddenly become members of another race. Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, America and many other political realities are merely political realities. They are not racial realities because there are members of the white race in all the said countries.

Nationalism does not go forward for political reasons and demographics but also due to the fact that, unfortunately, certain ideas tend to attract absolute idiots whose levels of ignorance are appalling. I must say that they are affected by a syndrome that also affects certain elements of the so called Left and of the Politically Correct Society that do not have a clue about ideological definitions and for them Nazism and Fascism is absolutely the same.

Let’s take the discourse to another level. We talk about Anglo-Saxons, Normans and Celts. Going into this level of the discussion, Scots are ethnically closer to Spaniards than to Anglo-Saxons and Normans. Having said that, they are all members of the white race. We shouldn’t get carried away and pretend that nationality and political divisions can be the same thing as ethnic categories.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nazis in the Conservative Party? God help us All!!!

Prime Minister David Cameron has been forced to react and sack a parliamentary private secretary over 'offensive and foolish behaviour'. The headline was 'Aidan Burley MP sacked after 'Nazi' party guest photo.'

The Member of Parliament for Cannock Chase was depicted by the Mail on Sunday together with a man dresses as a Nazi SS Officer at a stag party in France. Imagine all the efforts of the Ruppert Murdoch Press talking about imaginary Nazi orgies and violating the rights of private individuals.

If the News of the World was still around, somebody would have told Ruppert's journalists that they could attend and get some nice pictures of Conservative Party supporters without getting themselves into trouble with the Law.

As it happens, a Conservative Party spokesman is reported to have said: 'Aidan Burley has behaved in a manner which is offensive and foolish.'

Offensive and Foolish? Is that it? Is this the end of the matter? So members of the Royal Family can walk around wearing Swastikas and Nazi Uniforms, Conservative Party Members of Parliament can 'mingle' with individuals wearing Nazi Uniforms and University students registered with the Conservative Party can do the same and everything is described as 'Offensive and Foolish'?

Prime Minister David Cameron did the right thing by sacking Aidan Burley MP but this should tell many Conservative Party supporters that rather than attacking members of other political parties and calling them Nazis, they should look closer to home and see what their own fellow Conservative Party members are doing.

2012: Is London getting ready for war? What kind of war?

2012: Is London getting ready for war? If so, what kind of war?

The announcement that there will be 45,000 Police officers and 13,500 troops in the London region, including helicopters, warplanes and naval units might sound reassuring but it also beggars the question: what are we preparing for?

A few days ago at a meeting in Tottenham, community leaders spoke about the Riots of 2012 during the Olympic Games. ‘What are you talking about?’ was Victoria Derbyshire’s question while presenting a BBC Radio 5 Live programme. This is a very worrying development. In the first instance, before the British Riots started in August 6th, 2011, Home Secretary Theresa May MP disregarded Police advice saying that her advisers were exaggerating and over-reacting when they were talking about the possibility of widespread riots.

Perhaps if Theresa May MP had listened to her advisers, we could have avoided the trail of destruction and murder that Britain had to confront in front of the entire World because as things were developing in Britain the images were being broadcast across the World. ‘Look at Britain! Look at what is happening in Britain’, people across the World were saying while the image of the country was being dragged through the mud.

The British Broadcasting Corporation tried to do damage limitation by saying that they were ‘English Riots’. Do you honestly believe that people outside Britain would think any differently? For people outside Britain, Britain is one country, despite the fact that the BBC and some political operators want to believe that it isn’t one country. If it happens in England, in Wales, in Scotland or in Northern Ireland, it happens in Britain.

Now, let me put you in the picture. What our authorities are doing right now is preparing to use troops to control civilians. I personally have some knowledge of what it means when the authorities try and use troops to control civilians and I don’t think that a British soldier would react any different from any other soldier if put in a stressful situation.

The mind frame of a civilian – a Police Officer is by definition a civilian – is quite different from the mind frame of a soldier. A soldier is not trained to deal with civilians and this is why using troops to control civilians should only be done in extreme situations when all other possibilities have been exhausted. Being prepared to act if Police forces are overwhelmed is not a bad option in itself, but it indicates that British authorities are already aware of Operational Command Deficiencies shown by British Police in August 2011 and they don’t want to take the risk when Britain will be the focus of the entire World during the Olympic Games.

British Police are so politicized and so concerned about political correctness that they catastrophically failed to act in August 2011 and in a quite a few cases they stood idle while people were forced to act in self-defence to protect their lives and their property. This is the reality and this is exactly what happened in August 2011 and what was reflected during a community meeting that took place in Tottenham and was broadcast live by BBC Radio 5.

The British National Party was there during the community meeting in Tottenham, we listened and this is why we are here, yet again, to tell you things as they are.

BBC accused of routine 'fakery' in wildlife documentaries

The British Broadcasting Corporation stands accused of routine 'fakery' in wildlife documentaries.

"An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph reveals viewers are often shown animals allegedly in the wild when they are not.
The corporation is also accused of flouting its own guidelines by failing to declare - either during the programme or in the credits - when footage has been obtained in studios in specially designed sets.
The BBC’s official guidance for nature programmes states: “Audiences should never be deceived or misled by what they see or hear.”"

People should be reminded of the fact the BBC is not only 'faking it' when it comes to wildlife documentaries. They are constantly trying to portray a false image of practically everything and this includes the political life of the country.

This is not only about wild Polar bears that are in fact captive Polar bears in a Zoo in Holland or fake demonstrations organized in front of the now former BBC headquarters on the day a now renowned Question Time programme was recorded.

This is not only about fake journalism that led to the death of a renowned British Defence Expert or about manipulation of the image of English villages for the sake of political correctness.

This is about institutional ‘fakery’ – to employ the term used by the Daily Telegraph to describe what the British Broadcasting Corporation is about.

Let it be known that on the eve of the by-Election in Feltham and Heston we were contacted by the BBC and that on the day of the by-Election at the count in Hounslow Central we spoke briefly with a BBC representative.

The BBC knew we were there. The BBC knew our candidate was there. Our London Regional Organizer and London Regional Press Officer were there. Did they bother to put our candidate in front of the television cameras together with candidates of other political parties? No, they did not. Why not? Institutional ‘Fakery’.

Anti-British National Party crying because Nationalism is suffering?

Here is an interesting thought. Anti-British National Party campaigners, some of them supported by people who are still working thanks to the British National Party but have in fact joined other political parties, are now shedding crocodile tears for Nationalism.

What is most amazing is that some of the said individuals linked to Marion Thomas, the BBC witness star that came a cropper at a trial in Northern Ireland after falsely accusing the British National Party, are shaking their heads in horror because of the outcome of an election in Feltham and Heston in which Labour lost 40.3 per cent of its supporters, the Conservative Party lost 61 per cent and the Lib Democrats lost almost 79.5 per cent of their supporters.

It was an election fought against the organized mass media in a Safe Labour area. Guess what? Despite winning the seat with barely 16 per cent the vote, LibLabCon were the biggest losers and not the British National Party. Do they talk about this? No, they continue spreading the same kind of poison made for those who do not have a brain to think by themselves.

Who is shedding crocodile tears about the British National Party? The very same individuals that have spent more than a year trying to divide the British National Party and that helped the British Broadcasting Corporation to create a travesty of a journalistic programme or who supported those who helped in the making of such a mockery of a journalistic programme.

You are getting this article somebody who worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation at a time when the British Corporation was not run as a branch of the Labour Party.

My Pockets First is now crying? Crying for what? Did My Pockets First complain when they spoke to the British Broadcasting Corporation to create a falsehood to be used against the British National Party? Did they spare any thoughts thinking about British National Party activists? Have they run out of ideas?

Some of the said individuals in the biggest show of hypocrisy accused the British National Party of sending begging letters. Well, I wonder who has been using names taken from the British National Party membership database to flood our mailboxes with ‘begging letters’. I would also like to know about certain charitable organizations closed down in haste after having received quite a few thousand pounds of European Union funding.

When they were about to be ‘found out’ they registered a political party because they had existed until then in some sort of legal no-man’s land. Did their newly created political party stand for election? The answer is NO. Their political party is just a shambles created as a continuation of their “charitable efforts” or as a smoke screen for their “charitable efforts”.

I promised myself that I would not attack fellow Nationalists and by writing this article I have kept my promise.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Young man thrown out of a train: Assault or Public Service

You might have seen the video of a young white man thrown out of a train carriage by a fellow passenger (also white) and heard the noise of clapping hands of other passengers celebrating the event. Now, lets think about it for a moment.

If the young man in question that was thrown out had been non white, I am absolutely sure that the passenger who threw him out of a train carriage would now be on bail facing charges of physical assault, racism, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

This is how Britain is nowadays. This is what Britain is becoming worldwide famous for. What worries me is that nobody raised the alarm.

Are passengers supposed to attack fellow passengers? Where were the Transport Police Officers whose duty is to deal with those who are travelling without tickets?

The mass media didn't pose any questions and we are talking about the same mass media who would have crucified the attacker if the victim had been non white.

So, once again, there is one law for whites and another law for non-whites and this goes on and on and on.

By the way, the members of a gang suspected of murdering a young white boy in East London a few days go were awarded bail.

White people in this country are being brainwashed to the point that violence against whites is acceptable and violence against non whites is to be severely punished.

Who was supposed to deal with the issue? The conductor? A fellow passenger? Where were those that are supposed to deal with this kind of situations?

Are the mass media and the passengers that applauded what happened in favour of vigilantes? I would have thought that there are proper procedures in place to deal with difficult situations.

Labour logic: less votes is Big Victory and more debt is prosperity

LabConLib Dem

After such a big Labour victory, Lib Lab Con as a whole came a cropper in Feltham and Heston in spite of quite a few thousand Pounds spent in campaigning and the full support of the mass media that implemented a blackout against the British National Party.

This is the state of British Democracy and this is why more than 70 per cent out of 80,813 registered voters stayed away because they no longer believe in Lib Lab Con but they are still been drugged with lies about the British National Party.

Champagne Socialist Ed Milliband might describe this as a big victory for the Labour Party but only a man that continues to defy the laws of economics could describe such a shambles as a big victory. Democracy was defeated.

I wonder if the announcement by the Ministry of Defence that 13,500 troops will be deployed in London next year has anything to do with announced strikes and the increasing state of insecurity created by Lib Lab Con.

Friday, 16 December 2011

London: the new battlefront?

The news is that the Ministry of Defence is planning to deploy not less than 13,500 troops in the Greater London area in 2012 by the time of the Olympic Games. The ever present threat of something going wrong means that somehow, in terms of internal security, the Home Office is being replaced by the Ministry of Defence, given the fact that the Home Office proved to be totally incapable of dealing with incidents in London. What is more, according to Police accounts, the Home Secretary Theresa May disregarded early warnings concerning widespread rioting in London and elsewhere and told high rank Police officers that they were over-reacting.

Putin in Russia 49.8% - Labour in Feltham and Heston less than 16%

Labour won the Feltham and Heston by-Election with less than 16 per cent of the votes and this is hardly an endorsement taking into account that the British mass media and political parties in Britain just a few days ago criticized Vladimir Putin in Russia for ‘not having enough popular support’ having won the Russian Parliamentary Elections with more than 49% of the votes.
Labour’s numbers in Feltham and Heston went down from 21,174 to 12,639 and this is also hardly an endorsement for the Labour Leader Ed Milliband that will claim that such a victory is a victory against the Conservative Party when all in all this was a defeat of Democracy. There are 80,813 registered voters, barely 23,299 bothered to come out and vote and only 12, 639 supported Labour.
There was a complete blackout organized by the mass media, including the BBC and SKY News that, once again, didn’t bother to interview the British National Party Candidate when candidates of other political parties, including those that clearly showed that they were paper candidates forced to stand in front of the cameras and got a little confused trying to explain what their political parties really stood for.
The vast amounts of money and mass media efforts of our adversaries failed to convince the Electorate of Feltham and Heston and the people of Feltham and Heston got a representative that does not believe her own words and would do rather better standing in Kensington and Chelsea representing the interests of her employer, a renowned accountancy firm.
Somebody commented that when the Labour Candidate entered the room where the votes were being counted there was absolute silence. When the Labour Candidate made her acceptance speech, she was booed and jeered as her speech was and sounded totally unconvincing and without heart in it.
Lab         Con        Lib Dem                BNP       UKIP      Green   Turnout Voters %           
2010       21,174   16,516   6,669     1,714     992         530         48,526   80,813   0.600473
2011       12,639   6,436     1,364     540         1,276     426         23,299   80,813   0.288308
                -8,535    -10,080 -5,305    -1,174    284         -104       -25,227
Given the high profile given to this election by both the political establishment and the mass media, popular lack of interest in this election was a resounding rejection of the political parties represented in the Houses of Parliament.
Despite having the support of big capital and the mass media, Labour enters Parliament with less than 16% of the popular vote.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

BBC reply concerning Feltham and Heston By-Election Biased Coverage

The British Broadcasting Corporation's reply regarding our complaint could be the source of yet another complaint. On Saturday, December 3rd, 2011, in its political coverage of the Feltham and Heston Parliamentary by-Election, BBC News interviewed candidates of several political parties, including UKIP that came second behind the British National Party in the previous election, but conveniently avoided interviewing Dave Furness.

What happened on Saturday, December 3rd 2011 and the reply we received from the BBC merely confirms what we already knew about the BBC’s extremely biased journalistic policies.

Mentioning somebody is not the same as giving somebody the opportunity to talk and we were not given the opportunity to talk. This is nothing less than manipulation by the media with intent to influence the outcome of the by-Election in Feltham and Heston. This is what we in the British National Party have to contend with on a daily basis.

When I contacted OFCOM I was told that I had to send a complaint to the BBC. This is how things work in Britain. The BBC is the accused, the defence attorney, the prosecutor, the jury and the judge in the case.

"Dear British National Party London Regional Press Officer CORTIGLIA
Thank you for your comments regarding ‘The Daily Politics’ broadcast on 2nd December 2011.

I understand you felt that our coverage of the Feltham and Heston by-election campaign was biased, because the BNP candidate David Furness wasn’t interviewed.

Adam Fleming’s report and the following studio discussion were conducted against a background of growing debate around Europe. In addition to this, UKIP came second in a parliamentary by-election earlier this year and polled higher than the Liberal Democrats in a newspaper poll taken the weekend before the programme was broadcast. We therefore felt that focussing on UKIP – as the most high profile party to campaign for the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union was editorially justified.

It is also important to note that the BNP were not omitted from this feature. Following the clip of the UKIP candidate, the script made clear that: “UKIP’s battle plan is complicated by the BNP who actually beat them here at the last election and are standing again”.

We therefore feel that coverage was proportionate, fair and in line with our Editorial Guidelines.

I do however understand that you have strong feelings on this and I want to assure you that your comments were forwarded onto the relevant editorial staff, including the Editor of the programme.

Thanks once again for taking the time to contact us.

Kind Regards

BBC Complaints"

Having read some of the comments made by the BBC regarding party political profiles concerning Europe, I come to the conclusion that BBC journalists are absolutely ignorant of what the British National Party stands for and that therefore we should send them our party political programme detailing our position regarding the European Union.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Reports indicating Emma West is now free on bail

We have received information provided by Tony Martin, Croydon British National Party Organiser, indicating that Emma West is now free on bail.

Saudi Arabia: Allowing women drivers will end their virginity

One of the highest religious councils in Saudi Arabia dictated that allowing women to drive will mean that there will be no more virgins. It also said that driving will encourage prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce.

I felt tempted to write a letter to the said religious authority and advice the Saudi Arabian experts that there is a solution. Saudi Arabia can always send Muslim women to Britain so that they have their virginity restored with all expenses paid by the National Health Service and all can be done with total anonymity.

Not long ago, the mass media reported how much money is being spent by the National Health Service to provide hymen restoration for cultural purposes so that women that have lost their virginity are not rejected by their own families.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Saudi government is considering a proposal to ban women from even showing their eyes because their eyes are judged to be too tempting. In a report written for the said religious authority, Kamal Subhi, a former professor at King Fahd University, concludes that there is irrefutable scientific evidence of moral decline and as an example of such moral decline he writes that he sat down at a coffee shop and that all women were looking at him.

Are Saudi Arabian women so desperate to have sex that even showing their eyes would give them away? Well, since Professor Kamal Subhi complains that all women were looking at him, you can draw your own conclusions. Has Professor Kamal Subhi some little secret that he does not reveal for fear of being executed in his own country?

Luckily, not all Muslim countries are like Saudi Arabia but we must remember than in many Muslim countries (and outside many Muslim countries) women are still struggling with Islamic stupidity and are forced to walk around covered with bed linen and hiding their faces.

Not long ago a Muslim Peer indicated that levels of sexual frustration are so high in the Muslim community that this leads to rape and to all kinds of illicit activities.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Husting in Feltham and Heston goes according to plan

Tonight, Dave Furness, British National Party Candidate in the Feltham and Heston Parliamentary By-Election, attended a husting in Feltham and everything went according to plan. All campaigning activities continue as normal and hopefully without any problems whatsoever.

Whatever the outcome of the by-election, the British National Party is very well established and perceptions have been changing. Out went the thuggish images of the past to be replaced by the images of a new political party that campaigns responsibly, offers a message that is consistent with its political aims and works indefatigably to achieve the said political aims.

Anybody who has wanted to talk with the British National Party activists in Feltham and Heston has been able to do so. We don’t shy away from the Electorate and we don’t shy away from the mass media. In fact, more than once, the mass media have been found wanting, but we will persevere.

We will persevere because we believe in what the British National Party has to offer in times of enormous uncertainties and with extremely difficult challenges ahead.

In the past year, there have been doubters and critics but we have stayed the course because we believe that despite any doubts and despite any criticisms the British National Party is the one political force that truly represents the Nationalist Cause in Britain.

We strongly believe that attacking other Nationalists is a self-defeating exercise and we have avoided such self-defeating exercise. We have chosen to continue working and we have chosen to ignore personality feuds and personal grievances.

I was reminded today of the Curse of the British National Party. Those who attack the British National Party, one by one, will fall victims of the said Curse by falling on their own swords.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Conservative Party supporters use violence against BNP activists

Conservative Party supporters use violence against BNP activists? Yesterday morning a group of individuals associated with the Conservative Party engaged in violence against BNP supporters and caused criminal damage by throwing rocks hitting the Truth Truck in Feltham.

We are trying to determine if the Conservative Party whose leader supports the UAF has been infiltrated by criminals trying to engage in violent activities during the Feltham and Heston By-Election.

The actions of the said individuals are affecting very badly the image of the Conservative Party. We ask the Leadership of the Conservative Party to isolate the said individuals. We ask the Conservative Candidate in Feltham and Heston to investigate and to take action to avoid any kind of violence.

The UAF is an organisation of common criminals bent on engaging in acts of violence against political parties and it is absolutely shameful for a political party like the Conservative Party to get involved or even finance such an organisation.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Europe: sign on the dots and lose your independence.

When a country gives away the right to determine its own budgets, the said country gives away its independence. Italy and Greece and others are signing because they are already bankrupt. What is more, in Italy and in Greece the decision is being made by unelected Prime Ministers. This kind of financial Treaty of Versailles will have dramatic consequences and might end up leading us in the same direction as the real Treaty of Versailles.

Look at the case of Scotland. The SNP wanted more independence from Britain. What did they ask for? The power to raise taxes in Scotland and to produce their own budgets that would only need to be approved by the Scottish Parliament.

The European process is exactly the opposite. Surrendering taxation and the right to determine budgets at a national level, European Union members will be surrendering their independence.

Now, here is the one million question: Would Alex Salmond be in favour of surrendering whatever independence Scottland now has to put it in the hands of European bureaucrats?

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Green Policies are a lot of wind

Green policies are a lot of wind. This is what happened in Scotland when there was too much wind. A turbine caught fire and if we had been depending only on wind turbines we would be in the dark without electricity and without central heating. To sum sup: expensive and unreliable.

The way to hell, as they usually say, is paved with good intentions. We do need to invest in Research and Development and some airplanes jumped a little before they could actually fly. Wind turbines are obviously the application of an old idea - the old windmills used to prepare flower. It is a simple idea but perhaps it is too simple, as simple as cutting corners and when we try and cut corners the consequences can be disastrous.

If you were to put all your trust in biofuels, then again after a sudden climatic change, after a failed crop, millions would be left without electricity and without heating and I say this without taking into account that the Amazon Rainforest is being wiped out to make space for bio-fuel production.

Sea-power? We know that costal areas are constantly changing. In some areas, land is being eroded and homes are falling into the sea. Using the power of waves to generate electricity is an interesting idea but not a practical idea in the long term.

We are being flooded with expensive and unreliable gimmicks and we keep taxing economies, wasting resources that should be invested in Research and Development to find real long term solutions.

Feltham: True Blue Labour from Kensington and Chelsea

The Lady on the right side of the picture next to Ed Milliband is Kensington and Chelsea's Shema Malhotra-Suma, a member of the working classes of Kensington and Chelsea represented by, among others, Bob Crow and the boys of the Trade Unions. The wealthy Labour candidate lives in a £3.5 million house in Chelsea just off Kings Road.

Shema Malhotra-Suma is the obvious choice for a Labour Leader that just weeks ago attacked the National Union of Teachers by saying that they should not go on strike. Follow Seema Malhotra-Suma's example, Ed Milliband seems to say. Shema does not go on strike. Shema does not need to put the country in danger by complaining about pensions.

All those ill intentioned rumours about Labour being Red should stop right now. All workers in Britain should know that Labour is now True Blue and has been True Blue for quite a while. As another representative of the working classes, Margaret Hodge (the heir of the World's third largest Steel Empire) would say: forget all the crap about Class Struggle.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Political Judicial System of Britain.

The decision made today to keep Emma West behind bars was a political decision because some courts in this country are no longer Judicial courts. Some courts in this country are Political courts and the magistrates operating today in Croydon Magistrates Court are not judges. They are politicians following the dictats of political correctness and not the spirit of real justice.

This is what I saw today when all the excuses and explanations given to keep Emma West behind bars were totally, utterly and completely refuted by Emma West’s relatives. The relatives of Emma West said there have been no threats made against Emma West and her family. The supposed danger against Emma West has been fabricated by the Crown Prosecution Service as an excuse to justify a political decision.

Even murder suspects have been awarded bail. Bail was not awarded because this is a politically motivated case. What those behind this injustice fail to see is that today levels of hatred against ethnic minorities have gone up  exponentially because a frail woman has been demonised.

The process, at the request of Emma West and her barrister, will continue at the Crown Court on January 3rd, 2012.  Taking the case to the Crown Court was seen as the only hope of getting real justice. The Croydon Magistrates Kangaroo Court would not be the answer.

I hope all do-gooders enjoy their turkeys and their Christmas celebrations and especially Christmas Day in the knowledge that somewhere a mother will spend her time away from her family and, most importantly, away from her own child.

The mother, the father, the sister and an uncle of Emma West were there and we were there to support them.

Merry Christmas to the judges and to all individuals that created this injustice. When Judgment Day comes they will be properly rewarded.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Dr. Gallagher: Reasonable dialogue rather that frontal attack

Dr. Bernard Gallagher, of the University of Huddersfield, made some ill informed comments published by The Guardian, concerning the attitudes of the British National Party regarding certain trends in sexual education of school children. The comments were published by The Guardian on November 28th, 2011, under the headline "Sexual Education and BNP Ignorance".

Driven by ideology rather than reason, Dr. Bernard Gallagher, despite his skills as a researcher, has failed himself by not ensuring that his comments were based on facts.

The position of the British National Party is crystal clear: we don't want sexual indoctrination in schools. Education about the normal functions of the human body has nothing to do with sexual indoctrination.

Unfortunately, The Guardian seems to be driven by ideology rather than real concerns about the safety of children. The Guardian seems more interested in promoting adult agendas rather than protecting young children and young adults.

I sent a direct message to Dr. Bernard Gallagher, inviting him to discuss the matter. I assumed that Dr. Bernand Gallagher, as an academic, would be interested in talking about such an extremely important issue, before making political statements that have nothing to do with the protection of vulnerable youngsters.

The Guardian aka Labour Party and at least 25 reasons not to talk about Sex

Reading headlines of The Guardian newspaper I have been led to ponder about the wisdom of The Guardian concerning the discussion of Sexual Issues in Education. Since Tony Blair's "Education, Education, Education", we have been educated about sexual tendencies of so called Labour politicians and not only concerning sex education.

If The Guardian aka Labour Party wanted to create a new Ministerial post, I reckon they have exactly the right kind of knowledgeable individuals that could lecture others about different aspects of sexual expertise and skill.

Baroness Smith of Soho, for example, could teach us about her experiences in one of the most renowned  Red Light Districts of London and talk about her investigations in her crusade to help and perhaps convert sex workers.

We must strongly and emphatically say that rumours that Baroness Smith of Soho went out trying to convince sex workers to perform sexual acts in front of her and her husband in private sessions are just that: malicious rumours spread by ill intentioned individuals.

Going back to the issue of Education, other Labour representatives still sitting in the House of Commons could educate us about the use of photography applied to sexual gratification of adults. I assume that The Guardian would say that they are just trying to raise the alert about "abnormal sexual practices" and that certain pictures were only kept for the sole purpose of research.

Most, importantly, lets not forget a very select group of individuals known as Labour 25, a panel of experts in the field of sexual interactions between adults and non consenting individuals, some of them with long proven records certified by British authorities and these include the Crown Prosecution Service and the Police.

We thank The Guardian for this opportunity to talk about such an interesting aspect of human nature. I must say that what happens betwen consenting adults behind closed doors is the business of the said adults and that in such context sexuality is not and should not be made a political issue.

What is a political issue is the attempted indoctrination of children with the pretend aim of protecting children.  

Fight Back - Get telephones ringing and mailboxes full

Fight Back – Get telephones ringing and mailboxes full

On Saturday, November 3rd, 2011, BBC News interviewed most of the candidates taking part in a by-Election in Feltham and Heston. The Conservative Candidate, the Labour Candidate, the Liberal Democrat candidate and the UKIP Candidate were interviewed and given the opportunity of saying what their political parties stand for.

Despite the fact that the British National Party defeated UKIP in the previous election, the British National Party Candidate Dave Furness was not interviewed.

As British National Party London Regional Press Officer, I contacted the British Broadcasting Corporation and indicated that the programme presented by Adam Fleming for the BBC was biased and violated a fundamental democratic principle that states that a news organization paid with taxpayers money must not ignore the rights of legal political parties to be represented and the rights of the public to hear what political parties have to offer.

This is a campaign for Freedom of Speech and most importantly this is a campaign for Democracy in Britain. For too long, the British Broadcasting Corporation run by Labour Party apparatchiks, influenced by the Guardian newspaper and their acolytes, has been attacking Democracy in Britain and spreading a message of political correctness that violates the rights of the British people to have a say in their own affairs and to know what their representatives are doing on their behalf.

Call the British Broadcasting Corporation, send messages, let them know that what is being done in such an outrageous manner is against the most fundamental principles of Democracy.

From: []
: 04 December 2011 22:07
Subject: BBC Complaints - Case number CAS-1175052-6YYBCQ

Dear British National Party London Regional Press Officer CORTIGLIA
This is an automated email confirming we have received your complaint, a copy of which is attached below for your records. It will be read and logged shortly.
Complaint Summary: Political bias in by Election Campaign
Full Complaint: On Saturday, December 3rd 2011, BBC News (programme presented byAdam Fleming), engaged in what constitutes political bias by interviewing candidates taking part in the Feltham and Heston by-Election campaign. The BBC broadcast interviews with the Conservative candidate, the Labour Party candidate, the Liberal Democrat candidate and the UKIP Candidate but did not contact the BNP Candidate despite the fact that in the previous election the BNP obtained more votes than UKIP. I do understand that this constitutes a violation of a fundamental democratic principle.
Please do not reply to this message. We aim to respond within 10 working days, depending on how long it takes to investigate your complaint.
All feedback we receive is appreciated as it helps to inform decisions in the future. For information about the BBC complaints process please visit the how we handle your complaint page:
Thank you again for contacting us.
BBC Complaints
NB: Please do not reply to this email. It comes from an automated account which is not monitored