Friday, 2 December 2011

Racism: The kind of racism the media don't talk about.

I am increasingly bothered by all the references to racism that the BBC and other mass media want to push down our throats. It makes me believe that they believe that we came from Mars or that we have just parachuted into the United Kingdom.

I have many examples to refer to you, if examples were needed, of the prepotence of some individuals that we have encountered during political campaigning.

Some of them have told us in a very straightforward manner 'get out of here, this is not your country, this is our country, this is Bangladesh.' Now, it did not happen in Bangladesh. It happened in Barking and Dagenham.

Some individuals, that gave us reasons to believe that they were Asian camels, spat at us merely because we were there knocking at doors and delivering leaflets.

Things have ranged from verbal abuse, spitting and all the way to open physical violence that we have had to put up with and when things get to the point when you tell yourself that enough is enough there is a voice in your head that tells you "watch out! It could be a trap! If you defend yourself, they will accuse you of racist violence".

This is the kind of environment and the kind of situations that we face on a daily basis. Let me tell you about another experience. One day I was travelling by train and a few seats apart there was a guy with a radio set. He was listening to very loud music and after a while I decided to politely ask him if he could lower the volume. He made some gestures and told me things that I won't describe. I decided that asking him again to lower the volume wouldn't be the right course of action because he was ready to attack me.

After serious consideration, I got up, walked towards the door and pulled down the emergency lever to stop the train. The train stopped and two railway workers came to find out what was happening. I explained what the problem was and they forced the said guy to switch off his radio set.

There will be many different situations and in each and every situation there might be an alternative course of action. By the way, something else of importance that I need to tell you: fellow passengers clapped their hands and congratulated me for doing what many of them did want to do and did not have the courage to do.

Does the politically correct society want camera action? Get your cameras out, boys and girls, lets give them a run for their money.

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