Monday, 5 December 2011

The Guardian aka Labour Party and at least 25 reasons not to talk about Sex

Reading headlines of The Guardian newspaper I have been led to ponder about the wisdom of The Guardian concerning the discussion of Sexual Issues in Education. Since Tony Blair's "Education, Education, Education", we have been educated about sexual tendencies of so called Labour politicians and not only concerning sex education.

If The Guardian aka Labour Party wanted to create a new Ministerial post, I reckon they have exactly the right kind of knowledgeable individuals that could lecture others about different aspects of sexual expertise and skill.

Baroness Smith of Soho, for example, could teach us about her experiences in one of the most renowned  Red Light Districts of London and talk about her investigations in her crusade to help and perhaps convert sex workers.

We must strongly and emphatically say that rumours that Baroness Smith of Soho went out trying to convince sex workers to perform sexual acts in front of her and her husband in private sessions are just that: malicious rumours spread by ill intentioned individuals.

Going back to the issue of Education, other Labour representatives still sitting in the House of Commons could educate us about the use of photography applied to sexual gratification of adults. I assume that The Guardian would say that they are just trying to raise the alert about "abnormal sexual practices" and that certain pictures were only kept for the sole purpose of research.

Most, importantly, lets not forget a very select group of individuals known as Labour 25, a panel of experts in the field of sexual interactions between adults and non consenting individuals, some of them with long proven records certified by British authorities and these include the Crown Prosecution Service and the Police.

We thank The Guardian for this opportunity to talk about such an interesting aspect of human nature. I must say that what happens betwen consenting adults behind closed doors is the business of the said adults and that in such context sexuality is not and should not be made a political issue.

What is a political issue is the attempted indoctrination of children with the pretend aim of protecting children.  

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