Tuesday, 20 December 2011

On the issue of Racism

Case 1 - A Black Man is taken to court and charged with Racism because he insulted another Black Man.
Case 2 - A White British Woman shouts against Poles and other Eastern Europeans and she is accused of Racism against Poles and Eastern Europeans.
Case 3 - A man of Italian and Spanish descent is said to be mixed race.  

So now, according to this kind of thinking a man whose mother is English and his father is Scottish is mixed race. With this kind of thinking we end up having all kinds of absurdities. White English people and White Scottish people are all members of the white race, although Scots are closer to White Spanish people given the fact that both Scots and Spanish are basically Celts.

Aren't things getting a bit out of control? I say out of control because this is the kind of thinking syndrome that is affecting people right, centre and left of the political environment. I don't think that Charlemagne, the Great European Emperor thought that Germans, French, Italians, and other white Europeans were of a different race. His subjects were White Europeans and when Charlemagne died his sons inherited the Empire that then was divided in different parts that in time became different countries and among them Germany, France and Italy.

Some, including certain elements of the Nationalist Movement, are affected by Absolute Ignorance. The Englishmen that left Plymouth and went across the ocean and settled down in what is today America did not suddenly become members of another race. Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, America and many other political realities are merely political realities. They are not racial realities because there are members of the white race in all the said countries.

Nationalism does not go forward for political reasons and demographics but also due to the fact that, unfortunately, certain ideas tend to attract absolute idiots whose levels of ignorance are appalling. I must say that they are affected by a syndrome that also affects certain elements of the so called Left and of the Politically Correct Society that do not have a clue about ideological definitions and for them Nazism and Fascism is absolutely the same.

Let’s take the discourse to another level. We talk about Anglo-Saxons, Normans and Celts. Going into this level of the discussion, Scots are ethnically closer to Spaniards than to Anglo-Saxons and Normans. Having said that, they are all members of the white race. We shouldn’t get carried away and pretend that nationality and political divisions can be the same thing as ethnic categories.

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