Sunday, 18 December 2011

BBC accused of routine 'fakery' in wildlife documentaries

The British Broadcasting Corporation stands accused of routine 'fakery' in wildlife documentaries.

"An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph reveals viewers are often shown animals allegedly in the wild when they are not.
The corporation is also accused of flouting its own guidelines by failing to declare - either during the programme or in the credits - when footage has been obtained in studios in specially designed sets.
The BBC’s official guidance for nature programmes states: “Audiences should never be deceived or misled by what they see or hear.”"

People should be reminded of the fact the BBC is not only 'faking it' when it comes to wildlife documentaries. They are constantly trying to portray a false image of practically everything and this includes the political life of the country.

This is not only about wild Polar bears that are in fact captive Polar bears in a Zoo in Holland or fake demonstrations organized in front of the now former BBC headquarters on the day a now renowned Question Time programme was recorded.

This is not only about fake journalism that led to the death of a renowned British Defence Expert or about manipulation of the image of English villages for the sake of political correctness.

This is about institutional ‘fakery’ – to employ the term used by the Daily Telegraph to describe what the British Broadcasting Corporation is about.

Let it be known that on the eve of the by-Election in Feltham and Heston we were contacted by the BBC and that on the day of the by-Election at the count in Hounslow Central we spoke briefly with a BBC representative.

The BBC knew we were there. The BBC knew our candidate was there. Our London Regional Organizer and London Regional Press Officer were there. Did they bother to put our candidate in front of the television cameras together with candidates of other political parties? No, they did not. Why not? Institutional ‘Fakery’.

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